Modern beauty salon with bespoke furniture

Today we take you to Sofia, Bulgaria to introduce you an elegant design of a modern beauty salon. Stylish decoration, elements of natural wood, concrete walls and flooring, elegant lighting, designer bespoke furniture. All this is intertwined in the idea of a cosy atmosphere with the favorite colour of burnt orange.

At Urvission Interiors we focus on individual style and personal touch. That is why each of our interior projects is aimed at the right place and the right people. In the heart of cosmopolitan London, this little jewel is like a separate world. A place to escape from the hectic everyday life for ladies who know what they want.

When designing a public modern interior, we take into account not only fashion trends, but also other factors such as: location, functionality and style. Modern beauty salon with a memorable atmosphere contributing to the pleasant experience of each client. We create not just interiors, but memorable spaces with character and strict individuality.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazarova
project type:
Interior Design, Renovation, Furniture
150 m2
5 month
November, 2021
Sofia, Bulgaria

Requirements and Goal

The client’s requirements were to transform the space by giving it a new and modern look with fresh colors and a designer touch. Our task was to highlight the interior by giving it an individual touch and a memorable design.




Floor 1


Floor 2



Our Proposal for Design and Details

Our proposal was to accentuate the different areas with bright colors and designer furniture, thinking about every detail. When designing a business object, and in this case the interior design of a beauty salon, we always consider every centimeter in order to improve the space and maximize the comfort of visitors. Convenient layout and the right colors are of utmost importance for comfort, both for employees and customers.


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