3 inspiring ideas for a small bathroom. How to make your bathroom look bigger?

If you are looking for small bathroom ideas, pay attention to one of the following furniture elements such as: freestanding vanity unit, lighting, colours, mirrors. If you manage to combine them well, your idea for a small bathroom will make you smile. Bespoke furniture is a great solution for small spaces. If they are made of the right materials and colours, they will make your bathroom look bigger. Nowadays, the small size and insufficient natural light make the small bathroom look like an inhospitable place in the home. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your bathroom a great place for you and your family. We have prepared for you some invaluable tips for designing small bathrooms. We will show you how to make the most of the space, through seemingly bold design solutions. These are tried and tested interior practices that we have been applying for years, through which your small bathroom is no longer what it used to be.

1. Choose closed bathroom cabinets.

The well-organized space in the small bathroom is invaluable. We all see bathrooms with bottles scattered on the sink. Even if the bathroom is made with a great design, such a view caught your attention. At Urvission Interiors we have focused our efforts on designing practical and beautiful spaces. Our bespoke furniture for a small bathroom are a great storage space. The variety of models will help you provide enough space for the other elements in the bathroom. Choose between painted drawer or hung vanity unit or natural wood bathroom wall hung vanity unit. Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to a small bathroom, spaces are limited. Very often the shower is close to the sink and there is a danger of daily wetting. Carefully choose the material of the cabinet. If you do not plan to separate the shower space with glass shower door, then the bathroom furniture should be made of plastic. Otherwise mine will quickly be damaged. However, if you have decided to separate the shower with a secure barrier, you can choose furniture made of natural wood or moisture-resistant MDF.


2. Use appropriate light

One of the big problems with small bathroom ideas is lighting. Quite often this element of the interior is neglected. At first glance insignificant, but believe me it is very important. There are several types of lights you can use. If your bathroom does not have a window that lets in daylight, you need additional lighting. If you want to separate each zone, for example into three, such as: shower, sink and toilet, you can easily do it with dimmed or directional lighting. Put basic lighting in your small bathroom, judging where the centre of the room is. This is the place where there is no furniture. From there you can symmetrically distribute several LED lamps with medium intensity. You can also choose between cold light and soft daylight. An excellent option for soft light is the hidden lighting for the bathroom mirror. You can choose between a mirror with built-in lighting or a wall-mounted cabinet with discreet lighting. This is a great way to avoid unpleasant strong glare in the mirror reflection. Another innovative way to make the design of your small bathroom modern and cosy is to install a skylight. This is a large-sized luminaire that is built into the ceiling and provides enough light to illuminate an area. It is most often used in the shower area and even as the main lighting of small spaces such as toilets. Another important point is to determine the style of your small bathroom. If you prefer a vintage style, for example, then recessed lighting will not be subdued. You can choose suitable wall lamps to match the interior. I personally advise small bathroom owners to choose a contemporary, modern or minimalist style. All three designs have clean lines, creating a visual space.

3. Use light and bright colours for you small bathroom

Bright colours are a great way to create a spacious design. You could choose tiles in light tones or even marble or other natural stone. However, be careful not to place glossy natural stone on the floor. This hides the danger of slipping when wet. You can combine natural wood furniture with white or grey tiles. Or use one of the current colour schemes as an accent, and the rest of the room should be in a light range. Large mirrors are also a good solution for small bathrooms. If you have a blank wall, you can put a mirror there instead of another cover. This will create more space. If you have decided to use tiles for the walls, my advice is for them to be large in size. Rectangular tiles placed horizontally are preferred. The small wall coverings are not suitable for small bathrooms because they reduce the space due to the many joints between the tiles. Use fewer decorative elements and combine two to three colours. If you have a favourite sparkling colour that you definitely want to be present in the interior of your small bathroom, use it carefully.

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