4 inspiring tiling ideas for small bathrooms. How to make your bathroom look bigger?

If you are looking for tiling ideas for small bathrooms and room feel at the same time, then this article is for you. Any of us who live in a city apartment probably experience the disadvantages of both city life and small spaces. If you have a small bathroom feel, then with our inspiring small bathroom ideas we will help you make these rooms feel larger. Also if you are looking for how much it would cost to renovate a bathroom you could read here.

But let’s get to the point. Today we will give you some valuable bathroom tile ideas for walls and floors that create the illusion for larger spaces.

Interior design and proper decoration are extremely important for your future comfort. We at Urvission Interiors strongly recommend that you avail the professional services of an interior designer. In this way, you will go smoothly through the challenge called optimizing the limited space yourself.

If you have decided to embark on this adventure yourself, we provide you with the most important elements to consider.
Besides good tiling ideas for small bathrooms, you should pay attention to any of the following furniture elements such as: vanity unit, grout lines, lighting, tiles to create more space, colours, mirrors. If you manage to match them correctly, your project will make you smile!

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Is it better to use small or large tiles in a small bathroom?

A great tiling ideas for small bathrooms, to decorate a small part, for example from floor to ceiling, using small bathroom tile in a multi-coloured palette. And this is not surprising, because such a design would significantly contribute to renewing the interior of the bathroom.

Also, with the help of patterned floor and wall tiles, you could accentuate or cover up existing surface defects. Small patterned tiles will create an extraordinary artistry and contribute to the harmonious atmosphere in your bathroom. That’s why nowadays many of our customers like artistic tiling ideas for small bathrooms.

Bespoke furniture is a great solution for small spaces. You could order bathroom furniture in a colour matching a given detail and thus create a focal point. Nowadays, small sizes and insufficient natural light make a small bathroom look like an inhospitable place in the home. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make this space a great place for you and your family.

Choose the appropriate interior style and embark on a daring design adventure. Make the most of the space through elegant tiling ideas for small bathrooms. You could choose one basic tile colour and decorate the space around the shower or sink with something fresh and colourful. These are tried-and-tested interior practices that we have been applying for years, through which your small bathroom will no longer be what it was.

What color tile makes a small bathroom look bigger?

When it comes to furnishing and decorating ideas for small bathrooms, most of you would look for practical solutions on the subject on the internet. A difficult moment, however, comes from the fact that small spaces are complicated to furnish and decorate. Remember: when you have a limited area you will have to consider the essentials first.

We will try to be helpful with some fresh ideas for your future small bathroom. The first thing to do is to choose a suitable tone for the room. For small spaces, we strongly recommend light and earth tones, such as: ivy grey, light grey, beige or white. These neutral and unobtrusive colours would go great with purple, green or deep blue, for example.

You could choose any of these shades and create an accent with some of the brighter tones. A great idea would be to decorate a bathroom wall with a hexagonal mosaic of mixed colours. In this case, you could also afford a darker tone as an accent to the light tone. For example, light grey walls, a white sink and toilet, combined with a vanity unit in Foliage colour.


Should I use dark or light tile in a small bathroom?

Light and large size tiles have the advantage of optically enlarging the room. They also give a luxurious look even to small bathrooms and toilets. The small joints do not distract the eye and do not break the wall, and the visual feeling is that the bathroom is large and spacious. So, if you are looking for tiling ideas for small bathrooms with a glossy finish, light large splash tiles are your solution. 

The unique Terrazzo style is also found among the tiles in large sizes. This non-standard design has enjoyed great popularity recently and is found in a variety of pastel and bright colors. Concrete gray, pastel green, as well as blue or purple tiles are increasingly common in interior concepts, both for small and large bathrooms. If you are fond of non-standard tiling ideas for small bathrooms, you could combine with a marble top and an elegant cabinet with a large mirror. Accent with artistic bright colours and directional lights.

Another common effect for small bathrooms is accent lighting. You could decorate with elegant mouldings or stylish lamps on the wall around the sink. The goal is to illuminate the room as much as possible and achieve the “WoW” effect. Another important factor with this type of cladding is easy and quick installation, which will result in quick completion and less labour costs. Grab one of our tiling ideas for small bathrooms and let your imagination run wild.

Metro tiling ideas for small bathrooms

In recent years, we have noticed that metro tiles are gaining great popularity in interior design. They are often preferred among lovers of industrial style, as well as for urban interiors. However, this does not mean that they must necessarily be in a monotonous white colour. Among the good tiling ideas for small bathrooms are the blue subway tiles.

