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Our author’s bespoke interior design portfolio is a set of creative proposals for interior design of private and public spaces. Each  project is created with creativity and attention to every detail. We place a personal attitude on each client, creating your interior style. Listening to your ideas and investing our excellent knowledge, we create great concepts for the interior of your dreams. From beautiful homes, through stylish restaurants and cosy hotels, our interior projects are a dream for every connoisseur. Taking enough time to figure out exactly what you want, we create fantastic decors with beautiful colours and style. How we will be useful to you. We will prepare an individual design for your space, colour schemes, suitable furniture, fabrics, textiles, lighting and more. As a result, you will enjoy a comfortable and convenient interior for a long time. Our projects are a set of intelligent solutions, showing the whole process from idea to realization.


The bespoke interior design is the design and implementation of interior spaces tailored to the unique dimensions and specific requirements of the client. This means handcrafted pieces, bespoke furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories, enhancing spaces, etc.

Bespoke interior design is an essential part of your culture, habits and fast-paced lifestyle. At Urvission Interiors we create interior concepts that meet your needs. With this in mind, we have set ourselves the goal of providing a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of the processes, from project creation to implementation. With our extensive experience in all types of bespoke interior design, we have won great trust to ensure that your expectations are extremely met.

We create and implement luxury interior design solutions that express you and your way of life. In each project we rely on several key factors that give the interior a finish, especially: distinctive interior style, space planning and layout, your favourite colours, functionality and practicality, all kinds of furniture you have in mind, lighting and fittings, flooring, design of walls, joinery and accessories.

As a bespoke interior design studio, we know that the perfect interior is more than just a conceptual design. This is a complex service of excellent advance planning and precise work on the implementation of the project. Our goal is to achieve and guarantee an excellent end result from an idea project to the perfect realization, which will fully meet your expectations. Who does not dream of a cosy interior!

5 important steps to your incredible bespoke interior design

As a bespoke interior design company, we adhere to an individual approach and personal attitude to each client. For us, this is extremely important, because we appreciate your opinion. Let us introduce you to a few basic steps in the world of interior design solutions to find out exactly what to expect.

1. For starters, it will be good to have an idea of ​​what style and colours you like. At our first meeting it is good to have a few photos of interiors or various details that you would like to be present in the project. Together we will discuss your options, deadlines and budget.

2. Once we have taken the exact dimensions of the premises and have taken into account the architectural features, we will prepare few schematic layouts, with colours, furniture and accessories.

3. In the third stage of preparing your bespoke interior design we will discuss what you like and what you don’t. Then we will move on to the final layout with more details. Here we will emphasize your comfort and aesthetic features that you hold dear. This is one of the key moments for a successful interior project. For your convenience, all communication regarding the discussion, correction and approval of already proposed interior projects could be done by email or phone.

4. At this stage we should make a specific plan for project implementation. For this purpose, we create a schedule of stages, such as: delivery of materials, organization of subcontractors and installation. We will monitor each stage of the implementation to save you stress and unnecessary time.

5. Next is the final phase, which includes decoration and accessories. These are usually curtains, rugs, lighting fixtures, bathroom accessories and more. When all this is over and we see your smile we can open the champagne and enjoy the job well done.

Complete design experience

Your calm is important to us! That is why we will consider and discuss together all the architectural features, as well as the possibilities for maximum functionality in the premises. For optimal results, we divide your budget between two main phases – bespoke interior design and furnishing.

In this way we assess what significant changes were needed to achieve a quality project. Creating a bespoke interior design requires high professionalism and strict consistency. Here are some important steps for our perfect presentation of projects.

3D visualization is a great opportunity to show you every element in detail. We use real materials, which brings you as close as possible to reality. This gives us the opportunity to present our hard work in a realistic visualization and provide you with a real experience in the world of interior design.

Our bespoke interior design concept is designed to help you live in a healthy, comfortable and memorable atmosphere. That’s why we offer turnkey interior solutions with specially selected bespoke furniture that meets your requirements for size, colour and upholstery.

This gives us the freedom to design furniture that will be tailored to your needs and functionality. We use a variety of high quality materials and fittings from leading manufacturers in accordance with the budget set by you.

With the sofas, beds, armchairs, dining chairs, ottoman beds and benches we offer you will create a unique bespoke interior design that you will enjoy for a long time.

All furniture can be ordered, delivered and installed by us for complete interior projects, as well as for individual rooms. They can also be produced in the desired size in different colors, fabrics and leather.

Each of our items will be selected with great attention to detail and high quality materials. To meet your every requirement and provide the comfort you need.

Whether we are working on a residential or public interior, we always treat every project in a superb way and do our best to achieve an interesting interior design with a guaranteed lasting impression. For us, work is a pleasure and we invest all our positive energy in creating and furnishing your homes or businesses.

Accepting interior design as art, our design concepts are like paintings that we give life to. And each painting has a distinctive personality that represents the people for whom it was created. Unleash your imagination, boldly add colour to it and turn a project into a work of art.

A project for your dream house, your new office or hotel? Your favourite colours intertwined in ethereal fabrics and elegant lighting. This is just part of your dream and we are here to make it come true. Years of professional experience have taught us to skilfully apply different interior styles and combine colours in a way that distinguishes us. We assure you that we will provide you with an exclusive bespoke interior design for exceptional people.


With our bespoke interior design projects you will get absolute pleasure and live much easier.


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Fantastic décor for lovely moments

If this is your home, we take seriously the creation of a comfortable and cosy atmosphere. Where you can come back from a busy day, sit back and relax or invite friends. It is important for us that you feel comfortable at home!

If it is a workplace, it should provide you with maximum comfort, while being friendly to customers and conducive to guests. It is a space that encourages creativity and takes your mind away from the routine of everyday life – it raises it high and allows your imagination to flourish. We create comfortable interiors that make your business recognizable!

In a bespoke interior design, customer satisfaction is a key keyword. We emphasize large spaces, combined with fresh colours and furniture that give a sense of order and luxurious comfort to people. At the same time, we emphasize the individual style and message of the brand.

When we design each project, we do our best to meet every aspect of your needs. Here we let our imagination run wild and we can come up with our boldest ideas. Whether you are decorating or renovating a restaurant, office, shop, spa or hotel, we will offer you the best bespoke interior design solutions that will impress your customers with comfort and sophisticated style.

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