8 amazing navy blue sofa living room ideas

Is navy blue a good colour for a sofa?

There are several reasons why the navy blue sofa living room ideas has been among the most desired living room solutions in recent years. Apart from the furniture, the colour is noticeable in the wall and floor decorations. This rich colour can be used anywhere in the interior, as an alternative to other dark colours such as black, brown and dark grey.

If you are looking for a classical navy blue sofa living room ideas, but you want to avoid the austere appearance, you would achieve it with a navy blue velvet sofa, for example. If you are not a fan of bright colours, but want to bring freshness to the décor, then a navy blue sofa would be a great choice.

We can safely call navy blue “easy to use”. It can be combined with many shades, some of the most suitable being burnt orange, light grey, yellow and white. But it looks most attractive on an elegant sofa or armchair.

If you are looking for practicality and want to avoid stains and pulled threads, then choose navy blue. This colour looks beautiful on a variety of upholstery, such as suede, leather and satin.

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Which interior style is suitable for a navy blue sofa?

What colour goes best with navy blue sofa?

If you prefer to stick to the classic combination of dark blue, you could combine it with beige, brown, cream, orange, yellow, white and different shades of blue. Find out the perfect navy blue sofa living room ideas with burnt orange combination with navy blue sofa here.

Gold elements would be eye catching, for example if you use them for a coffee table, a wall lamp, a vase, and other accessories in the living room. These tips would be useful if you follow the strict rules. However, if you want to diversify and get out of the stereotype, there are other interior solutions that you may like. As an interior designer, I like to experiment and sometimes apply different colour schemes. 

You can bet on the luxury interior design and combine dark blue couch with dark grey, beige, gold, pink and white. The search for different combinations of furniture with navy blue in Houzz’s design dilemma shows that this colour is of interest to anyone who is about to renovation and redecorate. But let’s get back to colour combinations.

You could choose two, three or more colours from the ones listed above for your navy blue sofa living room ideas, but let me clarify something important. If you like the combination of blue and yellow or orange, for example, be careful with the amount. Your navy blue sofa living room ideas have to be regarding well the size of the room. If your living room is large and you have high ceilings and large windows, you could afford an large L-shape navy blue sofa in combination with an orange wall or even walls, for example.

You could combine it with cotton curtains with white or cream. If the living room in your home is an open space and is connected to the dining room, you could combine it with chairs in the same fabric as the sofa. In this colour scheme, blue and yellow are the most active colours and my advice is to be careful with them when furnishing small interior spaces.


Decorating around a navy blue sofa

As an interior designer, I know that convenience and comfort are leading in interior design. So, our focus is navy blue sofa living room ideas, I will give you some valuable tips on how to combine it with the rest of the interior. And when we talk about the living room, the sofa is the main furniture that everyone dreams of. Find the perfect pieces like velvet sofas or leather sofas, for example, can be a difficult task.

The decorating and design possibilities with and around the navy blue sofa are many, as it is a colour that goes well with many colours and interior styles. If you have decided to redesign your living room and you are happy with your blue sofa, but you are looking for new look navy blue sofa living room ideas, then you could change the interior around it. You are lucky! You can repaint the walls in light grey, replace the parquet with Oak, combine with white furniture, dress the windows with ivy grey curtains with gold threads or buy light pink or burnt orange armchairs.

But let’s talk a little about blue and its varieties. We know that everyone sees colours differently. For some this colour is strict and boring, while for others it is relaxing and soothing. The good news is that the power with which it will impress you will be memorable. If you looking for the dream interior and navy blue sofa living room ideas, the first thing you need to do is determine the style. Check out the 10 most popular styles and choose yours.

Then consider the size of the living space and the position of the sofa. This is a key point in which you will decide whether to choose two loveseat with white pillows, modular, sleeper or sectional sofa. You can see a great example of a living room interior with navy blue sofa here.  Also pay attention to the budget you have, because this will determine whether to choose a cheap or more expensive sofa. I share with you some navy blue sofa living room ideas in different styles and interior solutions.

