Cozy living room interior and furniture in warm, earthy shades

We have a pleasure to present you great, cozy living room interior transformation and furnishing. A place combining day room, dining room, kitchen, home office and bedroom.

The style is a balanced symbiosis of classic elements and a modern look.

We have developed a concept with a nature feeling, relying on natural materials such as: wood, linen, cotton, wool, metal, leather and ceramics.

The color palette is an elegant combination of warm, earth tones, creating exceptional coziness and comfort.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazarova
project type:
Interior design, Renovation, Furniture
25 sqm
2 months
Modern / Traditional
February, 2024
Sofia, Bulgaria

Approved project

Requirements and Goal

The client sought us out with the desire to renovate and refurnish a part of her home. The requirements were to keep the previous layout and some furniture decorations, such as the extendable dining table and the paintings, and the goal was to refresh the rather depreciated current interior. We had to stick to a few basic elements, namely: keep the existing parquet in the living room, keep the kitchen cabinets – replacing only the doors, replace the old corner sofa with a double sleeper sofa, have an office space, create enough a place to store things, to keep the already designated area for flowers in front of the window, and a comfortable armchair and a large mirror must be present in the furniture.


living room





Our Proposal for Design and Details

As with any interior project, our design proposal was tailored to the client’s requirements, feel and budget. We had to develop an design concept combining traditional and modern styles with the presence of vintage elements. The color scheme needed to be in warm, earthy tones with accents of tile red and teal. Another of the client’s wishes was to create a focal point with decorative bricks, contributing to the overall coziness of the interior.


Cozy Living Room Interior - Option 2

Cozy Living Room Interior - Option 2

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