Small, rectangular blue tiles are one of the most current trends in bathroom solutions. Metro style, no matter what colour it is, will bring a luxurious touch to the interior of your bathroom. If you are looking for charm and at the same time a traditional look, then blue subway tiles are your right choice. Its popularity is perhaps due to the fact that blue tiles are suitable for decors of any style, for modern, industrial or mid-century. You could choose between a matte or glossy finish for an even more glamorous look.

Bathroom mirrors are an essential part of the excellent interior of any bathroom. In addition to tiling ideas for small bathrooms, you should also think about how you would give additional volume to the room. If you think practically, then definitely include a large mirror in the list of furniture. It created the illusion of extra space and will make your small bathroom look bigger.


Walk in shower ideas for small bathrooms

It is recommended to choose a shower or a small shower cabin for your modest bathroom. If you are fond of baths and do not want to deprive yourself of this pleasure, then choose something compact.

Lighting is an important part and should not be neglected. We recommend you to rely on LED lights with day light and avoid hanging lamps that take up extra space.

Having a limited area for the wet room at home does not mean that you are not limited in the choice of style and furnishings. As you will see from the photos, with our tiling ideas for small bathrooms you can furnish your small bathroom in different styles and colour combinations. And narrow spaces can be cosily decorated and look chic.

Small bathroom décor ideas

Small bathroom tile ideas with bright accents are a great way to create a luxurious design and decoration in a space deprived of decoration space. Instead of colorful accessories, you can choose tiles in light tones or even marble or other natural stone. Combine them with a contrasting color toilet, sink, cabinet or faucet. However, be careful not to place shiny natural stone on the floor. This hides the danger of slipping when wet. You can combine natural wood furniture with white or gray tiles. Or use one of the current color schemes as an accent, and the rest of the room in a light range.

In addition tiling ideas for small bathrooms, you could add other pieces of furniture to help visually expand the room. It’s no secret that large mirrors, placed in the right place, work wonders in the interior. If you have an empty wall, you can put a mirror there instead of another covering. This will create more space. If you have decided to use tiles for walls, our advice is that they should be large in size. Rectangular tiles placed horizontally are preferred.

Small wall tiles are not suitable for small bathrooms, except as an accent, because they reduce the space due to the many joints between the tiles. Use fewer decorative elements and combine two to three colours. If you have a favorite favorite colour that you definitely want to be present in the interior of your small bathroom, use it carefully.

More ideas for the interior of a small bathroom

If your bathroom is of small dimensions, then it would not provide you with enough space to furnish in the necessary way. But if the area of your bathroom is even smaller than that of a traditional bathroom, you will need tiling ideas for small bathrooms and pre-planned design. To avoid the feeling of claustrophobia, choose all the elements down to the smallest detail. As you have probably learned, colours play a very important role in a good interior. The best options are those that create harmony and a chic feel in your small space. And more precisely: avoid dark colours for tiling ideas for small bathrooms. Use neutral or cool shades and be careful with accents.

Sleek white and timeless beige work well like tiling ideas for small bathrooms. In fact, earth and all neutral tones can be very easily combined with each other, as well as with other contrasting colours, to create design effects. This will create a great overall look for your bathroom and help you add beautiful accents such as accessories and furniture, for example. Recently, apple-green accents in the bathroom have become a total hit. In this particular case, the combination with white or light beige would go great.


One of the big problems with small bathroom design is lighting. Quite often this element of the interior is neglected. At first glance insignificant, but believe me it is very important. There are several types of lights you can use. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window to let in daylight, you need additional lighting. If you want to divide each area, for example into three, such as: shower, sink and toilet, you can easily do it with dimmed or directional lighting. Place basic lighting in your small bathroom, taking into account where the center of the room is. This is the place where there is no furniture ( not always, of course ). From there you can symmetrically distribute several medium intensity LED lamps.

You can also choose between cold light and soft daylight and thus emphasize your tiling ideas for small bathrooms. An excellent option for soft light is hidden lighting for the bathroom mirror. You can choose between a mirror with built-in lighting or a hanging cabinet with discreet lighting. This is a great way to avoid unpleasant strong specular reflections.

Another innovative way to make your small bathroom design modern and cozy is to install a skylight. It is a large light fixture that is built into the ceiling and provides enough light to illuminate a given area. It is most often used in the shower area and even as main lighting in small spaces such as toilets. Another important point is to determine the style of your small bathroom.

If you prefer a vintage style, for example, the built-in lighting will not be muted. You can choose suitable wall lamps to match the interior. We advise owners of small bathrooms to choose a contemporary, modern or minimalist style. All three designs have clean lines, creating visual space. Be bold in the interior tiling ideas for small bathrooms and decorate with a smile!

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