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We are proud with our luxury interior design, renovation and furniture! Our creative turnkey interior solutions will help you make your dreams come true. Let's do it for you!

Dreaming of a new interior, but don’t know where to start? We are here to help you. For more than 15 years, our author’s projects have met the smiles of our satisfied customers in Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Europe and the World.

Our expertise in design, renovation and furnishing has made us a stable partner with an individual touch. Our projects are completely oriented to the individual requirements and needs of each client, combining functionality and an emphasized style.

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Eliza Lazarova

Founder / Head Interior Designer

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Our complete interior concepts and elegant furniture turn any space into a cosy place you will love!

Who are we and what we do

Who are we?
We are Urvission Interiors. An interior design company specialised in bespoke interior design solutions and furniture. Our services are focused on one of a kind design and completing residential and public projects.

What we offer?
We offer a wide variety of services so you can have your dream interior, no matter your requirements.
Here are a few examples of our services – Online interior design, Bespoke interior design, Bespoke furniture design, 3D visualizations, Renovations, Project management.

How can we help you?
If you are ready to design your dream interior, but you don’t know where to start, this is where we come in. Our bespoke interior design services will make it easy and affordable, perfectly tailored to you and your unique needs.

Why choose us?
Urvission Interiors is known as a symbol of professionalism and high quality with more than 15 years world wide experience. Our philosophy is
oriented towards your unique requirements as clients. Your comfort and peace of mind is our priority.

Our interior design services will effortlessly refresh your space.

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Luxury interior design projects for residential, commercial, hospitality and retail. 


What Can We Offer

We call luxury interior design and bespoke furniture ART! Urvission Interiors is a brand created to serve all aspects of interior design and custom furniture. Behind the many successful designs is a creative team, driven by the passion to create stylish and functional interior solutions and stylish furniture to impress. Our services cover the entire creative process from design to completion. We work in all areas of design, such as private homes, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, spas and more.

With these comprehensive services, it guarantees you the peace of mind you need and an incredible experience in creating your interior design project. Our many years of experience and meetings with different cultures have built us as a specialist you can trust. In our face you will find a reliable partner in the design and implementation of luxury interior projects and stylish furniture in UK and beyond.

Online Interior Design

Easy and affordable way to design your space.

Design Consultation

We will help you to get the result you dreamed of.

Design Concept

Individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for you.

Space Planning

Perfect planned spaces to suite your needs.

3d interior visualisations by Urvission Interiors
3D Visualisations

Let's show what your interior will look like.

Bespoke Furnirure
Furniture Design

Bespoke fitted furniture and luxury kitchens

Project Management

Excellent management leads to perfect results

Online Interior Consultation

Expert online advice and guidance for interior design, renovation and furnishing.

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Get inspired among the most desired interior styles.

Luxury interior design for exclusive spaces.

Our mission

We are Urvission Interiors, a luxury interior design studio specializing in  design and realization of complete solutions. We design and implement a variety of projects for private and business clients. Our passion is interior architecture in all its styles. We give all of our energy and love to creating author's interior projects dedicated specifically to your needs.  We believe that the perfect balance between colours, functionality and comfort has a huge impact on daily life of each of you. Our mission is to improve your life by creating the perfect interior that will give you pleasure for a long time. We create breath-taking interior decors in different styles, amazing colour schemes and precision in every detail. We design and implement bespoke interior design of contemporary urban  apartments, modern and country houses, luxury hotels, spas, offices, shops. Let's create your unique space that you will fall in love with.

Apartment interior

If you have recently become a proud owner of your first apartment, you are about to redesign and redecorate the home in which you live or you just bought a new apartment, you are certainly quite excited. Well we are on hand, full of new ideas for interior design and decoration, as excited as you. As experts in luxury interior design and architectural features we have had the pleasure to work on a variety of projects for both small and large living spaces. Our experience as furniture designers and knowing all the materials and their purpose gives us the freedom to create luxury interior design and cosy solutions in different price ranges. It will be our pleasure to find out exactly what you need for your apartment and to create a stunning  project together.

