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Dream home or luxury penthouse interior? In this project we combined both: precisely designed furniture and a cosy atmosphere. Drifting on the crest of the wave with new design solutions and loaded with creative ideas we take you to Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth. We would like to present you one of our bespoke interior projects of a modern apartment, consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an open plan kitchen, dining room and living room.

This modern luxury penthouse interior will captivate you with the warmth of the earthy colour palette of brown, grey, white and blue. And to enhance the presence of natural materials in the interior, we complemented with accents and accessories of natural white and black marble, solid Oak, glass, rose gold and stone decoration.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Interior Design
4 month
January, 2022

Modern penthouse kitchen and dining

We would like to present you a small but extremely elegant kitchen in white. What would a penthouse interior design project be without this invariable part of family cosiness. Taking into account the architectural features of the apartment, as well as the many technical requirements of the building, we created a small but extremely stylish place for cooking.

As part of the overall concept for luxury penthouse interior, we designed white glossy cabinets with built-in appliances. The top is white Corian, which has exceptional strength and is easy to clean and maintain. An interesting decorative element is the column between the two countertops. As part of the architecture of this luxury penthouses interior, it was imperative not to remove it.

At Urvission Interiors we like to go beyond and create memorable interior concepts. In a modern penthouses floor plan must be present, both mandatory for every home and family comfortable furniture and the emphasized individuality of the interior.

We move slightly to the dining room, which we equipped with comfortable  chairs in playful blue fabric and stylish bespoke dining table for 6. And as a finish to this stylish luxury penthouse interior, we can not miss the modern chandelier complementing the elegant atmosphere.

Luxury penthouse interior living room design

The design of the open living room in our luxury penthouse interior is modern and stylish. We have planned several constructive changes in the home in order to maximize the space. So, in the previous floor plan, there was a door to one of the bedrooms on the lower floor, which we later converted into a guest room. It was right behind the current future tv wall.

We closed the existing door with brick and in its place formed a great space for elegant furniture.. The flooring in this project for luxury penthouse interior is made of grey granite, complementing the luxurious atmosphere. The TV wall consists of two parts: vertical slats with a width of 7 cm made of solid OAK and a part with 4 cabinets made of black MDF. And how to miss the great Ribbon fireplace, which reflects its playful flames in the glass staircase.

We can not miss the decoration of natural ivy grey stone, which is an essential part of the design of this luxury penthouse interior. We decorated the wall behind the sofa with natural marble, which gives style and aristocracy. Lighting …, three designer floor lamps attracting the attention of everyone who enters this luxurious living room.

Open plan penthouse apartment

Open spaces are a great interior solution, suitable for homes and people who love social contact. We furnished the living room in this luxury penthouse interior with the comfortable bespoke corner sofa with easy to clean and maintain blue fabric. After dividing the three most important areas in the living room, a space is formed between the window and the sofa, which we had to decorate with appropriate furniture or accessories.

The stylish round swing decorated this small neat corner, where everyone could stay alone and admire the beautiful view through the window. The two white MDF coffee tables complement the living room atmosphere with modern design and elegance. And as always in all our projects, we put a focal point, which in this luxury penthouse interior of the living room are the two poufs in our favourite mustard colour.

Minecraft bedroom design

The design of the children’s bedroom has always been a hot topic. When it comes to loved ones, no parent compromises. We all know the standard English spaces for the little ones, but luckily for us this is not one of them. This gave us the opportunity to unleash our imagination and create a great children’s room in our project for this luxury penthouse interior.

So, at the request of customers, our fresh idea for this cosy and at the same time functional space was born. With a few correct design tactics we managed to master the space in the most correct way. The architecture of this luxury penthouse interior includes many hollow spaces formed by the slopes of the roof.

We pay special attention to this very place under the window. We decorated it with wooden panelling made of natural wood, painted in iridescent yellow tones. The idea for the design doesn’t seem to be confusing, but pay attention to the fact that we used the characters from the game in only two elements: the paintings above the bed and the sheets.

Our many years of experience in the design and implementation of children’s rooms shows that the youngest members of the family change their preference very quickly. For this reason, we focused on a suitable colour palette related to the game and opted for furniture such as wardrobe, bed and desk in white neutral colour.

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