The traditional interior design style will bring a rich history and elegant glamour to the space. This style is characterized by a variety of saturated, rich colors and textures, as well as numerous patterns and decorations of wood, metal and glass.

Inspired by life in 18th and 19th century France and England, these days it is one of the preferred styles for many homes, hotels and offices. For some, traditional interior design is associated with austerity, while others would define it as elegant and chic.

However, the truth is that this is a style with a history, which has gathered in itself the memories of the past and the modern breath of the present. So, if you are a lover of comfort and elegance, then choosing a traditional interior design would be the best solution for you.

The key elements of traditional interior design

If you have chosen to decorate your interior in a traditional style, several important elements must be present in it, such as: Large crystal chandeliers, wall lamps and stylish vases with floral arrangements. One of the important highlights in any traditional interior are richly arranged fireplaces, a selected selection of books arranged in a stylish book shelf, as well as framed art.

The variety of options are many, but the most important thing is to create the right balance between all the elements.

Forget about minimalism!

Design: geometric ornaments, curved lines, massive classic furniture, comfortable sofas and armchairs, antiques, paintings, large chandeliers.

Colours: Neutral pastel tones – light blue, beige, ivory. Also rich dark colours – red, brown, green, dark blue, orange.

Furniture: Royal furniture, buttoned Chesterfield sofas and settees, massive tables and chairs, comfortable dining rooms and living, heavy curtains, fireplaces.

Décor & Ornaments: Skirting, coving, panelling, authentic furniture handles, rugs.

Flooring: Natural wood – mahogany, cherry, walnut, maple.

Textures: Elegant stripes, floral motifs, checks, geometric shapes.

Materials: Natural materials, such as: leather, velvet, silk, linen, wood.

A traditional interior style would be suitable for: Lovers of antiques, classic art, symmetry, elegance and design with a rich history.

What is the difference between traditional and modern traditional style?

If you are a maximalist and you like interiors with history, but at the same time you like a modern touch, then the modern traditional style is your best solution. But what are the main differences and how to combine these two styles? In the following lines, I will give you some valuable tips on how to distinguish them and how to combine them.

Main differences between traditional and modern style.

Traditional interior design is a symbol of maximalist, history and ornate spaces. The focus is on massive royal furniture, dark or saturated colors, floral and geometric elements.

In the modern style, elegant lines are present, and decorations are kept to a minimum. The highlight is the elegant interior and open spaces with rich accents in furniture and accessories, but in limited quantity. This is the style that never goes out of fashion. Modern style blends very well with traditional interior design, giving rise to a new style called modern traditional style.

How to mix modern with traditional style?
If you want to keep the traditional design, but you want to add something fashionable to the interior, then mixing these two styles will achieve the desired balance. It’s a good idea to combine neutral tones with rich earth tones, like ivy grey with burnt orange, for example. You could decorate the living room in traditional design and colours by adding a burnt orange sofa and decorations in blue, for example. The article “How to design cosy living room with burnt orange sofa?” would be a great inspiration for you. In short, mixing these two styles will help you find balance, peace and a sense of comfort.

Types of traditional interior design

The good news is that this interior style allows you to experiment with the colour scheme. You could choose between light and dark tones or even mix them. Whichever of the three options you choose, you’re sure to be impressed if you stick to the basics.

Dark tones would be suitable for rooms with large windows and high ceilings. The dark palette exudes both austerity and cosiness. You could combine a classic Chesterfield sofa with blue wood panelling that transitions into stylish book shelves. The traditional interior design in the dark colour scheme is suitable for large and spacious spaces. It is usually recommended for large houses, hotels, offices and restaurants.

Light tones are suitable for both small and large rooms. The traditional interior style in the light color range will bring you joy and the feeling of carelessness. If this is your dream style, then choosing light pastel tones in combination with floral motifs would be a great idea. Choose a sofa in ivory upholstery and combine with mixed decorative pillows of multicolored checks and flowers. Arrange the coffee table with an elegant vase in addition to a table lamp.

If you hesitate between the light and dark range, then mix them. You will create real elegance and a cosy atmosphere.

Traditional interior design furniture

If you still think that traditional interior design is austere and boring, you probably haven’t come across a vintage sofa or a charming, handmade lamp with an English twist! This style gives you the opportunity to turn your interior into an art museum. But why is traditional design among the most desired styles these days?

The hectic lifestyle is one of the big problems these days. We need peace and comfort more and more often. Traditional interior design is a symbol of calmness, order and symmetry. And that’s where the balance comes in, and that’s exactly why this style is favored by so many people. A great example of a traditional style interior is The Pig Hotel/Restaurant located in Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire, UK.

Furniture is a key factor here. Stylish and comfortable at the same time, they are the first thing you should think about if you are one of those people looking for comfort.

The classic Chesterfield is a great option for furnishing offices, hotels, and why not at home. Your living room would get a great atmosphere if you arrange it with a classic sofa with two comfortable armchairs with a wingback and a coffee table. Floor lamps made of textiles and radiator covers with elegant wooden elements are a classy addition, giving completeness.

What are the traditional decoration?

The traditional interior design will impress you with lavish décor and a wide variety of elements. The style runs the gamut from French country to neoclassical masterpieces. You could combine classic furnishings with elegant colourful wallpapers and beautiful silk curtains. Antiques and carpets with colourful patterns will definitely emphasize the overall look of the interior. All this decorated in the right colour scheme will bring you real delight.

Order and consistency are the hallmarks of a traditional style, and with it come details. It is they who emphasize and give completeness.

Consider striking gold and silver accessories, such as candlesticks and chandeliers. Hand-painted porcelain with gold or silver elements would be a great addition to your traditional interior.

A great idea for a focal point would be a large fireplace around which you can arrange a comfortable armchair with a footstool and add traditional framed oil paintings to it all.

Architectural elements such as columns, cornices and various wood panelling will add extreme opulence and make your traditional interior design shine.

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