Coffee shop interior

How can I decorate my coffee shop? This is one of the many questions asked by café owners. Whether the object exists and you need a new design or just looking for the best photos for your new business, you will inevitably need cool inspiration. We are pleased to present one of our projects for cosy coffee shop interior. We at Urvission Interiors love to inspire you with the best ideas for authors interior solutions.

This elegant little café is inspired by contemporary Italian style with minimalist elements and a light vintage feel. An open counter where you can get a cup of fragrant espresso or a bistro with a smile in which to eat quickly. This was the idea with which the owners of the site called us. This is a newly opened site of the European coffee company. The place is housed in a newly built building with large French windows and high ceilings. As part of a large open retail space, we had the task to separate the space and create a coffee shop interior for the brand.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Interior Design
3 month
January, 2022

Small coffee shop interior design ideas

We were inspired by the modern cafes, which offer a variety of home-made pastries, resembling a bakery. Simple coffee shop interior design, but at the same time the atmosphere is intertwined in a colour palette of earth tones. Thus, the grey colour liked by all finds its honourable place here as well.

The high walls and ceilings are lined with decorative, grey plaster resembling concrete. Sitting comfortably in the arms of the luxurious bespoke couch, you can enjoy your favourite aromatic drink. We created this project with furniture and interior resembling a home. Concept with predominant brown colour, natural materials and artistic elements.

The interesting element in this modern coffee shop interior is the floor covered with red paving. The rectangular element under the high bar table outlines the place as a focal point. The high table is in the company of 4 bar stools. The legs of the table and chairs are made of black metal, and the tops are made of solid natural wood. To add extra freshness, we decorated this corner with fresh green grass in the middle of the table.

Café oasis

Coffee shops for design lovers. Dark natural materials, such as linen, natural wood, combined with our favourite colours: orange, green, yellow, cream, beige, grey and black. Artistic lamps in various designs, hanging casually from the ceiling and hurried passers-by, create an authentic urban environment.

The wall of natural grass creates a separate corner resembling a bar. The elegant chairs are upholstered with specially selected fabrics meeting UK safety standards, creating high style and cosiness. Before we started with the realization of the interior, we had to set up a small toilet for the clients.

We built an additional wall and created a room to meet these requirements. Dark brown wood panelling is a great design solution with which we covered the structure. At the same time it serves as a decorative element merging with the interior. The boards have a special oil coating for easy maintenance.

Pleasure for the senses

Coffee shop interior, in which coffee plays not only a supporting role – but also an incomparable experience for the senses. This location is for connoisseurs. Here the interior design is dedicated to the connoisseurs of aromatic drinks and home-cooked food. An experience in which we immerse ourselves in a great rustic coffee shop interior and open our imagination to create pleasure in an extremely cosy atmosphere. Creating the interior, the emotions of the visitors passed through me.

How the intimate atmosphere immerses everything around you in the company of accent lights, comfortable furniture and the aroma of freshly roasted coffee. Set the table by the window to wait for your girlfriend to chat over a cup of cappuccino. Or stop by the bar for lunch break for your favourite freshly baked sandwich. And all this – against the background of the best coffee shop design, which seems to tell stories from the past in the language of the present.

Authentic atmosphere

And as always in Urvission Interiors, this time we did not forget to think about the smallest details. We created an interior to help the visitor feel at home. Perfectly combined modern shapes, dark brown shades of wood, earthy colours in different interpretations.

But most of all – marked by the creator of the interior. For every step of your stay in this realm of coffee, the smallest detail is thought out: from the floor to the ceiling. Even the smallest spaces are furnished with a feeling of comfort and warmth. Coffee shop interior with themed atmosphere created with a lot of love.

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