How to do modern bedroom interior design?

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Quality furniture for your modern bedroom interior design

The quality excites each of us. Who doesn’t want to snuggle comfortably in the most cosy bed? The designer bedroom furniture has the huge advantage of satisfying even your biggest whims. The choice of bedroom appliances is huge nowadays and creates confusion in every client.

I will approach from my personal point of view as an interior designer with a number of clients in London and I will advise you what is the most important thing in furnishing a bedroom. What is the first thing that comes to mind when we say the word bedroom? May be, modern bedroom interior design with luxury furniture?

Security, cosiness, atmosphere, warmth, romance, dim light and when we add a pinch of love … Voalá and here’s your magic. It’s magical to turn your luxury bedroom ideas into reality without spending a fortune. Here I will start with the colours.

If you searching for modern bedroom interior design It is preferable, the tones to be neutral, if you decide to use bright or warm colours, then let them be as accents, such as a wall, armchair or accessories. We will talk in more detail about bedroom colour trends later in this article.

I would like to pay special attention to the bed. Accept it as the most important piece of furniture in your perfect modern bedroom interior design project. Assuming you are willing to spend a certain amount of money on your dream bedroom, you would ask the question:

How much does a luxury bedroom cost? And here I will return again to the colours and then to the bed. And here is the answer to the question: How can I make my bedroom perfect?

Modern bedroom interior design ideas

So, let’s say you chose the colour of the walls for your modern bedroom interior design project, and I chose to show you one of my bedroom projects for which I chose “Calcecruda – Palace  trellis” decorative plaster of Nova Color, Italy. It is in the declared by Pantone colour of 2022 Very Peri.

The purple hue with a periwinkle shade of blue tinge and light golden accents which goes great with the luxury ottoman bed in ivy grey and the modern armchair in bayoux blue in addition to an elegant footstool. And so we already have modern bedroom furniture sets.

And of course, when we add the elegant wall lamps, soft carpet, stylish curtains and finish with the wardrobe, which was created especially for this modern bedroom interior design, we have no choice but to lie down comfortably and immerse ourselves in sweet unforgettable moments and healthy sleep.

How can I make my bedroom luxurious?

The truth is that the more you know, the greater your chances. That’s why it’s good to work with an interior designer. But if you have decided to embark on this adventure yourself and to create your modern bedroom interior design, I will give you some valuable advice and answer the question ” Why is interior design important in a bedroom?”

Start first by choosing a paint for the walls. There are many companies that offer wall paints at very reasonable prices. My advice here is to choose breathable interior paint to avoid the appearance of mold over time. You can also choose an interesting wallpaper that will be an accent in the bedroom. Recently, the trend is to use decorative panels with 3D elements or those made of natural materials, such as wood.

And of course my favourite decorative plasters, which I will pay special attention to in a separate article. Flooring is also very diverse. If you are a carpet lover, then you could choose to decorate your modern bedroom interior design with one with higher density and softness, this will definitely create the feeling of luxury in your bedroom. Wooden floors are a great solution and I advise you to choose natural wood flooring.

And if we talk about a modern bedroom interior design, then there is no way to miss the bed. I am definitely a fan of luxury upholstered beds. You could combine the colour of the fabric of the bed with the colour of the curtains. There are also companies for interior textiles that offer designer collections that include upholstery for furniture in combination with thick and ethereal curtains, textiles for decorative pillows, bedspreads and wallpaper.

This is a great idea that will save you a lot of time. Feng Shui trend is one of the desired interior trends lately among ladies. Through it you will create a relaxing atmosphere and comfort. And if we talk about the styles in the modern bedroom interior design, whichever you choose, you could achieve the desired bedroom design. The most important advice I can give is: If you are looking for a luxurious interior for your bedroom, choose quality furniture, materials and accessories.

What is the perfect size of the bedroom?

As eternal as it is to say that the bigger a room, the better, I can never determine the exact size of the perfect bedroom. It all starts with what size room you have. If we need to define the bedroom with a king size bed, a relaxation area and sofas, a large wardrobe, a dressing table, a private bathroom and in addition panoramic windows revealing stunning ocean views, then this would be the perfect bedroom size.

But let’s look at the not so large spaces that are common in the UK. You could start by measuring the room and making a list of the most important furniture for you. The choice of bed size is quite large, so it will be easy for you to make your choice depending on whether you are alone or share this secluded part of the home with someone else.

An excellent choice for your modern bedroom interior design is to choose an ottoman bed, which will give you the opportunity for additional space in which to store various  items, such as sheets and towels, pillows, blankets and more. The second important piece of furniture in the bedroom is the wardrobe. I recommend you choose a custom wardrobe. The professional who will design your wardrobe will take into account the size of the room and will distribute the space inside in the most correct way.

You have a huge selection of mechanisms for wardrobes, which give you the opportunity to design separate sections for shirts, dresses, jackets and more. If you do not fall asleep without reading a few pages of your favourite book or need extra space for your personal belongings next to the bed, you should provide space for bedside tables on which to place a lamp and have drawers or shelves for your accessories .

The possibilities are many and the choice is great. And the last most important piece of furniture that should be present in every modern bedroom interior design in which there is a female presence is the dressing table with a mirror. These are the four most important elements of the equipment of any bedroom. Of course, any accessory or additional furniture is welcome as long as you have the necessary space.

What is the most important thing in a bedroom?

