Let’s start with a short story of industrial style. Industrial décor was born in the 1990s in New York, US.
This is a new wave, inspired by the vision of abandoned factories and warehouses. The industrial look is quickly moving into homes, offices and restaurants and adds a new style to the list of styles in the interior design we call industrial style today.

The idea of industrial style is to preserve the old, breathing new life into it, because everything retro is modern and should be on display. The main characteristics of the style are the achievement of a raw, specific and unfinished interior, but with a comfortable and cosy atmosphere.

Structural and architectural elements such as: columns, large windows, ventilation pipes, exposed walls, etc. become exhibits and works of art. Nowadays, it is more and more often observed that the owners of urban homes and penthouses prefer industrial home décor for the interior style of their homes.

In short: In the past, huge empty industrial spaces were rented out in poor condition for shops, restaurants and housing. The brilliant idea of designers and architects to preserve the existing vision, restoring and furnishing with the appropriate furniture and accessories, marks the beginning of the new urban trend in interior design.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to rent an old factory to turn it into a restaurant or a residence. If you like the industrial style, you need to familiarize yourself with its main characteristics and apply them correctly. Let’s see how this goes.


What are the main characteristics of industrial style?

Large spaces are one of the requirements of the industrial interior design style. To develop the full potential of the style, it is good to have at least 100 – 200 square meters. Exposed pipes, vents, exposed brick or concrete walls, large windows and high ceilings are a constant part of industrial design. You can see a good example of a coffee shop interior in industrial style here

Materials. Old wood, leather, any metal elements with traces of rust, concrete, bricks, pavement. The metal should be matte with no burrs. Stainless steel kitchens, large metal chandeliers, metal and wood furniture, raw wood open shelving, metal chairs.

The colours in the industrial style are from the neutral and natural palettes, such as: all shades of grеy, black, wood colours, orange and red.

Furniture and accessories: New, old or aged, metal and wood furniture and accessories are the finishing touch to the industrial style.

What are elements of industrial style?

The main elements of the industrial interior are accented with voluminous furniture and accessories decorated in large spacious rooms. The use of concrete floors and walls, large negative projections, visible structural elements of the architecture, unobstructed installations and large windows are the leading elements without which this style would not exist.

Combining them with natural materials, such as leather and wood, creates the feeling of cosiness and comfort. Open spaces, large howling lamps, industrial style shelving and rough carpets play an important role in contemporary industrial modern décor.

Elements of the industrial style boldly wears scratches and signs of use, which definitely suit it. They can be seen on furniture and accessories as well as on walls, floors and ceilings.

The industrial design showcases the stark aesthetic of exposed brick and concrete walls. These elements are a desirable and sought-after effect, not something to be hidden. The main focus is to bring the “flaws” into focus. Check out a great office design with elements of modern industrial style here.

Industrial_style_interior_ design_elements_Urvission_Interiors

Industrial style furniture

An interesting fact about the industrial style is that we cannot talk about a strictly specific design for the furniture. The origin of the style is to blame for this. Using the old industrial premises, each designer at that time recreated the interior in his own way. The thing that creates the style is the so-called “frame” or the old warehouses.

Looking at different photos and projects, you will notice that some use leather classic furniture, others velvet armchairs. You will find traditional, Moroccan, Indian and many other elements that will shock you.

In short: Industrial style is a framework describing the room, and the furnishing is according to your style. Let’s list the main industrial look furniture:

  • Distressed, old or new metal, iron, copper (not shiny) and wood furniture.
  • Artificial and natural leather.
  • Chairs, sofas and armchairs with elongated, thin legs.
  • Raw, rough surfaces.
  • Functional design with more negative (empty) space.
  • Shelves, metal furniture and stands, tables on wheels.
  • Large furniture or modern industrial furniture with which to divide large open spaces, such as kitchen islands, open cabinets and decorative elements. An excellent example of such an interior of an open-plan apartment can be seen here.
  • And if you want your interior to acquire an authentic industrial style, use high-quality natural materials.

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