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The first and most important thing when visiting a client’s home is to assess the possibilities for functional arrangement of the furniture. The living room is one of the important rooms and I always pay a lot of attention to this part of the house. In most cases, more than one idea for a practical arrangement comes to mind. Of course, many other elements must be taken into account, such as doors, windows, fireplaces, which can limit these options. Some of the owners are insecure about how to deal with the layout of their living room and how to place their furniture. We at Urvission Interiors love challenges and easily turn even the most seemingly impossible non-functional rooms into wonderful living rooms.

Practical ideas for small and large rooms

As one of my favourite rooms for decorating, the living room is the room that determines the style of the whole apartment. If we think about it, the role of the living room is not essential. If we take, for example, the kitchen or the bathroom, without which we can not, we can even think, do we need at all? This seemingly traditional space can become the centre of your home. I love to furnish these standing sys stylish furniture, and give them a refined style. Here are some examples in which you can take advantage of the architectural features and turn your living room into your favourite place.


Small living room design

When I am challenged to decorate a small living room, I always start with a precise measurement of the room. The most important piece of furniture is the sofa. Looking from different angles of the room and taking into account the other elements, this open concept of a small living room creates a real cosiness. The two grey sofas are positioned against the large window, which provides a great view. The magnificent small space has been turned into a wonderful open living room. Each corner is used in the most functional way and recreating a visual separation of the kitchen and dining room. The colours are natural and the materials are great to the touch.

Large living room decor ideas

You will be impressed by the interior of this great living room. Your attention will be drawn to the comfortable sectional sofa. Neutral, earthy tones and stylish design intertwine in a great symbiosis. The open space and large windows give the feeling of a cosy home. The ceilings are high and are painted in the same ivory colour as the walls. The large picture on the wall behind the sofa seems to intertwine its colours with the interior of this living room. The symmetry in each piece of furniture is assessed to the smallest detail. Large spaces are at first glance easy to furnish, but they are not. Precision and experience are required. The coffee table has an oval shape and a top made of natural stone. Great combination between oval and square shapes! As well as the natural parquet, flowing smoothly into dark brown marble, turn this interior of a living room into the desired corner of the home.

Living room styles

No matter what the size of your living room, it can become a great room for relaxation and pleasant moments with family and friends. Small spaces are a challenge and you need to consider all the architectural features. Colours, style, fabrics, and light are key. Large spaces that seem easy to furnish at first glance have their own characteristics. A good interior designer would easily handle both types of rooms. You can use the most popular styles such as: modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, mid-century modern or Scandinavian. Create your designer living room to impress!

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