7 smart ways to find out how much a new bathroom cost. It's all in the details!

How much does a new bathroom cost?

The answer to the question of how much a new bathroom cost almost always begins with the phrase “It depends…” And in most cases there are not one or two answers, but a whole set of elements and details that will affect both the price and your final decision.

Average cost of a bathroom installed somewhat depending on the size, but not always. If the size of your bathroom does not allow you to have both a bathtub and a shower cabin at the same time, then expect to pay less for equipment. Cost of installing the various elements and accessories, such as bathroom tiles for example, would significantly affect how much a new bathroom costs.

Many of these details can guide you in making the right decision, as your bathroom design requirements and whether your goal is saving money would influence your final decision.

So let’s get back to size and actual bathroom installation costs. For example: A 10 square meter bathroom does not necessarily cost twice as much as a 5 square meter bathroom. It is assumed that as soon as you are about to renovate this secluded space, the first question you should ask yourself is “Luxury bathroom…. or Budget performance”?

The difference in prices of the different elements vary depending on the type and quality. Because and both bathrooms usually have the basic fixtures, such as a toilet, sink and shower, it’s up to you what quality and design you go for. Keep in mind that even an expensive bathtub would fit in a small bathroom.

Here I will give some examples of prices for fitting a new bathroom, which at Urvission Interiors we consider average. New bathroom costs for an average sized room which includes plumbing work, electrical work, wall hung, vanity unit, toilet bowl, shower, tiling and bathrooms fitters would cost you between £6,500 and £8,000. But keep in mind that this is a rough calculation and can vary greatly depending on your requirements and preferences.

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What are the new trends in bathroom design?

If you want your bathroom to be stylish, with a clean design and at the same time resemble a mini spa, then the latest trends in the design of these spaces give you exactly that. Interior design trends for 2022 will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in luxury and opulence.

And here comes the time to meet new bathroom cost and the latest interior trends and find out what a luxury bathroom is. Marble is back in full glory and this year, luxurious stone slabs will prove to be extremely desirable, not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. If you want to add a luxurious atmosphere and an elegant finish, then classic white or black marble with gold threads will add a contemporary finish to your interior.

You could use it for both walls and floors. A detail that we should mention, however, is that besides being worth the investment, this material is in the high price range and can significantly increase your new bathroom cost. A budget option for such a design would be if you choose ceramic tiles with a marble pattern. They will give you the feeling of real marble, but will cost you significantly less and will be easier to clean and maintain.

Here are some main highlights that you could stick to if you are looking for a modern interior design for your bathroom: 1. Minimalist style, optimized spaces and maximum functionality. 2. Be bold in your decisions when choosing furniture, equipment and accessories. 3. Strive for a natural look and closeness to nature. Use wood and stone.

Small bathroom design ideas

If your bathroom is small and non-functional and you want to turn it into a comfortable corner of your home, we have good news for you – it is possible and it may not be that high new bathroom cost.

You can read how to create a small bathroom design here.

Optimize the space. The first step is to remove all unnecessary items and accessories from your bathroom. This way you will have enough space for everything you need. Then choose a vanity unit for storage, in which you can put the most important things, such as cosmetics, etc. It is important to note that creams, lotions, perfumes and many other products for your daily care can easily be damaged by the moisture in the bathroom. If you follow these simple steps, you will avoid the unorganized look and the eternal house in your bathroom.

Whether it is small in size or large in area, the bathroom must have sufficient area for bathing. New bathroom cost could combine functionality and style at a reasonable price. You could opt for a power shower and bath in one or forgo one for space. Decide what is more important to you. In this way, the small bathroom will look practical and with enough space for everyone.

A feeling of spaciousness through the right lighting. In an ideal interior, it would be good to have a natural light source, such as a window, for example. But that’s not always the case. New bathroom cost will increase a lot if you install daylight lighting. You could choose both modern, classic and even retro style lighting fixtures. Shiny surfaces and mirrors are extremely suitable for small bathrooms. In this way, you will visually increase the space and get a catchy effect through the reflected light.

Best master bathroom designs

In most standard homes, bathrooms are small and with insufficient space for the necessary furniture and equipment. However, if you are one of those lucky ones and are the proud owner of a home with large spaces, then you should learn about the basic laws of designing a large bathroom. So, you are in search of the perfect design and new bathroom cost, and in the following lines we will touch on all the necessary details.

The large bathroom is a wonderful space for a home spa, for example. However, at the same time, it is necessary to think carefully about the space in order to make it functional and cosy. All this requires good planning and a reasonable new bathroom cost. You could start by thinking about the different areas to pay special attention to. These are: sink, toilet, bathtub, shower and cosmetics area. At Urvission Interiors, we love creating artistic spaces and memorable interiors. A great example of an open bathroom can be seen here.

So let’s get down to the technical part. Good ventilation is extremely important. Since the bathroom has high humidity, it must be well ventilated. This will prevent future problems from mold and damage to furniture and surfaces.

A great way to create warmth and cosiness is to install underfloor heating, but keep in mind that this would affect the new bathroom cost. This type of heating will contribute to the proper circulation of air in the room and you will distribute heat and a dry floor.

To enjoy excellent design in your large bathroom, think about functionality and the harmonious combination of style, colours and materials. Pay special attention to the lighting and its correct positioning. In order not to miss some important elements and stages, we strongly recommend using the services of an interior designer. In this way, your new bathroom cost will be controlled and you will avoid unnecessary spending of money and time.

