Interior design is an art that changes your life!

6 most desired styles in interior design

Interior design is an essential part of your culture, habits and fast paced lifestyle. Having that in mind, we have set a purpose to provide a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of processes, from project creation to implementation.
With our extensive experience in all types of interior design we have gained a great confidence to ensure that your expectations will be exceptionally met.

We create and implement interior concepts that express you and your lifestyle. In each project, we rely on several key factors that give the interior a finishing touch, especially: distinctive style, space planning and initial layouts, your favourite colors, functionality and practicality, any furniture and soft furniture you have in mind, lighting and fittings, flooring, wall designs, windows dressing and accessories.

5 important steps to your incredible interior design

To start with, we will provide you some schematic layouts, with colour scheme, furnishings and accessories. This is one of the basic foundations of the project. In each of the proposals, we take into account many features related to the comfort and aesthetics of the interior. In this stage, we strongly advise you to contact us immediately if any hesitation appears in your mind. For your convenience, all communication regarding the discussion, correction and approval of the already proposed interior projects is conducted by e-mail and telephone. It is very important for us to coordinate and agree on which options or elements you like or dislike. That way we will be able to quickly visualise, correct and fulfil your idea of the perfect interior.

We design your beautiful spaces!

The initial stage of our work is to create a conceptual interior design. Here we look at the architectural features and the possibilities for maximum functionality in the premises. For optimal results, we split your budget between two main phases – interior design and furniture. In this way, we evaluate what significant changes are needed to achieve a quality project.

Creating a custom interior design requires high professionalism and rigorous consistency. For the perfect performance, we follow several important steps.

In the first phase, we provide schematic layouts. Their purpose is to get acquainted with the functionality of the premises, fully adapted to the architectural features, location and function. Also, colour schemes, furniture and various interior details such as soft furniture, lighting, window dressings, accessories and etc.

After a thorough discussion over the proposed interior design and the followed approval from you, we move on to producing a realistic 3D visualisation. This is a great opportunity for us to present our hard work in a realistic visualisation and leave you with exceptional expression.

We strongly recommend using our bespoke furniture. This gives us the freedom to design furniture which will be complied with your needs and functionality. We use variety of high quality materials and fittings from leading manufacturers in accordance to the budget set in first place.

We also offer a vast assortment of soft furnishings. They can be ordered as the basic models shown in our shop or ordered in different colours of fabrics and leathers. They are manufactured with carefully selected materials to satisfy any requirements and provide you with luxury and desired feel. And again, it all depends of your budget.

Our author’s portfolio is a set of creative proposals for interior design of private and public spaces. Each project is created with creativity and attention to every detail. We put a personal attitude to each client, creating your style. Listening to your ideas and investing our excellent knowledge, we create great concepts for the interior of your dreams. From beautiful homes, through stylish restaurants and cosy hotels, our interior design projects are a dream for every connoisseur. Taking enough time to understand exactly what you want, we create fantastic decors with beautiful colours.

Whether we work on a residential or public interiors, we always treat it in a superior manner and do our best to accomplish an interesting interior design with guaranteed lasting impression.

Our interior designs are like paintings that have been given life. And each painting uses a distinctive individuality that accurately represents the people whom they have been created for. Open up your imagination, bravely add colour to it and convert a project in a crafted piece of art.

Either is a project for your dreamed house or your business? We assure you to deliver an exceptional interior design for exceptional people.

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With our interior design projects you will get absolute pleasure and live much easier.


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If it is your home, we take it seriously to create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere. Where you can come back from a busy day, sit down and relax or invite friends.

If it is a workplace, it should provide you with maximum comfort while being customer friendly and conducive to guests. This is a space that encourages creativity and takes your mind away from the routine of everyday life – elevates it high and allows your imagination to flourish.

In the interior design of the hotel, customer satisfaction is the leading keynote. We emphasize large spaces combined with fresh colors and furniture that give a sense of arrangement and luxurious comfort to people.

When we design any project, we are doing our best to satisfy every aspect of your required needs. This is where we let our imagination run wild and we can come up with our wildest ideas. Whether you are decorating or renovating a restaurant, office, shop, patisserie or hotel we will offer you the best solutions that will impress your customers with comfort and personality.

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