If you are fond of home comfort and unforgettable moments with family and friends, then the following lines are dedicated to exactly that. And what is a home without a comfortable living room or how to create an amazing living room design for you and your loved ones? So, the living room is one of the most used rooms in the home and for that it is important to pay special attention to the décor and furnishings.

There are quite a few things to think about before you get down to the nitty-gritty. Make a plan and consider every detail in advance.

So, the first important thing is to assess the space well, as – this will be the starting point for the overall interior. Space is important in creating a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment for you and your guests.

The next thing on the list is light. Think about whether there is enough natural light in the room and what additional light you can add to make your living room design amazing.

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Consider living room colour ideas. This moment is extremely important. By determining your favorite colours, you will quickly and easily find out what your interior style is. The colors will help you create a focal point in the room, which will give elegance and character to the room.

Of course there are other elements, such as furniture, curtains and accessories. In the following lines, we will take a detailed look at each element and help you create your amazing living room design that you will fall in love with.


One of the most important factors for the perfect living room design is the proper organization of the space. When we talk about proper organization it is important to determine what exactly you will use the room for.

For example, if you are a family with children and spend more time in front of the TV, then you need a large and comfortable sofa. If you are fond of house parties with many friends, then you would need more free space. If you are of both types, then you should think about an optimal solution and furnish the room with enough seating and corresponding free space.

Of course, you have to consider the dimensions of the room and weigh the pros and cons, according to your requirements. In my article The 7 elements of interior design, you will find useful information about proper organization in the interior.

Colours have an extremely strong relationship with the size of the room. It’s a cliché to say that light colours will add volume to a room and dark tones will make it smaller….. but that’s the truth and we can’t avoid that fact.

On the other hand, colours are defining for most styles in interior design, which would help you build the overall concept of your home’s look and also the budget you are willing to spend.

So, if we have to sum up the question of dimensions and creating your dream living room design, then a well-planned space with the right colours and furniture will provide you with the necessary comfort.


The perfect living room design should create comfort and mood. Since this is the most social room where we relax, talk, have fun with family and friends, it is important that it is well lit.

And here comes the time to think carefully about what kind of lighting would be most suitable for your requirements and needs. Once you have considered the size of the room and chosen the appropriate interior style and colours, it is time to think about an elegant light fixture, and why not several in different places in the living room. Choosing the right lighting will not only create an atmosphere, but also change the room, creating a mood.

As an Interior Designer, I always advise to put several different types of lighting fixtures to achieve a complete and elegant living room design. Almost all manufacturers offer diverse collections for different living room decor ideas according to interior styles and budget. The variety of models and colors is really huge, you will find both budget options and high-end designer models.

First of all, consider a pendant light fixture. It will be the main source of light and will turn your living room design into a real gem. The wall décor for living room, could be an elegant wall lamp from the same series, which could be the dim lighting for watching movies or romantic moments.


The table lamps on the table next to the sofa are a great idea if you are lovers of the modern living room and not only. They are an important part if there is a work area in your living room design. You could highlight the beautiful sofa by placing a side table on either side with a table lamp on top. This will give an extremely stylish look to the living room and create a sense of balance.

Floor lamps are a preferred detail in interior decorations, especially for living room interiors. They are usually voluminous and massive, being used more as a finishing touch than as a function.

We can’t help but mention the directional lighting or often called industrial. In recent years, this type of lighting is present both in the industrial living room design ideas and in interiors for offices, hotels and restaurants. If you like the industrial style, you can read more here.


Your living room design should impress, for that the choice of colours and textures should match your essence. The living room paint ideas will reflect on your mood and emotions, so it is good to think more deeply about this matter. And whether you want something bold or elegant, neutral or eccentric, in the following lines we will help you choose the right colour for your living room.


There are many ways to create an impressive interior at home. Furnish the living room beautifully and elegantly according to your taste. And this is where styles in interior design come to the rescue. The main feature in all styles without exception are design ideas and a harmonious combination of functionality, colours and originality.

With living room design for 2023, I would advise you to give free rein to your imagination and put your favourite items on display. If that sounds a little crazy to you, you might be right. Tidy is not in fashion this year. The idea is to choose your style and colours and show off your favorite accessories. And whether this will not form a new interior trend, I don’t know!

In general, the living room design is a collection of: harmoniously combined colours and shapes, functional areas corresponding to the overall space, high-quality and natural materials. Use all possible options and combine bright accents with neutral shades. The pastel palette is also welcome in combination with original decorative elements.

No matter what the dimensions of your living room are, it can become a great room for relaxation and pleasant moments with family and friends. Small spaces are a challenge and you need to consider all the architectural features. Colours, style, fabrics and light are key.

Large spaces, which at first glance seem easy to furnish, have their peculiarities. A good interior designer would easily handle both types of rooms. You can use the most popular styles such as: Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist, Industrial, Mid-century modern, Scandinavian, etc. Create your living room design to impress!


Create a focal point in your living room design and create an impression at first sight. If I may not call this an accent, then it is the first thing that will stop the eyes of anyone who enters the room. Focal points are extremely suitable for simple interiors, such as a minimalist chair, for example. So from the seemingly clean vision, you can create a work of art. 

