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Are you planning to renovate your kitchen?

In Urvission Interiors we create luxury bespoke kitchens, meeting your individual requirements. We know that every interior space is different and requires special attention.
Our main goal is to achieve maximum functionality and cosy design with minimal resources and fast deadlines. We define our furniture as art because we put all our energy and love into what we do.

Excellent knowledge and experience are required to create the exact design of a luxury bespoke kitchen. The professional interior designer knows in detail each material and its characteristics. The structural elements and the specifics of the architecture are an essential element in the design and should not be neglected.


Kitchen renovations can be stressful. Relax and hire a kitchen designer.

Before you start the real work, you will probably ask yourself thousands of questions.
Where do I start?
What exactly do I want?
Should I keep the existing layout or add more cabinets?
What color and style to choose?

Which is the most suitable material. And last but not least, how much time I have and what I am willing to pay.
As professionals, individual interior solutions and luxury bespoke kitchens will try to answer the basic questions.

Planning - Renovated kitchen

You are probably wondering whether to borrow on your own or hire a professional kitchen designer. Keep in mind that this process is a big challenge and time consuming. Lack of the necessary knowledge about materials, technical requirements and synchronization of the work team will be stressful for you.

The decisions you will have to make will be complex. You will need to organize each stage in the best way to avoid unwanted surprises. As professionals, we strongly recommend that you work with an experienced kitchen designer. This way you will get the best for you and your home, in the shortest possible time, without disturbing your daily life.


The benefits of working with an interior designer for your new kitchen.

Working with a kitchen specialist will bring you the best results and your kitchen will be exactly what you imagined. The professional designer works with a budget and set deadlines. It will guide you to the right design and materials solutions according to your budget. This is an important investment in your home and you will undoubtedly need professional help.

The process of building a bespoke luxury kitchen requires a qualified team. More specifically: kitchen designer, contractor, appliance supplier, plumbing supplier, etc. In order to gather and, above all, to organize their joint work, it can be extremely stressful. That is why at Urvission Interiors we emphasize teamwork and provide a first-class comprehensive service.

We strongly believe that the kitchen is the soul of every home. That’s why we keep this place neat to the smallest detail. We create comfortable and cosy kitchen spaces that reflect you and your essence.

We care about quality, not quantity.

When we talk about luxury bespoke kitchens, we do not compromise on quality.
The first and most important thing is quality materials. The kitchen is a place that is used daily and you should not compromise if you want to enjoy it for a long time.
The main materials for making kitchen cabinets are MDF or solid wood. Of course, each of these materials has different varieties, finishes and coatings. They are subject to manual processing and you can achieve an amazing design created especially for you. They can also be painted in different colors and add different elements. The possibilities are numerous.

Have you thought about kitchen countertops? Do you know how many different types are available in the market? What about prices, characteristics and sustainability? Every luxurious bespoke kitchen deserves a beautiful kitchen countertops. Otherwise it will just be a kitchen! Kitchen countertops are made mainly of cheap material containing pressed large wood particles, mixed with glue, pressed and coated with laminate. This is the most inappropriate material when talking about luxury kitchens. It is unstable and has an artificial appearance. Of course, we do not deny it, but the combination of solid wood kitchen cabinets with this type of countertop would look very bad.


Suitable kitchen countertop materials for a stylish bespoke kitchen are natural stone, such as granite or marble, as well as other exotic stones. Synthetic stone, which is available in great saturated colors and different thicknesses. And last but not least, natural wood. But keep in mind that this material is soft and not suitable for all parts of your kitchen. It is most often used for kitchen islands, places where we place lighter dishes or extensions of countertops for decorative purposes.

 And last but not least the hinges, mechanisms and handles. As we like to say – this is the wipe of any successful interior project. As with the other elements, the luxurious bespoke kitchen needs quality mechanisms. The options are many. The professional designer knows best what to choose for you. Handles, this is the jewel in any kitchen. This is such a strong accent that it can give a new look even to your old kitchen and make it look like new.

How much will be the cost of my luxury bespoke kitchen?

You have to judge for yourself how much you are willing to spend. However, you should know that quality comes with a higher price.

What we always advice is to think very carefully about what exactly is your goal. You are renovating your own home or property for investment. In what area is the property located.

Are you planning to stay for a long time or will you live there for a short period? Our advice in the usual case is not to invest more than 10% of the value of the property. Of course, there are exceptions and each case is strictly individual. As designers, we will try to understand your needs and guide you to make the right investment.


How to choose the right style?

This is a matter of increased difficulty! Always look at the kitchen as part of your home. The interior must be one. To be executed in one style and with balancing colors. Of course a combination of different styles is possible, but this must be done by an interior designer who understands this. Don’t do it alone! So, if you are planning to completely renovate your home, you should follow the description above. In case you are only renovating the kitchen, you must comply with the rest of the interior. If your kitchen has an open plan to the living room, for example, then be sure to match the colors with the rest of the interior. In general, the main styles are: Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Mid-century modern, New England Shaker, Industrial, Minimalist and Scandinavian.

Look for an experienced designer of luxury bespoke kitchens to determine the most suitable style for you.

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