Does grey look good with navy blue?

If you are a fan of contemporary style, then can think about for navy blue sofa living room ideas in this style. As a whole, this style is characterized by the urban environment, simplicity and sophistication, specific texture, and clean lines. Interiors tend to showcase space rather than things. Things that are modern and current with the styles of the moment are contemporary style.

The shapes are clean and stricter, emphasizing the individual elements. So, this interior style is suitable for both small and large space, as well as your navy blue sofa living room ideas.

You could bet on both a luxurious and a homely atmosphere. Recently, we notice a lot of interior solutions with concrete. Novacolor offers great ideas and has developed grey concrete floor and wall coverings. An excellent combination for decorating your living room would be a navy blue sofa with a comfortable chaise and a suitable fabric.

Some would say that this style is too strict for home spaces, but it’s all a matter of feeling and what you like or not. The combination of grey and navy blue would be suitable for the interior of the lounge, for example. If you are looking for sophistication and contemporary interior, you can choose blue microfiber or plush for your sofa.

A modular corner sofa would be a good choice for your apartment as well as for offices, hotels and rooms with many folds. This sleeveless sofa consists of separate modules and can be easily transformed from a comfortable corner sofa into a 2-, 3-seater, and why not into an elegant armchair or stool. Navy blue sofa living room ideas with will handmade rug or painting will be a great solution.


What curtain goes with navy blue?

Undoubtedly, curtains are one of the elements that create comfort in the home. Whether it is a modern city apartment or a country house if you want a home atmosphere and home feeling, you have to have a good navy blue sofa living room ideas and haw to achieve them. And since in this article we look at the navy blue sofa and its combination with other furniture in the interior, we can not miss the choice of appropriate curtains. You could choose a combination of thick black out curtains and thin translucent.

But right here I would like to return to the interior concept and the overall decision you will make before starting your interior design project. Think of the project as a whole, not a piece. Many upholstery manufacturers offer entire series that include upholstery for sofas, armchairs and dining chairs in combination with curtains and wallpaper. I highly recommend choosing bespoke furniture, because this way you could make a great colour combination which to help you to realize you navy blue sofa living room ideas.

So let’s go back to the combination and navy blue sofa living room ideas with the right curtains. Depending on what colour scheme you choose, you could combine with curtains that have the same or similar colour to the upholstery of the sofa, decorative pillows or the easy chair. These can be elements of yellow, orange, light blue, white. If you prefer a Mediterranean style, you could combine a light blue sofa with accessories in different shades of blue and white. But do not forget to choose high quality products, only then you will enjoy your interior for a long time.

What colour cushions go with a navy sofa?

Choosing decorative pillows for your sofa will become a real pleasure. If you have chosen mid-century modern style for your living room, you can boldly improvise with different colours and upholstery. What could be more cosy than the reclining decorative pillows on the sofa arms?

As I mentioned in the above lines, my navy blue sofa living room ideas are to choose a suitable collection of textiles that includes upholstery and curtains. And in particular, if you have chosen navy blue sofa for your living room, you could choose decorative pillows with burnt orange, yellow, different shades of blue, green, white, cream, beige.

Also, according to the rest of the interior, you could choose pillows with floral or geometric elements. And why not both. They can be square, rectangular or round. I strongly recommend that you choose removable covers for easier cleaning that can be washed in the washing machine. The filling of the decorative pillows can also be chosen in most cases.

You can choose between feathers and foam in different qualities. Keep in mind, however, that feathers can cause allergic reactions in some people and are more difficult to wash in the washing machine. If you are looking for a luxurious look and navy blue sofa living room ideas, then velvet or satin would do a great job and your couch will shine like a real star.


