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Founder / Head Interior Designer

In 2008, Eliza Lazarova founded the own company with a lot of desire and hard work to realize her long-standing dream of creating beautiful spaces, helping people to live practically and comfortably.

Over time, Eliza’s professionalism and hard work provided her with the unique opportunity to work on projects in Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.

Love and passion for design from early childhood.

From an early age, I felt an unquenchable need to repaint and decorate the home I lived in with my parents. I was constantly rearranging the furniture in my room with the desire to make it more cozy and beautiful. I bought different curtains and combined them with the bedspread, as well as with different decorative pillows and accessories.

I loved going to different interesting places for unusual furniture and decorations in search of the next treasure. Also, like any little girl, I had high demands on the clothes I wore and often caused problems for my mother, who often called me pretentious and stubborn.

But this clearly had its reason. Entrepreneurial skills have been born in me, as well as my desire to achieve my goals with persistence and hard work. After the first years at school, I started to draw and attend various art courses. After completing my secondary education with a diploma in management and economics, I entered the next stage of my life.

I was already faced with the big question – what do I want to do from here on? And the answer was only one – I want to be an Interior Designer. I began to dream that one day I would have my own studio and create beautiful spaces for people. I started my studies in Interior Design in college and at the same time attended various courses related to studying professional design and design software. It followed after a diploma qualification at VIAS with a specialty in interior design. I was now ready and confident to venture into the magical world of interior design.

[ Eliza Lazarova ]

How did my creative journey begin?

One day in 2002, on her way home from work, my mother met her friend who worked at a bathroom design and furnishing company. After a short conversation on topics of life, the woman shares that the company where employees work. I went for an interview and after a successful start of my journey in the beautiful world of interior design.

I got into a team of architects and designers, being able to see how something happens in practice by professionals. For me, it is a real gift of fate, touching this magic only at the age of 21. Working with different clients and their requirements gives me a great start in my career. It was easy to combined education and work.

Three years later in the construction boom in Bulgaria, I received an offer from a large construction company to head their design, subcontracting and supervision department.

The company’s activity consists of the construction and sale of apartments, houses and hotels in Sofia, Bansko and the Black Sea. My job consisted of managing the entire process from this project to the furnishing. The company’s portfolio includes luxury, vacation and townhouses and apartments, hotels and golf clubs.

After a few years, the best thing for a woman happened, namely the birth of my son. Decided to keep the pace a bit and accept an offer from a luxury custom furniture company.

A year later comes the next offer from Ideal Standard. With a team of architects and designers, we run an expert design program. My work consisted of participating in various seminars and forums in the field of construction, interior design and innovative high-tech solutions. We also develop interior projects, both for companies and key clients in Europe.

It wasn’t long before I realized it was time to fulfill my childhood dream and create my own interior design and project realization company. I started working on various projects, both in Bulgaria and abroad.

In 2019, my creative impulse took me to the UK, where I founded Urvission Interiors, as a beautiful continuation of everything up to this point. To date, I define myself as a person of the world, based mainly in Bulgaria with an open creative view of the world.

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