How to design a cosy living room with a burnt orange sofa?

How about the colours of autumn? Is orange colour good for living room? A season full of so many warm nuances and memories from last summer. With the advent of these days, we are increasingly thinking about home and family moments.
A wonderful addition to this picture would be a comfortably designed interior in warm colours. And right now is the time to think about how to transform your living room, turning it into a dream place in the home.
Burnt orange is undoubtedly a leader in the design of living spaces for 2021/2022 and somehow always in fashion. Have you ever wondered how colours affect our subconscious, creating different moods and feelings?
 What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you imagine a home? Maybe comfort and warmth? These two concepts always go hand in hand. So, let’s unite them and together make this dream of yours a reality. If we stick to the current trends for this season, we must emphasize both the furniture and the colours.
The colourful scheme of warm autumn tones is a great way to create a home living room interior. And what would a living room be without a comfortable sofa? Maybe just a room. So, I stopped my attention on the burnt orange sofa and how to combine it with the rest of the interior.
I can say that at first glance this warm tone is as pretentious as it is easily combined in different styles. This in turn allows you to use it for furniture as well as for walls or curtains, for example. And here comes the question: What colour goes well with burnt orange? In the following lines I will look in detail at this and other issues related to the different rooms in the home, such as: Is Burnt Orange a good colour for a bedroom? Or: Do burnt orange and yellow go together? But first let’s define the basic colours that combine perfectly with this colour.

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What are the 3 best colours that go together?

Why exactly three? Not necessarily, of course. Although there are rules in interior design, there are always exceptions. But please be careful. If we consider the creation of small interiors as a complex task, then I can say that this is art. There is one main question that I am asked very often: Is burnt orange and rust are the same colour? The answer is yes and no. The truth is, you can’t explain colour. Colours are subject to perceptions and I would find it difficult to give a specific answer. I prefer to give an example in combination with other colours, and you decide for yourself whether you like it or not. If you choose a sofa with orange upholstery, the question will come: What colour paint goes with burnt orange furniture? Royal Blue, dark teal and ivy grey, is a great choice to combine with a burnt orange. This seemingly bold combination will turn your living room into a cosy room. However, I draw your attention to the right combination. First of all, consider the size of the room. If it is small or medium size, the choice of burnt orange accent furniture would be appropriate, but it is good to limit yourself to a sofa in this colour and a decorative pillow. Also pay attention to the amount of natural light. If you decide to place a burnt orange sofa near a large window, it’s great. Natural sunlight will enhance the depth of colour. You could paint one wall near the sofa in dark blue and the others in a much lighter shade of the same blue. Choose parquet, carpet or other light grey flooring. Use furniture with dark and saturated tones, such as burnt orange accent chairs, for example. Choose light walls and floor.


What colour furniture goes with burnt orange walls?

If your home is large enough and you have the opportunity to design it so that you can afford open spaces, such as living rooms and kitchens, you are lucky. In this case, roll up your sleeves, I come up with great ideas! 

As I mentioned in the above lines, burnt orange can be used in various styles in interior design. Large, open spaces will allow you to create a contrast that will stand out from the rest of the furniture. 

Specifically, you could paint one of the walls orange and combine it with burnt orange armchairs, and another in dark blue in a shade of the same colour scheme. If the open living room has a view of the dining room, for example, you could use the same accent by choosing burnt orange dining chairs. In this way you will enjoy absolute balance and harmony without burdening you. And here again I want to pay attention to the amount of daylight. 

For these colours, natural daylight is extremely important. Believe me, they look radically different. It is as if they come to life and radiate warmth.
Gary tones, whether dark or light, would be a great addition to burnt orange living room furniture. You could use them for sofas, paintings, curtains, flooring, carpets and even kitchen cabinets. But remember, if you decide to use these colours on large areas, pay attention to the size of the room

Burnt orange leather living room furniture

And since interior design is my biggest passion, I can’t forget to mention the bestseller in living room furniture. Following the trends in burnt orange furniture decor, the Moka sofa retains its leading position as the most desired. As the founder of Urvission Interiors, I created a line of furniture that meets both the high requirements of the client and the latest fashion trends. The advantage of our furniture is that they are bespoke and you determine the size, upholstery and filling. As a creative person who does not like strict frames, I created a line of furniture to meet even the most capricious desires. But let’s get back to burnt orange living room furniture. Leather sofas have never gone out of style. They are especially suitable for interiors in modern, contemporary and industrial style. If you choose a large leather sofa in burnt orange colour combined with steel steel black legs you will enjoy a great modern interior. Leather upholstery for sofas and armchairs are extremely easy to maintain and will provide you with comfort and a gentle touch. Furniture in this style gives a subtle austerity and accentuated style, especially if they are in dominant colours. But be careful when choosing upholstery. It could be made of artificial or natural leather. To make sure you make the best choice, study the composition and durability of the coating. There are manufacturers who will intrigue you with a low price, do not be fooled, you will be disappointed. Nowadays we know that packaging sells. And this is exactly the reason why there are extremely many beautiful furniture on the market, but made of poor quality materials. My advice is: Don’t make this mistake. Do a preliminary study and choose a sofa with the perfect ratio between price and quality.

Burnt orange and brown living room furniture

If you prefer to stick to the traditional and prefer to live in a home with a modern interior, the Davenport sofa will be a great addition to your living room. Unlike Moka, this model has a non-agave design. You could combine it with the ever-modern dark brown, such as decorative pillows, a foot chair or an armchair. 

And here you can see the difference in colours. When one colour is placed on different materials, it looks different. In this case, I pay attention to high-quality fabric, which will guarantee you comfort for a long time. This sofa in the current burnt orange colour would be a great addition to the interior of your office or hotel, for example. 

They would also look great in a city apartment, as well as your cottage, for example. If you combine light cream and brown you would achieve a great unpretentious interior with memorable accents.
You can see how many different options this seemingly strong colour has. As an interior designer, I like to play with colours and believe in their energy. You could also use burnt orange as an accent in your small kitchen. You will achieve a great accent if you choose ivy grey or light beige for your cabinets and dining table and put burnt orange dining chairs set of 2 as an accent.

Where does Burnt Orange come from?

If you want to get one of the freshest colours and be on top of the orange wave “burnt orange” is your right choice. For a rich burnt orange, it is necessary to mix pale cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, with cadmium red and a hint of burnt sienna. Follow this sequence exactly. Otherwise, the colour will not burn orange. Although there are other colours that bring enthusiasm, this shade of orange will make your project design.
The exact description of this colour is brighter orange mixed with shades of red. In addition to interior design, it could be used to attract the customer’s eye. This bright colour would also look great on your company logo, as an accent or base colour for websites. But be moderate, because as I mentioned above, excessive use will have the opposite effect.
the human eye perceives burnt orange as something natural, as it is extremely close to the naturally reddish and brown earth colours. With it you would achieve a calming effect for the living room or bedroom.

Enjoy life and think colourfully, so the smile will never disappear from your face!

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