This does not have to be in the center of the room. It could be a wall, around the sofa or on the ceiling. The important thing is that the decor corresponds with the rest of the elements.

There are many ways to create a focal point or accent. You can achieve this by using colour, striking furniture, artwork or highlighting an architectural element. Check out one of my industrial style projects with a focal point of colour and decorative elements here.

As I already mentioned, when creating an accent in your living room design, you can use everything, from colours to furniture and everything that seems relevant to you. But one of the easiest and most common ways to highlight an area is through a colour scheme.


One of the most common accents in living room design are accent walls painted in a rich or contrasting colour. This is a common practice among non-professional designers (meaning you). And not because it is not a good idea, but because the professional interior designer has accumulated knowledge and experience to use and combine in the best way. But let’s not get into this deep topic now.

If you are fond of neutral shades, the focal point could be ivy grey against white, in the form of decorative elements on the curtains or decorative pillows on the sofa, and why not the carpet on the floor.

If you like bright colours, you could achieve this effect by betting on a monochrome scheme.

The colour accents in your living room design will attract attention if you add them to an already existing interior, if you only wanted to refresh the décor in your living room. You could change the curtains or highlight the fireplace with a dark shade, for example. There are many ideas, you just have to open your desire.


Living room furniture photos is the first thing everyone does when looking for living room interior ideas. But how useful would that be to you? How to arrange my living room ideas and how to achieve a feeling of home? A pleasant and cozy atmosphere in the living room is important for both you and your guests. So, what furniture to choose and how to create an amazing living room design?

The first most important thing is to measure the room, taking into account all the nooks and crannies. Measure the heights, both from floor to ceiling, and around  windows and radiators. It is important to do this at the very beginning before implementing your living room furniture ideas. This way you will avoid unwanted mistakes and furniture that does not fit the space.

Take a few sheets of paper and make a living room layout in different options and distribution. Consider the various decorations, accessories and lighting, as well as their positioning. If you can’t find enough inspiration, you can browse Houzz or contact us.

Another very important point is to pay attention to the doors and more precisely to their dimensions. You don’t want to end up in front of a door with an opening that isn’t big enough, with your dream sofa waiting outside, but it can’t fit through the door. Do not neglect this moment!

If you have completed the steps above, you already have a basic idea of what your living room design would look like. Mark the places with the furniture in their exact dimensions by making models out of newspapers or cardboard. Start with the large, basic pieces of furniture, such as a sofa, armchair and future wall. This is how you will know if your cosy living room design ideas are working.

As an Interior Designer, I always advise finding the balance between functionality and beauty. Consider a place for your family gatherings, guests, relaxation area and reading books and games. The main furniture present in every living room is necessarily a comfortable sofa, coffee table, armchair, pouf or footstool, bookshelf, place for a TV or feature wall.

Choose a coffee table that has the function of a library. In you have a small living room, a coffee table with shelves for books and magazines does a great job.

Do not overload the room with unnecessary furniture. It is important not to make the living room look cluttered. Create a room decorate with functionality and style.

Improvise with the colours of the upholstery and match them with the curtains and carpet. If you do not like the ready-made offers in the stores, then my advice is to choose bespoke furniture, which will cost you a little more money, but you will be happy with the furniture you have always dreamed of. This can be a sofa made just for you, tailored to your size, upholstery and filling requirements.

More and more often, clients come to me with back pain and are looking for a sofa that meets their specific needs. If you are among them, then my article “6 steps how to choose my perfect comfy sofa” is just for you. Combine all the interior elements by color, style and size and match them with the furniture in the other rooms. It is not a good idea to mix too many different styles, like Shabby Chic for the living room, and your kitchen to be in Industrial style, for example. Consider your budget carefully and match it with the style and furniture for your living room design project.


For us, the living room is not the common room in the home, but a place for sweet conversations, lots of laughter, heated emotions. You may spend most of your budget on furniture, but it’s good to think about accessories and art. Regardless of whether you will choose a Traditional or Boho style, for example (and in these styles, decorations are a must), think about this part of your living room design in advance.

If you love plants, they will add an element of calm and bright colors to the interior. You could emphasize the design of the room without it being a dominant element.

If your living room is large and you have selected large, massive furniture, then choose plants with the right proportions so that they do not look bigger than an armchair, for example. One or two plants in beautiful pots would add more style than lots of small pieces.


If your living room is small in size, you could add volume to the room by decorating it with a large mirror in the center of the room, on the fireplace or lining a wall or column. A mirror with a beautiful handmade frame is a great accessory for a colorful interior.

Vintage or modern candlesticks are a favorite accessory for lovers of stylish interiors. They will add mystery and romance to your living room design. If you want to diversify the monochrome interior with some colorful accent, then multi-colored vases and statuettes would be the right solution.

The works of art. This very favorite part of my interior. The living room is the most appropriate place to display your paintings, so besides yourself and your guests will admire the beauty called art.

Enjoy your living room design!

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