Navy blue colour palette living room

The blue sofa remains one of the most popular furniture in the living room. It is classic and modern at the same time. And colour scheme ideas will make you dream. So if you have a navy blue sofa living room ideas for a sculpted interior you are on the top of the wave. Gold accents would be a great accent if you are looking for a luxurious style, especially if you pair it with coffee or satin. You can decorate with a side table with copper or brass accents and turn your home into an Boho style masterpiece.

Swings and other lighting fixtures in gold would go great with navy blue. Put all this splendour on a natural oak floor and walls in neutral grey. Combine with burnt orange ( see exaple here ). This is a great combination that creates an incredible contrast. Grey and dark blue. This colour scheme will definitely create a calm atmosphere. Use navy blue sofa living room ideas with a neutral colour furniture. If you add red, yellow or mint green decorative pillows you will in addition to a coffee table with metal legs you will enjoy the industrial style.

If you are on retro wave, you could choose a classic navy blue sofa made of blue natural or artificial leather and combine wooden furniture and pillows in fuchsia colour. If you’ve heard that blue and green don’t go together, forget about it. Boldly combine indigo sofa with yellow and leaf green. And if you put light decorative elements dark orange and purple you will get a striking result. This is the main colour scheme with which you could combine your navy blue sofa. Make your living room colourful!

What goes with blue furniture?

Blue furniture expresses a great deal of artistry and will help you in your navy blue sofa living room ideas. They are preferred by people with refined taste. They would be a great addition to interiors with accents of yellow. Blue furniture and more precisely navy blue sofa would look great in your living room if you combine it with Ivy grey for a soothing atmosphere or with yellow armchair if you prefer fancy interior.

Lately I notice a fashion trend that I like a lot, namely the transformation of something traditional into modern only by changing its colour. For example, a traditional red British telephone booth becomes a navy blue cabinet for your living room. You can make a furniture set from bespoke navy blue sofa and order an armchair or pouf with the same design and fabric.

You could combine curtains, rugs and even paintings in this colour palette and you will achieve a great result if you put the paint on the wall in white or light grey. The possibilities are endless if you are a dreamer and love strong emotions, because this palette provides just that. After all, blue is the colour of the sea and the sky, and they are a symbol of dreams.


Are navy blue sofa living room ideas in style?

According to research by psychologists, the colour blue is a symbol of determination and self-organization. Research also shows that this colour evokes restrained emotions and stability. So we can safely say that if you want a relaxing atmosphere in your interior, then the navy blue sofa living room ideas are exactly what you need.

This tone will help you focus on important goals if you have chosen to furnish your office in this style, for example. The atmosphere of any room with a navy blue sofa leads to the search for reasonable compromises and making informed decisions. This elegant shade creates austerity and refined classics.

In addition to the above, navy blue sofa living room ideas creates real wonders with space and light. It attracts attention like a magnet, which gives extra space to small rooms. This tone has many nuances, which makes it a bestseller. Whether you choose a navy blue sofa for a small or large room, be sure to look great in both.

Easy to combine with many other colours. It could be present in various furniture, walls, floors and accessories. If you have come this far, then you are a connoisseur of stylish navy blue sofa living room ideas and interior solutions! The navy blue sofa living room ideas managed to win the sympathy of homeowners as well as find its place in hotels, restaurants, offices and much more. The conclusion is: It will always be in fashion!

Where does Navy Blue come from?

Did you know that navy blue is actually a very dark shade of blue? Navy blue gets its name from dark blue and is the complete opposite of navy white. It was first worn by officers in the Royal Navy in 1748. After being spotted and apparently impressed the world, it is officially from other fleets around the world. It was officially proclaimed a colour in the early 19th century.

The first name of the colour is dark blue, but soon after that the name of the colour changes to navy blue. In 1840, the official use of navy blue as a colour name in English began. Although the Oxford English Dictionary quoted it as early as 1813. Nowadays, many naval forces have changed their traditional blue uniforms to black ones that are less prone to fading.


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