Modern small apartment design

We present you a stylish design idea for а small apartment. Modern interior and decoration, achievable for any home on a budget. Cosiness in white, dark grey and natural wooden elements create life in any room. Essential fabrics and bespoke furniture with their non-standard shapes are immersed in the cosiness of neutral tones.

With this project for the design of a small apartment, we proved once again that in Urvission Interiors everything is possible. Inspired by the best interior design ideas, we turn every dream into reality. You do not need large investments to live in a modern home.

The comfortable and stylish atmosphere is achieved with the ability to combine colours and materials, and knowledge and experience are proof of a perfectly completed project. Taking into account the architectural features of the building, we created an interior masterpiece with a minimal budget and without compromising on quality.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Interior Design
4 month
September 2018

Interior design of the living room

Sit comfortably in the L-shape dark grey sofa. The living room has an open plan to the kitchen and a breakfast bar, which also serves as a dining table. The spectacular fluffy carpet in ivy grey is a great addition to the modern interior of this small apartment.

And because every detail matters, choosing white latex for the walls takes us to dreams and fluffy clouds and blue skies. OAK natural coffee table and black metal legs are in perfect combination with the bar stools.

Lamps with a simple design, suspended from the ceiling just above the living room part complete the overall interior concept. with additional lighting and tables with metal construction and stylish geometry complement the modern look of the interior.

The wall opposite the sofa area we designed a tv unit with home cinema system. This furniture composition is made of white MDF, and the back wall is lined with decorative gypsum bricks, in white – grey.

White bespoke kitchen

The dining area is as traditional as it is non-standard. Considering the size of this small apartment, the design of the kitchen had to meet all customer requirements. Due to the lack of space for a dining table, we created a countertop playing the role of a dining table or a guest bar.

The look of natural stone brings additional luxury, while emphasizing the interior. We managed to create enough storage space and everything you need for a perfect kitchen. I pay special attention to two elements in the interior of this elegant little apartment: the white wine column, just to the bar.

A great decorative element that creates comfort and saves space at the same time. Another interesting detail is the column painted in black chalk paint in the kitchen. On it they could write down their daily tasks and wishes for delicious meals.

The flooring in this small apartment is made of high quality white laminate flooring, which complements the colour palette with its grey details.

Interior design of a children's room

Small apartment, but with great opportunities. how can we not pay special attention to the youngest member of the family. The focal point in this budget project is the children’s room and its functionality. The bed and the wardrobe are of one common construction with a complete design.

The idea was to look like one. The bed is equipped with a specially mounted retractable mechanism. In this way we provide additional space for play in this small apartment. The blue inscription on the wardrobe, of course, is thematic and extremely stylish. It just can’t go unnoticed. The floors and walls are painted in elegant beige. The combination with white furniture and blue decorations gives lightness and cosiness.

And here we have an emphasis, of course. Lamps come into this role as a key element in the children’s room of this small apartment. Made of tin water buckets, they become the design element in the room. We can not miss the desk with a comfortable chair and a small white chest of drawers, which complement the overall interior design.

Bathroom furniture

Colour contrasts creating privacy in the bathroom of this small apartment. The lack of textures gave way to turquoise grey and light grey. The floors and wall tiles have elegant patterns resembling natural stone. The elegant bespoke Wall Hung Vanity Unit fills the space next to the glass shower enclosure. Sink faucets and shower space are built-in, suitable for a small apartment.

The toilet is hung on the wall for easier cleaning and maintenance. And we can’t help but accentuate with design detail. The large mirror on the wall above the sink is a great idea for small spaces. Bright colours, mirrors and glossy surfaces. A real extravaganza of style and elegance for a small apartment.

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