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What is your interior design style? Find out which are the 10 most popular styles and choose yours

On this page you will find useful information on how to determine your interior design style. You will learn how to recognize, distinguish, apply, and why not combine different styles in interior design. You will understand all the details and trends, which will help you make the right choice when determining your style and colours.

If you are about to renovate your home or business it is good to recognize the different interior styles so you know how you can apply them. Renovating and furnishing can be quite a challenge if you lack knowledge of the basic elements and characteristics of the style you have chosen.

There are many styles in interior design. Overlapping and complementing each other. Here we will look at the main 9, trying to describe in detail all the features and peculiarities to help you create your dream interior that you will enjoy for a long time!

A Quick Guide: An easy way to choose and implement your interior design style.

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Forget about minimalism! The traditional interior style is one of the most popular styles in interior design. Often used nowadays, as a mix of various styles. The characteristic of this interior design style is that it does not follow a certain course or period of time. Inspired by life in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, this style combines a rich history with a modern twist.

This unique mix of styles makes it so desirable among lovers of elegant and comfortable interiors. In fact, this ever-modern interior style would suit any design lover with history. The hallmarks here are: precious antiques, curved lines, massive furniture, classic art, as well as handcrafted details.

This interior style will also impress you with expensive fabrics such as velvet, silk and leather, with which you can decorate sofas, armchairs, curtains, decorative pillows and more. A variety of patterns such as flowers, stripes and checks in shades of red, blue, brown are one of the most common combinations when decorating interiors in this style.

A great embodiment of strong presence and elegance in one, through which you could create an exceptional interior in the home, office or hotel that will always be in fashion.

If you want to add some extra sparkle, you could do so by adding an elegant crystal chandelier in the centre of the room. If you like the traditional style but find it too heavy, then the breeze from the other side of Europe has done a good job by mixing the sophisticated style in the furniture with neutral colour tones like, light grey, white and beige. Find more Traditional style inspiration here.

This style is suitable for you if you like natural materials and large comfortable furniture. If you love antiques and furniture with a rich history.

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The modern style in the interior dates back to the end of the 19th century, quickly and continuously entering not only literature and art, but also in the field of architecture and interior design of homes. There are some significant differences between modern and contemporary styles.

Modern style refers to a specific period of time, and this period is called a Trend. Something that is fashionable at the moment or for a certain season. The combination of Scandinavian, mid-century modern and post-modern design is the reason why this style never goes out of style.

The modern style is ideal for decorating spacious city apartments, for example. Characteristic features of this interior design style are clean, elegant lines, as well as various visible materials, such as natural marble, metal, and glass. Furniture in neutral colors combined with bold color accents and abstract elegance.

This style is suitable for you if you like new technologies, cosmopolitan cities, new trends and everything that is fashionable today and now.

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The contemporary style in interior design is defined by its simplicity, subtle sophistication, clean lines, neutral colors and furniture without ornaments, adapted to “show off” the interior space and maximize the feeling of openness. For this style, the rule “Less is more!” 100% applied.

Among all styles, this interior design style continues to evolve and will likely continue to change over time. Contemporary style differs from fashion in that it borrows different elements from different periods over time, mixing everything so well that it creates the feeling of lightness and spaciousness.

Undoubtedly, such a layout would be suitable for open spaces with high ceilings and large windows. Contemporary interior design is elegant and unobtrusive, with straight lines and neutral colors. The color palette is mainly in the grey range, which is most often combined with glass, exotic wood and wall style. When furnishing kitchens, for example, you will find glossy surfaces, kitchen cabinets without handles in combination with a synthetic stone worktop. Simple, clean, brilliant!

This style is for you if you like neutral, unobtrusive spaces.

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Minimalism is an interior design that is defined by strictness and conciseness in the decoration. It is mainly achieved through the use of functional furniture, objects and forms. The color palette is simple, often consisting of no more than two primary colors. Minimalist interiors are usually clean and compact and have a distinctive geometric shape.

You can often confuse minimalist with contemporary style, due to the simplicity of shapes and neutral colors. There is one small but significant difference that distinguishes the minimalist interior design style, and that is that it is influenced by Japanese culture, which professes the principle: The less, the more.

The interesting thing here is that you could use wood or stone with a pronounced pattern as an accent. Functionality is the most important element, as well as hidden cabinets, drawers and coffee tables, for example.

This style is suitable for you if you like tidy spaces, without unnecessary accessories and decorations.

Your minimalistic interior design style Urvission Interiors

Furnishing your home in an industrial style takes a great deal of courage. Unlike all other styles, here everything should be on display. This interior design style looks unfinished, raw and perhaps messy.

Here, structural elements such as walls, columns, fasteners and even air ducts become exhibits, the main purpose of which is to create a feeling of an unfinished, but still cosy and comfortable interior.

This style was born in the 1990s in New York, and probably its purpose was to transform old industrial premises and warehouses into cosy places for work and living.

