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Five steps to your interior design

About Studio

At Urvission Interiors, we offer a full range of interior design services. As a professional with many years of experience, we have created services covering the needs of even the most demanding clients.

In our face you will find a stable partner with artistic passion. We adhere to the author’s design and perfect execution. Whether it is your home, office, hotel, etc.

Our goal is to create and furnish practical spaces with a strong character. We will also save you valuable time and money on planning, production and management.

Whether you prefer to manage your own interior design project and you just need guidance and advice. Or you will leave everything entirely in our hands, we will give the best we are capable of.

Project and clients

In Urvission Interiors works with owners of residential, commercial, retail and hospitality spaces. We also partner with real estate agencies and various investors in the field of interior design. In our portfolio you will find selected projects of exclusive city apartments, stylish villas, restaurants, offices, hotels and ets.

[ stage 1 ]

Design Consultation

  • Understanding exactly what you need is the first important step in meeting with our clients. This is the success of any interior design project. At this initial meeting, we discuss your requirements and personal tastes. And most of all, how to do all this with the planned budget and time you have.
    And more precisely:
  • For the preferred is a visit to a place for accurate measurement, photos and establishing the technical condition of the property.
  • We will discuss the main details, such as architecture, layout and functionality according to your requirements.
  • We will discuss your ideas for style and colors.
  • We will prepare a sample budget.
Design Concept and Space Planning by Urvission Interiors
[ stage 2 ]

Design Concept and Space Planning

We will plan the spaces in the best way. We usually present two variants of interior layout. Also, we will prepare two mood boards with color suggestions. We will help you make the right choice by discussing both concepts in detail. This will help us move on to the next stage of developing your interior design project. Which will include in-depth analysis and precision in every detail.

[ stage 3 ]

Design Development

Following the selected floor plan and interior concept, we will offer floor and wall coverings, paints, furniture, lighting, accessories and more. Depending on the stage you choose to complete your project, we will provide detailed drawings of each element. This includes shopping offers for all items, including prices and deadlines. In Urvission we offer luxurious bespoke soft furnishing. We can also design and deliver custom furniture, such as: kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and everything you need for your perfect interior. We can also make high quality 3D visualisation with real materials.

[ stage 4 ]


For the convenience of our customers, we at Urvission Interiors provide everything you need to complete your dream interior design. We will coordinate and deliver each item.

[ stage 5 ]

Construction and Fitout

We do not offer reconstructions and repair work. But we will be happy to offer proven companies. In our practice, we work successfully with both contractors proposed by us and companies proposed by you. We will be with you throughout the process until the project is completed.