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If you are planning a complete renovation and furnishing of your bathroom, you will probably ask yourself many questions. Homeowners often make the mistake of not planning and starting with individual craftsmen without a clear idea of ​​how the whole process works. And that’s where the disappointment comes from. Working on a piece often leads to a failed project. Based on our many years of experience in designing luxury bespoke bathrooms in Urvission Interiors, we advise you to trust the specialists. This will save you unnecessary stress and money. The experienced interior designer has experience in the design and implementation of any premises and will guide you through the process with ease. We consider the bathroom as a special place in your home. That’s why we don’t just call it bathrooms, but luxury bespoke bathrooms. Luxury does not mean that you will have to spend a huge amount of money.

The interior designer will start by creating the right project for your bean. First and foremost is the budget you have and the style that suits your needs. He knows how to organize the repairs from start to finish. What are the most suitable materials. How to organize the space in the most functional way. Which colours to choose. And last but not least how to organize all the masters in the right way to go through the whole process without wasting time.

That is why we call these room luxury bespoke bathrooms. Make this a special place in your home. Cosy and comfortable. Your very special place. Here are the answers to the most important questions when you are about to renovate a bathroom. Before you make the final decision, think about what you would like your luxury bespoke bathroom to look like.

What is my bathroom renovation ideas?

You have decided that you need a new design for your bathroom. First of all you need an idea. This includes style, colors and layout. At Urvission Interiors, we call this basic rules. If you look at the main styles in interior design you will understand that each style has its own characteristics. Including colors and elements of furniture. Consider complying fully with these rules. This is not mandatory. You may like certain elements and colors of different styles. You will certainly look for photos of interiors for luxury bespoke bathrooms on the Internet or magazines. And here will probably come your first concern. You will probably ask yourself: what would my bathroom look like if I made a combination of the colors I like, but they do not match the style I have chosen. Or: I like a large closet, but my space is not big enough and there will be no room for a shower. How to properly distribute the space to have enough space for everything you need? Like many others. If you are wondering this, you need an interior designer to turn your bathroom into a luxurious bespoke bathroom.

Pink contemporary bathroom design by Urvission Interiors
Luxury contemporary bathroom design by Urvission Interiors

How much does it cost to repair a luxury bespoke bathroom?

To set a budget for your new bathroom, you need to set priorities. Ask yourself questions like: What is most important to my bathroom? To be with expensive tiles? Have a bathtub and a separate shower area, or just one? Do I want a large cabinet and what material should it be. Determine what is most important to be present in your luxurious bespoke bathroom. Gather ideas and enough information about prices and opportunities.

At Urvission Interiors we call this reference exact. Then assemble the rest of the puzzle. However, if you choose to work with an interior designer, you will save all the time to study. We know the market, the materials and have extensive experience in planning and implementation. This is achieved with time and numerous projects like yours. We will give you a quick, specific offer for your dream luxury bespoke bathroom. Very quickly we can remove or add items of furniture to get to the budget you are willing to pay without compromising on design.

What are bathroom remodel mistakes?

If you want the renovation of your dream luxury bespoke bathroom to go smoothly, you need to avoid common mistakes.

Reconstructing a bathroom is not an easy task. Excellent performance, desired design and cost must be considered very well. However, you will not repair the bathroom every month, will you?

As mentioned above, the first and most important thing is proper planning. Also, the definition of the key element in the interior. If you have planned all this, know that the appearance of the bathroom is one part of all design elements.

You need to choose very well every element for your luxurious bespoke bathroom. Search the internet for how many new bathroom items are for sale. Why? Because they are bought and cannot be used.

Below we will point out the most common mistakes in interior design of a bathroom.

Personal shopping by Urvission Interiors

What is the best furniture for my bathroom?

The variety of bathroom furniture is huge, but which is the right one for you.

If your bathroom is small and the sink, shower and toilet are too close together, you should consider this carefully. Separate the shower area with a glass partition. Water retention will cause you great trouble. There are different models: static, folding, separated, movable as well as bespoke.

Undoubtedly, the bathrooms need storage space for towels and a variety of toiletries. The best solution is bespoke bathroom cabinets. They will be designed and manufactured specifically for your needs. Even in small bathrooms, this would be the best solution, as every inch will be used in the most correct way.

Another important point is the right choice of material for the bathroom cabinet. If your bathroom is small and the cabinet is close to the shower, and you are not the insulated bathing area, you should definitely choose PVC furniture.

If your bathroom is large, choose cabinets with shelves and pans. Natural wood, as well as painted MDF cabinets, beautiful natural stone countertops are also a stylish solution for your luxurious bespoke bathroom.

Focus on intelligent interior solution. Use each bend to make the most of the space. Mirrored doors are also an opportunity to accentuate the design.

What are the right materials for my luxury bespoke bathroom?

Look at practicality first. Very often people choose inappropriate materials. For example, natural exotic stones, marble, granite, travertine, etc. are extremely beautiful. But if you have small children or people with limited mobility in your home, this will cause you trouble. Apply matte or anti-slip flooring. Natural and synthetic stones are more suitable for walls and countertops. Also choose materials that are highly durable and easy to clean. The elements of natural wood will add cosiness to your luxurious bespoke bathroom. But if you have not insulated the wet part and they are constantly flooded with water, the disappointment will come very quickly. The choice of materials is extremely large, but you need to know them to choose the right ones for you.


What lighting do I need for my bathroom?

If your bathroom does not have windows that let in natural light, you need to think very carefully about how to properly illuminate your bathroom. Too dim lighting in the mirror with the sink, as well as too bright will blind you or you will not be able to see well. You can divide the different zones with different lighting intensity. A great idea is to highlight the cabinets with LED light or to put a dim relaxing light in the shower.

Should I consult a bathroom designer?

Our answer is YES. Renovating a bathroom can be a daunting task. You will need to plan the space and have technical skills. You will need to plan your time and expenses. So it is worth hiring an experienced interior designer to plan and implement your project. The designer is the specialist who, in addition to creating beautiful spaces, is familiar with all the technical requirements and provisions. If you enjoy your luxury bespoke bathroom for a long time, trust an interior design specialist.

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