From an early age, I felt the need to redecorate and repaint the home I lived in with my parents. I constantly rearranged the furniture in my room with the desire to make it cosier. I bought different curtains and combined them with the mattress on my bed, as well as with different pillows. I loved going to various local auctions in search of another treasure. In addition, like any little girl, I had high demands on the clothes I wore and often caused trouble for my mother. She often called me pretentious and whirling. But that had a reason. Entrepreneurial skills and the desire to achieve my goals were born in me.

After the first years of school I started painting and attending various art classes. In addition, I graduated from secondary school with a degree in management and economics.

I was already faced with a choice – what I want to become. And the answer was only one – Interior Designer. I started dreaming that one day I would have my own studio and create beautiful homes for people. And I started my education at the University of Architecture and Interior Design.

At Urvision Interiors we design beautiful spaces, investing creativity and knowledge. We take the time to really understand what you want to get your style and absolute enjoyment. With our great interior concepts, everything comes to life!

One day on my way home from work, my mother met her friend, who told her that she worked for a bathroom design and furnishing company and that they were looking for staff. This as a gift for me. I came across a team of architects and designers and I could touch this magic only at the age of 20. Working with different clients and their requirements has given me a great start to my career. I combined education and work with ease.

Three years later, I received an offer from a large construction company to head their design department. I furnished luxury holiday and city homes, hotels and golf clubs.

After the birth of my son, I decided to slow down a bit and accepted an offer from a luxury bespoke furniture company. A year later came the next proposal from Ideal Standard. With a team of architects and designers, we headed a design team for the development of international interior projects, both for the company and for key clients.

Not long after, Nick appeared in my life and I felt that the time had come to realize my childhood dream of my own interior company. And so we founded Urvission Interiors.

Love And Passion In The Design Of Beautiful Spaces

[ Eliza Lazer ]

Founder / Head Interior Designer

In 2008 Eliza and Nick founded their company with a lot of desire and hard work to realize their long-held dream to develop successfully in the English market.
The idea is to offer the elite English consumer bespoke interior design and high-quality furniture made of valuable wood in a pure minimalist style.

The two authors focus on the design and implementation of author’s interior projects for residential and public spaces, as well as several exclusive furniture collections. Each of them tells its own story and leads to an unusual emotional world, all this – garnished with competent service, focused on the personal requirements of each client.

Interior Designer Urvission Interiors
Nick Gishin Urvission Interiors
[Nick Gishin ]

Project Manager

Together they managed to make their dream come true and in time they achieved a number of successes, so that today they can establish themselves as one of the best and most successful traders of furniture and interior solutions on the market. This is not just an interior studio, but a sophisticated philosophy for creating a perfect atmosphere. Urvission is the epitome of style, innovation and functionality. Creating recognizable interior solutions over the years of hard work we offer something truly unique for each client. And the many international projects have strengthened the solid foundation, imbued with the desire to create art.

Our driving force is the passion for design and its perfect execution. For more than 15 years, Eliza Lazer has been applying this philosophy, creating original interior solutions. Urvission Interiors is a symbol of original design, with high style and quality. Each of our projects combines the perfect balance of harmony, functionality and colours.

The artistic team Nick and Eliza have built the trust of their clients as established professionals. Nick’s extensive experience as a manager in the hospital industry is a building block for Urvission’s success. Our portfolio consists of original housing and public projects. We have also created a boutique line of furniture that reflects our sense of style.
All this is Urvission, our boutique interior philosophy.

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