At Urvission Interiors we offer bespoke furniture design and individual interior solutions that express your essence. That’s why we offer furniture designed for the right place and the right needs, looking exactly the way you want it. The advantages are many, and one of the main ones is that you can fill different spaces in the right way, stylishly and practically. Our designer furniture is used in various interior spaces, such as: kitchens, changing rooms, closets and wardrobes, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, offices, restaurants, hotels and much more.



A huge advantage of bespoke furniture design is that we make our furniture from different high quality materials, which allows you to find the right balance between price and quality. Designer furniture with characteristic style and high quality will contribute to your stylish atmosphere and comfortable life.

As specialists with many years of experience in designing and furnishing various interior spaces, we know that your individuality is extremely important. We are furniture makers who love challenging non-standard ideas.

Our bespoke furniture design service will create an exceptional atmosphere and impression at first sight. We know how different each of us is, having our own unique style. This is the case with furniture. They can transform any room beyond recognition. That’s why we stick to personal style.

We love innovative and creative ideas. For us, they are the driving force that every designer should have. With our modelling services and bespoke furniture design we will emphasize your essence.

Our services for bespoke furniture design cover the entire stage from design to furnishing of interiors of all kinds. All furniture is made according to an individual project according to your requirements. We work with a variety of high quality materials that meet even the most demanding requirements.



Each of our clients is different and has its own requirements. When creating bespoke furniture design, we strictly adhere to several guidelines – location, purpose, style and functionality. A very important point is how a piece of furniture can affect and leave a lasting impression.

The secret is in the details. And how a seemingly custom-made furniture, but with an interesting detail can arouse interest. Here comes the moment of years of professional experience, in which, passing through the various stages, we became acquainted with the variety of materials and their purpose.

Our bespoke furniture design projects are individual because each of you is different and deserves something unique. Each bespoke pieces are unique designs designed specifically for the specific project to suit your needs.

Your home, workplace, favourite restaurant will shine with a different light. Of course comfort, functionality and the latest trends. Taking this into account, this set of key factors is the cornerstone of custom furniture design.

If you dream of a unique atmosphere in your interior, choose an individual project. We will bring elegance and style to your home. With our bespoke furniture design service you will enjoy cosiness, functionality and design in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway or wardrobe.

It is a common practice to use custom furniture in our projects. Living areas with non-standard dimensions and many folds are spaces that require special attention and detailed design. Our bespoke furniture design service is designed specifically for this type of interior and beyond. Custom furniture gives you freedom of choice and a huge choice of materials, colours and textures. Give yourself the luxury you deserve!

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