Where to buy a high quality turquoise armchair in London 2022

There are several secrets in choosing the right furniture when decorating the living room in your home. And no doubt each of us has faced this difficult task more than once. Choosing a designer handmade armchair or accent chair can be the key element in creating the interior. Think! Isn’t your living room one of the most important spaces in your home? This is the room where you invite your friends for a pleasant chat and where you relax after a busy day. Why don’t you and your family spend great moments in a cosy atmosphere? It is for these reasons that it is worth thinking about and putting your own imprint on this living space. Imagine a gorgeous velvet armchair in the current turquoise colour. Are you looking for beautiful armchair that will add a modern feel to your home? Create your own style in the interior to emphasize you and your personality. I recommend you plan the space well to create real comfort. There should be a feeling of home in your living room in which to have fun and enjoy. Our range of armchairs, love seats and cute chairs are the best choice because they are created with a lot of love and precision to detail.

The comfortable designer armchair creates a WOW effect

Create a living room comfortable for everyone. Your family and friends will appreciate it. Choosing the best quality armchair is vital in terms of relaxation and comfort. When choosing furniture for this room, think about the colours you like. Combine them with the rest of the interior, for example, sofa, curtains, carpet, decorative pillows, the colour of the walls. The options are many, just open your imagination and create your space. And because in this article we are talking about the luxury armchair, we will give it the attention it deserves. In my many years of practice, as an interior designer who has created many concepts in all styles around the world, I like to create accents. They give a deep meaning and emphasize even the most boring room. As a designer working with the client’s budget, it is extremely important for me to design the best possible vision at a reasonable price. And this is where the best quality armchair comes into play. Don’t panic! Quality does not necessarily mean expensive. Finding a balance between price and quality is an art, but it is not impossible. For this reason, we created our line of luxurious collection of designer armchairs.

Luxury blue armchair in luxury fabric bespoke with steel legs size 69/70/77cm by Urvission Interiors price £749
Luxury armchair in a blue velvet fabric and steel legs size 69/70/77cm by Urvission Interiors price £749

Best value armchairs means quality, size and aesthetic appeal

Another very important factor is to consider whether you want to have a separate corner, for example for reading a book or just for a cup of aromatic tea. Nevertheless, the designer armchair is a stylish addition to any room in your home. If your living space is open to the kitchen and living room, consider how you would connect these two rooms. The easiest way is to combine style and colours. Plan and choose the most suitable furniture. We have all seen pictures of a large panoramic window, in front of which there are comfortable designer armchairs, and it is snowing outside or reveals an incredible view of the vast ocean. Oh dreams! Think about what space you have and how to make it as comfortable as possible. Start with the things that make you feel good, not what is fashionable. Of course, modern will always be in fashion, but here we are talking about you and your needs. A good start would be to start with the number of members of your family. Do you like to spend more time in front of the TV or do you prefer to sit in front of the fireplace huddled in a cosy loveseat chair? Maybe both? Do you often invite guests? There are many questions. Think about them. My practice in recent years has shown that open spaces such as kitchen and living room are increasingly desirable. If you do not have enough space, you will need to rethink your priorities. However, if you have a simple enough living room, I highly recommend that you give yourself a luxurious armchair for your beautiful room.

First things. How to plan your living area, properly?

If you are wondering how to choose luxury furniture in London, UK, you must first think about the size of the room and what furniture you want to put there. It is a good idea to create a floor plan on paper by measuring the room. Make a few empty copies without furniture and let your imagination run wild. Start with the most important, namely a sofa, coffee table, TV unit and armchair. Advance planning will help you use each chill effectively and at the same time avoid clutter mistakes. A very important point is to provide enough space between the furniture. Another important point is to choose pieces with the right sizes. If your living space is small, but you have chosen a large designer armchairs, then compromise with another piece. Similarly, if your room is large, minimalist-style furniture would look ridiculous. There are exceptions, of course. If you have a good imagination, you could combine a large corner sofa, for example, with a few small arm chairs in complementary colours.
Think about how often you use your living room. And in general, what you need when spending time at home. If you use the room only occasionally, and you spend most of it in the kitchen and dining room, you can buy cute armchairs with a height suitable for a dining table. If you are wondering where to buy designer furniture London, UK according to your size requirements you have come to the right place. During my many years of practice in the world of interior design, I have encountered many problems and I know that there is a solution to every problem. Bespoke furniture is a great solution to realize your dream project.

Modern blue velvet armchair with cosy cishion and steel legs size 69/70/77cm by Urvission Interiors price £749
Ultra stylish blue armchair in modern design and steel legs size 69/70/77cm by Urvission Interiors price £749
Who makes the best armchairs?

Let the redecoration be fun! When choosing, start with the basics – the materials. as already mentioned, the main role of luxury armchair is to be quality, comfortable and beautiful. I personally prefer furniture with wooden or metal elements. They bring a natural look to the interior and at the same time look luxurious. When you invest more in the best quality armchair you save on replacement every year. You could easily reupholster it in the current colour for the season. When you invest in quality furniture you will enjoy comfort for a long time. Another important detail is the upholstery. Choose fabrics that are resistant to pet stains and small children’s hands, which like to fall everywhere. Good quality fabrics are much more durable than cheap ones. Coordinate the armchair well with the rest of your interior. Every piece in your living room should look good together. Otherwise, your space will look unfriendly and therefore will not be a favourable atmosphere for entertainment. That is why it is best to follow these tips and create your own style. Buy a comfortable designer armchair that works in your space.
Enjoy our luxurious collection of designer armchairs and choose the most suitable for you!

The most desired styles in luxury armchairs in London, UK

We have already mentioned how important it is to define your style. But if you are still hesitant, I will direct you to the most popular styles in furniture and interior design in the UK.

Mid-century modern: This style is at the forefront when it comes to magnetic London. If you choose it, you can capture the geometric shapes with saturated colours. Even put armchairs with different styles in one room.

Modern: Contemporary radiance and elegance. The main colours are neutral, such as beige, white and cream in combination with blue and grey. This style relies on symmetry and smooth lines. You could combine an armchair in a turquoise plush  with a light grey sofa.

Industrial: Although suitable for larger spaces, this style could be adapted for small homes. If you like natural wood and metal, you could furnish your home in this style. Our luxurious collection of designer armchairs are designed to meet your requirements.

Luxury blue velvet armchair in modern design with steel legs size 69/70/77cm by Urvission Interiors price £749
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