Open plan apartment. Interior design with ivy grey décor

We are pleased to present you our author’s project of a modern open plan apartment. Perfectly balanced combination of elegant interior, bespoke furniture and pastel colour palette. In the following lines we will introduce you in detail to the whole process related to the design, renovation and furnishing of this family home, as well as how we helped the owners with solving several cases of architecture and proper use of space.

And as always, our mission at Urvission Interiors is to provide the best service for your interior, and in this open plan apartment – creative design ideas for a large open floor plan. This interior solution consists of a small kitchen, with a small dining area, but similar studio, living room, bedroom, children’s room, bathroom and toilet. Large floor to ceiling windows add a luxurious atmosphere, and stylish navy blue and ivy gray decorations create a modern layout.

Natural materials, open spaces and breath-taking views make this great apartment a dream for connoisseurs. This modern open-plan apartment design is influenced by modern style. We achieved a result with a well-structured floor plan and satisfied the client’s requirements. The main colours in the home are neutral, bathed in natural light, a sense of space and creative concept.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazarova
project type:
Interior Design, renovation and furniture.
200 m2
7 months
Contemporary / Industrial
December, 2020
Sofia, Bulgaria

Requirements and Goal

The client’s requirements were to open up the space on the first floor by uniting the living room, kitchen and dining room. The goal was to achieve a modern look with more daylight and clean lines.






living room





Our Proposal for Design and Details

The apartment was located near the central part of the capital, and the owners were a family running a large business of their own. The solution was to create a concept of clean details with a modern urban design. The proposal was to create an interior design project in mostly gray shades with elegant colored details to emphasize the charm of the interior. In this way, we recreated the modern urban environment in sync with the fast-paced urban spirit.



The challenge in this apartment interior design project turned out to be removing the wall between the living room and dining room. We had to open up the space without creating a structural hazard. We coped with the task by placing metal supports playing the role of a fastening element and at the same time they fit into the overall concept of the interior.


What Problems We Solved

The problem of removing the existing wall forming an arched opening from the dining room to the living room turned out to be a key point in the project. This problem was solved with a consultation from our old office with a construction engineer, who made a detailed analysis of the building and gave permission and a recommendation for mounting by means of metal supports.

More Information About the Project