If you are a sworn romantic, then the modern bedroom interior design is your private place. And what would a home be without a luxurious bedroom design? Let’s look at the question: How can I make my modern bedroom interior design cosy and romantic? In 2022 and 2023, the purple colour will be in the spotlight and will dominate every aspect of our daily lives. Although quite pretentious, purple is associated with romance and love. We often meet this colour at weddings and formal events.

And in this line of thought, the modern bedroom interior design it radiates seriousness in itself. If you have chosen to transform your bedroom into a romantic place to cuddle, then be careful and do not overdo it with purple tones. The best way to create the perfect balance is to combine it with light grey or white. You could choose a bed with dark purple upholstery and furnish the rest of the space in the bedroom with furniture and accessories in light neutral tones.

Another important point is to consider the size of the room. If you do not have enough space, then use this colour carefully. You could create a romantic atmosphere with small colourful accessories, decorative pillows or paintings. The most important thing for a bedroom is for it to be your place where you can feel safe and comfortable.


Bedroom Design Colour Trends - That Will Stand Out in 2022-2023

The modern bedroom interior design in 2022 is definitely focused on attracting attention. This year’s trend is focused on the colourful and cosy bedroom. The comfort of sleep and privacy are highly respected, and the colours enhance the warmth of the interior. So cosy and perfect that this room will become your favourite corner of the house.

The choice of colours the modern bedroom interior design that will dominate the next 12 months is really great. You could choose from colours to relax your mind and body or ones that stimulate your mind. My opinion is that the bedroom is the room that is most closely connected with our feelings and emotions.

And when you choose the right colour you will get a comfortable environment for a good night’s sleep and you will wake up with a smile. The following lines will help you choose the right colour for your bedroom. You could use them for walls as well as for furniture, curtains and accessories. Let the passion guide you and choose the right colour, decorating your modern bedroom interior design really perfectly, creating a personal and your own space.

Deep Aubergine

Aubergine is a colour that definitely brings peace. This is one of the good ideas I recommend for modern bedroom interior design. Your bedroom will become a relaxing room full of warmth and romance. This colour contributes to its soothing vibration and you will feel really special. If you are a fan of the romantic atmosphere, then purple is a sculptural colour. Good combinations are: Aubergine and grey, Aubergine beige, Aubergine and blush and Aubergine and mauve.



In recent years, there has been a dominant trend of blue colour in interior design. We find it in many varieties, such as rich shades and pastel tones. In general, the colour blue brings peace and relaxation. This makes it extremely suitable for modern bedroom interior design. If you choose, for example, Cobalt blue or Steel-blue, you will definitely attract light in the area with this colour and you will see how this neutral tone emphasizes the overall interior concept of your bedroom. You could combine it with a double bed or other furniture and accessories in the beige range, such as Ivory, Sand and Taupe. You will also achieve a stunning effect if you combine it with OAK.


Yellow will predispose you to a good night’s sleep or a short nap. Proven to stimulate the nervous system, it is quite suitable for sleeping interiors. As I highly recommend if you are a lover of yellow and have decided to decorate your sponge in this colour, then choose more – pastel shades. Good combinations are Dusky Citron with Cool Grey and Mellow Yellow with Verdant Green. You could also combine it with Modern, Scandinavian or Mid-century modern styles.



Green is the colour of life. It makes our home look like a real home full of positive energy. This extremely saturated shade will revive the modern bedroom interior design. It has been proven that people who sleep in a bedroom with green elements in the interior wake up alive, motivated and energetic. You could use this colour for walls, ceilings, furniture, as well as for curtains and various accessories in the bedroom, such as decorative pillows. Green is one of the most sought after colours for décor in its various warm and cold shades. You could combine Leafy Green with Ivory or Brown for the modern style in your bedroom. Or lighter tones like Lime Punch with Graphite Grey.


The colour of love that never seems to go out of style. Just like the little black dress and the black closed high-heeled shoes, I can safely say that red remains a classic. But how to use it in our bedroom. Although you will not find it often in the modern bedroom interior design trends, the red colour is present in the leading interior colours for next year. It has a huge effect on our feelings and emotions, and what is the most appropriate room in our home – the bedroom. If this colour has caught your attention and you want it to be present in the interior of your bedroom, please be careful with the necklace. And more precisely: Red is quite an active and eye-catching colour. Due to its chic look, it has the ability to attract all the attention. To achieve calm and warmth in the modern bedroom interior design, my advice is to use it to emphasize small accents or accessories. Use in combination with grey or purple.



If you are a fan of black, then the bedroom is quite a suitable room for this interior element. You will enjoy high style and luxurious radiance, as well as a peaceful and full sleep. Black is an active tone, but at the same time gives weight and aristocratic elegance. Interiors with the presence of black definitely attract attention. If you want to make an impression and emphasize your character, you could do it by furnishing your bedroom in black.

A Modern Bedroom Interior Design Checklist

Before you start renovating the interior of your bedroom, it is good to make a short list of the individual elements of the furniture, such as: Bed and Mattress. Walls and Paint. Wallpaper. Feature Wall. Table lamps, Side Table, Lighting, Wall Lighting, Floor Lamps, Flooring, Wood, Carpeted, Rugs, Curtains and Blinds, Storage, Wardrobes, Decoration, Plants, It is good practice to first determine your budget and then decide which of the above furniture items is most important to you. Once you make this list and prioritize the elements, you will easily create the modern bedroom interior design in the right way.

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