Interior for houses

With our luxurious interior design we create elegant spaces for houses of all types, such as detached houses, semi-detached, terraced houses, end-of-terrace, cottages and bungalows. Whether you want an interior in a modern London design or something in a traditional style, our passion for creating beautiful spaces will satisfy all your requirements. The interior design of houses can be a real challenge for you and a great pleasure for us. The advantages of this type of home is great. You will enjoy your personal privacy, relaxing in a perfectly decorated yard. You could also expand and decorate an extension or conservatory. We love the cosy interior and bespoke furniture that create houses with a strong character and individual style.

Bespoke furniture

The luxury interior design is an art that, in addition to home furniture, should bring a room feel. Our many years of experience in the stylish decoration of various interior spaces has clearly shown that our passion for the perfect vision is our trademark. And so Urvission Interiors has become a brand offering complete interior concepts for luxury interior design and luxury bespoke furniture UK and more. We create our stylish concepts especially for you and your needs.

Our compositions turn every space into an artistic corner, we independently develop a modern or traditional interior design. So, if you want something different and you are tired of the boring monotonous furniture on the market, you have definitely come to the right place. We will do something special for you! Your luxury interior design and elegant furniture are waiting for you!

We know that your home is your most intimate place. Our luxury interior design and bespoke furniture have created a lot of beauty, except in the UK and in many homes around the world. The excellent home interior is a skilful combination of relaxing colour tones, functional distribution, excellent lighting, high quality elements and materials. Whether we put the main interior accent in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, our main goal is to create a room feel. Cosiness and warmth are the starting point for creating interior design of the home, because your home is a reflection of your soul.

The interior for hospitality spaces is like stainless steel which is both strong and shines with all its brilliance. The need for aesthetics, style and atmosphere is extremely important. These spaces need an luxury interior design with a fabulous look and a comfortable atmosphere. Whether we are designing a restaurant, hotel or coffee shop, we refine every detail from the functional floor plan to the perfect colour scheme. All this skilfully combined with precisely designed furniture, in the gentle embrace of an elegant interior. A design that everyone dreams of.

Have you ever come across a commercial space that is so cosy that you wish you did not leave? Oh yeah! This is real magic created by a professional interior designer. These places are recognizable and have a magnetic atmosphere. We know how important your business is to you. As a child, he grew up under the watchful eye of your care. That is why we strive to emphasize every aspect of your business with accents and interior details that are like beautiful packaging. The luxury interior design is emblematic of the heart of magnetic London, which has always impressed with its sophistication and high style. And in order for this magic to happen, we invest all our creative energy by creating luxury interior design comfort furniture, which we call interiors with a soul.

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At every stage, we could supervise your project – controlling all the details and consulting the builders.

[ Eliza Lazer & the studio ]

We create luxury interior design for dreamers!

As a dreamer and a person with an unquenchable passion for beautiful interior spaces, I founded Urvission Interiors as a design studio reflecting my sense of cosiness, style and comfort.

My professional way began in 2008 as the founder of a company for luxury interior design and bespoke furniture to create design solutions with individuality and style. And so, with each successful project, my team and I have built a solid foundation of trust with our clients and partners.

Based in the United Kingdom, Urvission Interiors is a design studio with many international projects, award winning and the real love from our clients. We offer turnkey interior and furniture solutions for residential and public spaces.
Whether it is a project for your dream home or business, we will provide exceptional services for exceptional people.

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Our professional practice will help you with useful tips for designing small spaces, using colour schemes, how to choose quality materials, storage solution and much more.

What is luxury interior design?

At Urvission Interiors we will consider your project as something special, because each of our clients is special to us. We pay great attention to your requirements and needs to create your special place. We are established professionals with extensive experience in individual interior solutions and bespoke furniture.

In our portfolio you can enjoy interior solutions for different spaces in beautiful colour schemes, functional furniture and perfectly decorated rooms. We have won the trust of our customers with many years of work, innovative ideas and attention to every detail. Become part of our magic called interior design!