These days, this interior design style is increasingly preferred among owners of attic homes, with high ceilings and multiple attics, as well as for offices and restaurants. Find more Industrial style inspiration here.

This style is suitable for you if you are a creative person with a rich imagination and an artistic soul.

[ About the Style ]

What makes a mid-century modern character or a mid-century stylish character so relevant today. Origins of Mid-Century Modern? The period referred to as the mid-20th century is basically an annual period from immediately after World War II to the late 1960s. During this time, the North American economy boomed and flourished.

During this period, households grew significantly and home purchases increased. This period is like awakening and the thirst for something new, colourful and different. Mid-century modern became a symbol of the time before and after the war. Key elements are more windows, more space for family gatherings, as well as a more functional design.

The advancement of technology during this period also left its mark on this newly created interior design style. Households are equipping their homes with new technologies, materials and textures.

The colour palette is colourful, bright and full of life. The shapes are geometric and strict. Find more Mid-century modern style inspiration here.

This style is for you if you love geometric shapes, bright colors and a variety of materials.

Your Scandinavian interior design style Urvission Interiors

Modern and practical with predominant elements of natural wood, this interior design style will win you over if you are a lover of comfort and harmony.

“More beautiful things for everyday life,” is the slogan of the famous and so preferred Scandinavian style. We can define it as universal and at the same time unique due to the specific elements and combination of neutral tones with bright color accents.

If you are looking for lightness, casualness and elegance in the interior, the Scandinavian style may turn out to be your favorite.

Was the reason for the creation of this style was the search for practicality, undoubtedly?! A great combination of bright, summery colors and natural materials makes this style so popular all over the world.

This style is suitable for you if you define yourself as an unpretentious but practical person with a modern mindset.


The Bohemian style, or also called “Boho Chic”, was born in the last century in France. Over time, it gained popularity, not only in interior design, but also on the catwalk. Influenced by the hippie and bohemian cultures of the time, the bohemian style acquired a modern sound and became a real hit these days.

Straddling both extremes, from the stupidly romantic to the extremely daring, it approaches punk culture in an extremely elegant way.
Also called the “Adventurer’s Style”, this romantic style collects bits and pieces from different cultures and enters your home, promising romance and an explosion of color.

If you’re a lover of bright colors and a mix of styles, then you’re a brave lover of organized clutter! Born from the student life, of the young people at that time, who changed residences too often, taking with them something from the old residence, we can call this interior design style “On the edge of kitsch”.

If you like this style, but it feels “Too much” you could achieve it with a certain amount of moderation and turn your home into a romantic place to live.

This style is suitable for you if you are an adventurous spirit and a lover of rich colors and shapes.

Your Shabby_chic_interior_design_stylr_Urvission_Interiors

What we know and what we don’t know about Shabby Chic style? The stories are many, but the truth is only one!

Shabby Chic originated as a brand and name of a boutique, Rachel Ashwell’s boutique, rather than an interior design style. She was born in 1959 in Cambridge, England and grew up in London in a family of a mother – a restorer of antique dolls and a father – a dealer in rare second-hand books. Antique shops and markets played a key role in the growth of future stylist Rachel. Following her parents, she gains the ability to recognize good deals and make quick decisions.

At the age of 19, Rachel Ashwell moved to the USA, pursuing her dream of becoming a stylist for TV shows and commercials. Next, marriage, two children and unfortunately, divorce. These shocking events, however, mark the beginning of a new era in her life. Left alone with her two children, she has a great desire to work, but also to be close to her children. It all starts with two simple sofa covers that Rachel easily washes in the washing machine.

Their purpose was to protect the furniture from the sticky hands and muddy feet of their children. Despite her new life in the USA, Rachel continues with her passion for antique furniture and markets. Her home is decorated in her typical style. From day to day, more and more frequent questions from friends and acquaintances:

Where did you buy these cases? Oooo.. what a great dresser, makes her think she could turn her hobby into a business. And so in August 1989, Rachel Ashwell’s first boutique opened under the name Shabby Chic, full of restored, old furniture from the second-hand market and covered with new covers made especially for them.

This style is suitable for you if you are a romantic soul, like floral motifs and natural materials.


What do you imagine when they say “English country house”?

Among many, this particular interior design style is one that has been permanently established over the past 50 years. This staying power is due to the fact that the style is not taken strictly and seriously……that is, old is good, shabby means chic and all this mixed with rough furniture and a little clutter on the bookshelf. The lighting is dim, the carpet is slightly wrinkled, and a fire is burning in the fireplace… That’s why the exact definition of the English country style is – calm and comfortable.

If you have decided to transform your interior in exactly this style, know that it can be a big challenge. Of course it’s not impossible! The authentic English country style exists thanks to the various furniture, decorations and elements collected over the years and generations. This style focuses entirely on the functionality of the interior, not on the appearance. Thus, the emotions collected over the years, overflowing in various interior elements, turn this interior design style into a true masterpiece.

This style is suitable for you if you are a lover of traditions and home comfort does not mean “tidy”.


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