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If you are the proud owner of a new home or are faced with the dilemma to do your dining room design, you will probably need practical advice, if you are not an interior design specialist, of course. In the following lines, I have prepared a useful dining room size guide with which I will try to give you practical dining room ideas that will inspire you to create a beautiful and cosy space.

If you still think this is an easy task, trust me, it’s not! I am here to help you from my position as an Interior Designer with many years of experience in designing and furnishing interiors. If you want to achieve big and fast success, I will reveal a few secrets to a successful interior design of your dining room. So today we will look at the dining room, or more precisely how to create a comfortable décor for you and your family with the help of the detailed dining room size guide.

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Dining room décor ideas step by step - Guide

Ideal dining room size guide design by Urvission Interiors

What is the ideal size for dining room?

There is no precise definition of the size of this space. The important thing is to create the right dining room size guide and turn the room into a cosy place for wonderful moments. Many of my clients have asked me the question: What is the best size for a dining room? Let me explain in more detail and start from afar to paint the whole picture. When buying or renting a home, you need to think about what exactly you need, and more precisely:

Type 1: You are a large family of 5 or more and spend more time at home.

Type 2: Or you are a young couple, but you like to invite guests to dinner and you need a large and modern dining table with comfortable chairs.

Type 3: You lead a hectic lifestyle and do not stay at home for long, etc. These are the three main types, which does not mean that you will necessarily be one of them. As I said above, think about your needs and prioritize them., work with the dining room size guide.

What size should the dining room be? Or what is the standard dining room size?
These two questions are frequently asked on Houzz discussions, and that’s what led me to address this design dilemma. So if you’re asking this question, you’re probably one of the people who needs this space in your home.

How much space do you need for a table and chair?

If we take the first type as an example, you are a big family and you need a big dining area ideas, to put on your dining room size guide. You can expand the room by moving or removing a wall. A good solution would be to combine the kitchen and dining room and create an open plan. You could organize two areas, a kitchen and a dining room, connecting them thematically with appropriate colours, furniture and materials.

Another good solution is to consider a breakfast bar. It would be a great addition to your dining room in case unexpected guests come or just for a Saturday night with cocktails. Measure the room well. In the best case, leave a distance of 1 meter between each piece of furniture or, as we call it, “Good through passage”.

This will provide you with enough comfort. If you can’t afford these distances, try to provide at least 60 cm and calculate everting in your dining room size guide. Everything else is an exception. An interesting solution would be to consider an extendable table with extendable chairs.

Another important part of the dining room furniture is if you are the second type of workaholic and you don’t stay at home but are looking for the coziness and comfort of home, you could furnish your dining room with a small dining table for 4. What is the minimum width of a dining room? And there is no specific requirement here. The important thing is to make a plan and organize the space according to your requirements. Extendable tables are a good solution for small or oblong rooms. Make a plan and add your ideas to your dining room size guide.

Dining room size guide spaces by Urvission Interiors

Dining room size guide and how to choose the perfect size and shape dining table?

As with size, dining tables vary in shape. They are divided into several shapes: rectangular, round, hexagon, oval and square. Before you make your choice for furnishing your dining room, look at Individual Dining Settings requirements and consider with your dining room size guide.

Also pay attention to the place between the back of the chair and the wall or cabinet at the back. Provide enough space for passage. Let’s look at the different sizes and shapes of dining rooms and tables. The rectangular table would be suitable for a more spacious room with a rectangular shape or open plan. 

Also, such a form is decisive for modern, contemporary and industrial design. Round tables have a more classic look and take up less space. If you choose this shape you will lose more space on the table. They are suitable for traditional interior solutions, as well as for classic and vintage styles. Hexagonal shapes are not common, but they have their advantages. 

They are something between a square and a round shape and are a good way to gain more seating space. The oval shape is associated with classic interior styles and large-sized dining rooms. Rectangle table usually used for 8 seater dining table size in cm ( 244 x107 ) or 6 seater dining table size in cm (183×91). Square tables are usually used to furnish small dining rooms and are suitable for 2 or 4 people. Whatever dining room and table sizes you choose, carefully combine sizes, styles and colours and stick to your dining room size guide.

How can I make my dining room look beautiful?

The recommended dining room size guide would be the one that would best suit your requirements. For this it is important to seek help from an interior design specialist or to roll up your sleeves, measure the space and calculate each detail yourself.

The ideal size of a dining room would be about 4 x 4 meters, which will ensure optimal comfort when sitting and passing. Pay attention to the colours with which you will decorate the space. Small rooms should be in lighter or pastel colours, as well as have enough light. Be careful with the style. Too detailed styles, such as Shabby Chic, for example, would create a feeling of overcrowding in small rooms. This size dining room would be suitable for 6 or 8 chairs.

How big is a dining room for 6? It would be difficult for me to determine what the standard size for a dining room is. If we look at the situation in numbers and say that a small dining room is for 4 people and a large one for 12, then we can assume that the standard dining room size is for 6. So:

As with this size, as with other sizes of dining tables, there are exceptions. We can have a table for 6 people in a more compact and standard size. If we are talking about standards, of course. In the dining room size guide, the optimal size for such a table is 76 x 152 cm, and if you choose this option for the interior of your dining room, be careful with the choice of chairs.

Dining room size guide beautiful dining by Urvission Interiors
Dining room size guide furniture by Urvission Interiors

What pieces of furniture should be in a dining room?

If we look at the room in numbers, in relation to your dining room size guide, I can say that 3.5 x 3.5 meters would be a suitable size for a small dining room furnished with a round table for 4 people. Do I need a rug for my small dining room? I think that rugs add an extraordinary cosiness and atmosphere, especially if combined with curtains or damask on chairs for example.

You can paint one of the walls in a colour present in the carpet or hang a picture on the wall with suitable motifs. You can’t go wrong, the right size rug is suitable for a dining room, so you will enhance the effect in the interior.

Arrange the table with the appropriate dining chairs. They could be of two types: small or standard and armchairs that are larger in size and suitable for larger dining rooms and tables respectively. The standard size of a dining table for 6 people would be 90 x 180 cm, with which you can also consider comfortable dining chairs with armrests and high backs.

Undoubtedly, the dining room is one of the places in the home that you should pay special attention to. Excellent planning with the help of a detailed dining room size guide will help you plan and realize your interior project in the best way.

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