Edmark asked us to turn their newly purchased building into a stylish place to hold seminars and training, as well as to create a restaurant interior design on two of the floors and the exterior in front of the building.

The building had functioned as a hotel with a restaurant, and this gave us the advantage of using some of the premises for their intended purpose.

Since Edmark is a company dealing with healthy foods and nutritional supplements, our initial proposal was to create a restaurant interior design with natural materials, more greenery and elements from nature.

The owner’s desire was to break the cliché and bet on the contemporary style, with the idea that healthy means modern. And so our project revolved around the idea of a clean, contemporary interior in brown, beige and white.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazarova
project type:
Interior design, reconstruction and furniture.
300 sqm
5 months
March, 2017
Sofia, Bulgaria

Requirements and Goal

The goal of this restaurant interior design was the complete transformation from a hotel look to a modern place for healthy food and drinks. The design of the reception included a spacious hall with sofas and bar stools with high tables.

The area of the lobby is about 150 sq.m., with glass windows revealing a panoramic view of the street. An important moment for the project was the choice of materials. We opted for synthetic stone with light transmission and recommended large areas on the walls to add more luxury.




hall 1


hall 2


second floor

Our Proposal for Design and Details

We lined the existing columns with HPL with a rust-like finish. This extremely elegant and stylish material gave a contemporary look to the interior and contributed to the elegant look.

The lighting as well as the flooring have a clean design and create a stylish atmosphere in the overall feel.

An interesting element in the building was the tunnel leading to the backyard. The client’s desire was to maximize the space, using every available area. And so we proceeded to reconstruct and build new walls connecting the passage with the ground floor.

The resulting hall in the restaurant design project turned into a long, spacious room, which we furnished with comfortable sofas and elegant glass tables. The overall vision of the project met the client’s expectations, and we were satisfied with a job well done.



As in almost every precinct, reconstruction, pushing and building of walls became necessary here. In the planning and design of restaurant interiors, it is extremely important to emphasize the perfect concept and functional distribution. The number of seats, the positive and negative spaces, the interior and the overall feel so that the customer wants to come back again.

What Problems We Solved

We undertook the change of status of the building from a hotel to an establishment. We created a restaurant design project covering all requirements for a comfortable and modern restaurant.

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