How long should it take to replace a bathroom?

Bathroom renovation can be an exciting and at the same time expensive undertaking that should be approached carefully. When we talk about major repairs and new bathroom costs, the responsibilities are not limited to the choice of sink, shower and tiles. Careful and precise planning is required, apart from the interior design and the technical part.

Keep in mind that the complete renovation of an old bathroom takes much longer than furnishing a bathroom in a new home.

The first and most important thing is to create a project. Many people miss this first and very important point. If you start with this, you will know in advance, apart from the new bathroom cost, and the time the whole process will take. It is difficult to determine the exact time for repairs, but as specialists we can say that the better organization you have, the faster you will finish. This is why it is important to have a project to follow.

In addition to the construction of plumbing and electrical installation, it is important to choose the right furniture and accessories. This would affect the new bathroom cost. Keep in mind that if you decide on bespoke furniture, it would take a lot of time to realize the project.

Carefully adjust the furniture to the dimensions of the room. Most large manufacturers offer low and high price ranges of bathroom furniture that combine designer series including, sinks, cabinets, toilets, etc. Mirrors are also part of the overall interior and are often combined with colourful frames or various ornaments.

Generally speaking, the two most important factors for the renovation of a bathroom are the new bathroom cost and the deadline. It all depends on you and your requirements. Our advice is to start with the search for builders first and consider the time you have available to consider whether to buy ready-made products or custom-made ones.

What is the cheapest way to renovate a bathroom?

We all know that bathroom renovation is associated with a large financial expense and time. However, this is not always the case. The new bathroom cost could be relatively low if you make light cosmetic changes to freshen up the interior. There are several proven ways that will help you cope with significantly less funds. You can start by decorating and replacing some basic elements, like the sink and the cabinet, for example. In specialized stores you will find many offers at low prices. The simplest saving ideas are described below. See what the cost of renovating a small bathroom is.

Do not change the location of the fittings unless necessary. Changing the position of the sink, shower or bathtub requires changing the water installation, and hence the new bathroom cost. In many cases, this will be more expensive and take longer. You will also need to replace the tiles, which means a major repair, not a partial repair. Therefore, consider whether it is necessary to change the position of the existing furniture. If you decide to leave the fittings and accessories in their old place, then look for bargains and replace them.

Furnish your bathroom with modern accessories. Even a small addition or change would make a big difference to the interior. Basic accessories will not be too expensive and will emphasize the style and character of the room. You could place a stylish mirror with an interesting ornament, which will become a focal point and will not go unnoticed. Decorative hangers, a hanging lamp or a stylish rug, for example, would create an incredible cosiness. Even the few changes made with style would enliven and emphasize the character of your old bathroom.

Can you fit a bathroom yourself?

Without a doubt, the bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms to renovate in the home. The new bathroom cost can significantly strain your budget. If you feel confident and have the necessary knowledge, you could tackle this task yourself. If you fully trust specialists to renovate your bathroom, know that you will need to hire at least three: for plumbing, electricity and tiling.

You could handle placing some accessories and painting the ceiling yourself, for example. All depends on you.

Generally speaking, if you feel confident and have enough free time, the new bathroom cost would cost you significantly less, and you will feel proud of your effort.

If the renovation involves minor decorative changes, you could do it yourself. An interesting solution is to stick the studded tiles on top of the existing ones, for example. This will save you a lot of time and money.

If you’re still debating whether to go it alone or seek partial help, you could help yourself by making a preliminary plan. It can include: the things you can do yourself and those you can’t, the equipment you want to replace, the time and funds you have available.

Story of the bathroom

The bath and bathing in Antiquity

The Egyptians are known for their hygiene habits and for creating a variety of cosmetics. They bathed relatively frequently, used a variety of cosmetic products for hygiene, and used a wide range of cosmetic products to maintain cleanliness and beautify.

The first soap was invented in Babylon 2000 BC.

The ancient Greeks were also famous for their concern for health and personal hygiene. They have paid special attention to healthy eating, exercise and high hygiene. They are the discoverers of today’s modern shower. Most Greeks washed in a stone or marble bowl placed on a pedestal, called a Luterion, and the wealthier among them had their own bath.

One of the most important buildings in any large ancient Roman city were the public baths and toilets. In those times, going to the bath was considered not only a time for relaxation and personal hygiene, but also a place for social contacts. The Roman baths consisted of a frigidarium – a cold room, a tepidarium – a warm room and a caldarium – a hot room. The bath usually ended with a dip in a pool of cool water.

The bathroom in the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, these rooms gained exceptional popularity, which did not require a new bathroom cost for home owners. In the majority of cities there were public baths, where those who wished could bathe and relax against payment of a certain fee. In the northern parts of Europe, saunas were extremely popular, where wealthier people had the opportunity to relax.

In the 14th century, King Edward III ordered a bath to be installed in the Palace of Westminster, and commoners bathed in wooden tubs in their bedrooms.

Many of the people produced their own soap, which was needed for daily household needs. At that time, no one would have guessed that nowadays we will be talking about new bathroom cost. To maintain hygiene and good appearance in the Middle Ages, combs and tweezers were used, and oral hygiene was taken care of with toothpicks and mouthwash made from various herbs.

In the monasteries, they procured clean water with the help of specially adapted vessels from springs. The dirty water was mainly used to clean the toilets located in separate rooms. Monks had a laver – a place where they washed their hands before eating.

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