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Born during the period of the Second World War until the end of the 1960s in the United States, the Mid century modern interior style is a style with a rich and colourful history. Its development over the years has been enriched with an extremely saturated colour scheme, a variety of artificial and natural materials and geometric forms. Defined rather as a movement, the mid century modern interior design is preferred for decorating urban apartments and houses, offices and cafes.

This style is preferred among young people with a party spirit, as well as among young families in big cities. But this is not mandatory, of course. In the following lines, I will provide you with detailed information and ideas about the elements, differences, colours and how to create a truly cosy interior in this style, and you will decide for yourself whether this style corresponds to your essence.

Elements of Mid century modern interior Urvission Interiors

What are the elements of Mid-century modern décor?

The main elements of mid-century modern interior design include clean shapes and lines, a colour palette of soft, matte tones, geometric shapes, rich shades. The most impressive thing about this style is the incredible combination of natural and artificial materials.

The story of this rich style begins in a new era for humanity in need of a big change. This change brings a new look to homes by creating colourful and fresh décor. With so many households buying their first homes, the suburbs are growing dynamically thanks to new construction technologies. The new generation of owners prefer functionality and a markedly new look.

Bold patterns and unusual for the time textures boldly enter the interior. Functionality is paramount. Houses with many windows create a perfect symbiosis between interior and exterior. Natural materials such as wood, metal and leather continue to be widely used, but are being observed and included for new ones. Plastic is especially popular because of its strength and endless possibilities for flowers and shapes.

They are looking for a style that is different from pre-war homes. It offers more window viewing, more space for family entertainment and a more efficient and functional design. The parallel advancement of technology to add new materials, textures and effects to homes. This naturally achieved aesthetic is what is now called mid-century modern interior design.

What are Mid -century modern colours?

Warm orange, ochre, all shades of brown, as well as mustard yellow are the colours in Mid-century modern interior. Whether you combine them or use them alone, you are sure to enjoy a modern interior with warm, earth tones. You could also combine them with other neutral colours such as grey, white and beige, and decorate with green plants for more freshness.

The mid-century modern interior is suitable for people with an adventurous spirit. If you are a stickler for change and do not necessarily stick to the perfect arrangement, then this style is for you. Strong contrasts and the overlay of colours, patterns and materials create the feeling of a slight disorder, which is not for everyone.

The good news is that you could add elements and accessories to the furniture from different styles, but it is important to remember one thing: Stick to the retro modern interior design vision to be the basis of the interior. Match your favorite tones or combine two to three colours for a more elegant look.

What are mid century modern interior elements by Urvission Interiors

How to choose and combine mid-century colours?

If you are fond of bright colours and interiors with atmosphere, then the rich, colourful palette of Mid-century modern interior style will appeal to you. You can choose and combine ochre with dark blue, for example. For more opulence, decorate with furniture and accessories with a variety of geometric shapes and textures from artificial and natural materials. If you have chosen mid-century modern interior for your living room, for example, the article “How to design cosy living room with burnt orange sofa?” it will be extremely useful to you.

If you like a neutral palette and mid century decorating is your favorite, it has a solution for that.
Choose a neutral, light look for the large surfaces in the room, such as walls, ceilings, floors. Let this become the luxury interior with a youthful spirit. Add different furniture and accessories in bright colours like mustard and why not a patterned rug with all the colours of mid century modern style. Diversify with colourful curtains, decorative pillows and lamps.

Mid century modern furniture design by Urvission Interiors

Delightful modern furniture with a mid-century feel!

Mid-century modern interior is characterized by its unique furniture. Their design has clean shapes and you could choose between natural and artificial materials, which makes it really unique. Classic furniture with extremely modern elements, such as handles, legs, etc., can be noticed. This is a non-standard combination that turns mid-century modern décor into a style that never stops developing.

The furniture has a clean design, characteristic rigor and a specific look. If you furnish your living room with a yellow or orange sofa, you will certainly give character to the room, and the interior will not go unnoticed.

A classic, rectangular dining table with cone-shaped legs is something quite typical for a dining room, for example. Decorate the table with upholstered, comfortable chairs and enjoy the favourite moments at home.

Another iconic piece of furniture in mid-century modern interior is the “Swan” chair. So characteristic and comfortable, it never goes out of style. You will find it in versions with upholstery made of natural or artificial leather, fabric or plastic.

Another characteristic element of furniture from the 1950s is the “Egg” chair. This unique piece has gained enormous popularity in furnishing in recent years. You can also find it in: baby swings, high chairs, baby strollers, garden swings, armchairs.

Side tables, as well as nightstands, also occupy a special place in decorating a mid-century modern interior. Wooden and extremely simple, more often found in monochromatic shades, they are a great reflection of today’s modern world.

The bedroom is furnished with wooden furniture. Embossed surfaces and upholstered elements are noticeable. The highlights are in the details, such as interesting handles and fabric bedside lamps. is in wood and the furniture in it has a relief surface.

What is the difference between Mid-century and Mid-century modern interior?

Let’s start with mid-century modern interior style. It’s colourful, changing and forever trendy. This colourful style has earned its fame in the most natural way, namely with time. Travelled through time and collected furniture, colours, characters, history and everything we call “history”.

Characterized by its retro feel and modern look at the same time, the mid-century modern interior does not go unnoticed. Considered unique due to its functionality and practicality. Full of dynamics, variety and wonderful shapes.

And what exactly is the difference between mid-century modern and mid-century styles?

Mid-century style is stricter, monotonous, and for some, even boring. Decorating interiors in this style are devoid of everything superfluous, such as accessories, decorations and interesting elements. Often compared to minimalism, the mid-century style is elegant and strict, for people who love clean spaces, without frills.

Difference between Mid-century and Mid-century modern interior by Urvission Interiors

So, the moment comes when mid-century modern and mid-century meet to complement each other and start a new trend. If you have decided that mid-century modern interior is suitable for your space, then as I mentioned above, you could choose between two types: letter and flower and monochrome and elegant. Add colourful elements, modern furniture and more accessories and transform the interior from mid-century to mid-century modern.

A notable difference between the modern style and the mid-century modern style is the use of decorative accents. In general, modern aesthetics are often known for their no-nonsense minimalism. It doesn’t have much of a reputation for being flashy or captivating. However, the mid-century modern style does not mind a decorative accent.

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