[ We will point out some of the main key elements of minimalist interior design ]



The minimalist interior is defined by open and light spaces, which are the foundations of this style. The use of clean modern details and empty spaces gives the minimalist design peace of mind and interesting appeal.

The rooms in the minimalist design are spacious, there are no unnecessary ornaments and they have an artistic taste. The design consists of only the necessary items, so the room looks airy and breathable. The abundance of natural light creates a feeling of warm and cosy, not so empty and sterile space.

Minimalist kitchen and dinning room by Urvission Interiors


Good minimalist design can be achieved with a good strategy. It will help you create simplicity in materials, materials and details. Minimalism is associated with the choice of order, calm, intention and clarity. We do not live worse by focusing on a few basic elements, but rather paying attention to the color, texture and shape of things and spaces.


When creating a minimalist interior, bright and bold colours are usually avoided at the expense of neutral colours such as white, beige and shades of grey. These monochromatic colour schemes are preferred.

Designer 2 seat sofa in a light grey fabric with elegant black steel legs in size 140/70cm by Urvission Interiors price £1390

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