Modern beauty salon with bespoke furniture

Today we take you to Sofia, Bulgaria to introduce you to an elegant design of a modern beauty salon. Stylish decoration, elements of natural wood, concrete walls and flooring, elegant lighting, designer bespoke furniture. All this is intertwined in the idea of a cosy atmosphere with the favorite colour of burnt orange.

At Urvission Interiors we focus on individual style and personal touch. That is why each of our interior projects is aimed at the right place and the right people. In the heart of cosmopolitan London, this little jewel is like a separate world. A place to escape from the hectic everyday life for ladies who know what they want

. When designing a public modern interior, we take into account not only fashion trends, but also other factors such as: location, functionality and style. Modern beauty salon with a memorable atmosphere contributing to the pleasant experience of each client. We create not just interiors, but memorable spaces with character and strict individuality.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Interior Design
3 month
November, 2021

Modern beauty salon with colourful accents

The interior of the modern beauty salon of the salon is dominated by colour accents. The style is industrial and clean, with a slight modernist touch. We designed several zones and distributed the space in the most functional way. Cosy corner with elegant blue sofa and comfortable pastel pink armchairs.

Created specifically for this project, this comfortable furniture is upholstered with high quality fabric, specially selected for public spaces. The backrests are made of solid OAK in natural light beige. The carpet in this modern beauty salon grabs the attention at first sight.

The warm orange colour seems to caress the eye and elegantly invites you to relax in a cosy atmosphere. The two round glass tables placed on both sides of the sofa give lightness and elegance. The rectangular table occupies a central place in this area. It combines concrete and glass, which makes it an integral part of the interior.

Modern beauty salon design with industrial accents

When designing public spaces, we pay special attention to the materials. The modern interior combines soft and smooth lines with muted colours and contrast. There are no strict rules for combining styles and colours in interior design. It takes a lot of imagination and in-depth knowledge. And in this project on modern beauty salon we combined two styles – modern and industrial.

The floor and walls are in light grey concrete. The large windows and front door are made of ferrous metal and glass. They correspond perfectly with the elegant lighting fixtures that separate the seating area from the area with the hairdressing chairs. The feeling is of lightness and space.
The elegant custom manicure tables are placed directly in front of the windows for more light. They are made of white painted MDF with glass tops. The ceiling is painted with white matte paint. The long beams from OAK, as well as the large paintings create the feeling of a cosy home environment.

Idea, design, materials

The reception is lined with a special metal coating. The elegant, dim lighting adds completeness and style. We move slightly to the door for the back of the room, which is made of the same material and a stylish black handle. The large stand comfortably has all the cosmetic accessories.

We love paintings. They bring life and seem to tell a story. Our story about this modern beauty salon interior is a story about the modern woman. The woman who seeks and finds what she wants. It is also not just a project but an interior with a message. We believe in the energy of spaces. And art is a reflection of the world around us. The perfectly selected colours, style and large sizes of these works of contemporary art are the perfect completion of this stylish interior concept.

Made of ferrous metal and solid wood in natural colour. Open shelves provide easy access. The beams on the wall complement those on the ceiling. Solid wooden construction, on which we mounted inscriptions with a menu for the services in the beauty salon. This part of the interior is decorated with discreet  lighting that creeps between the wooden beams on the wall. Modern beauty salon interior combines the energy of light intertwined in a stylish colour palette.

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