Open plan apartment. Interior design with ivy grey décor.

We are pleased to present you our author’s project of a modern open plan apartment. Perfectly balanced combination of elegant interior, bespoke furniture and pastel colour palette. In the following lines we will introduce you in detail to the whole process related to the design, renovation and furnishing of this family home, as well as how we helped the owners with solving several cases of architecture and proper use of space.

And as always, our mission at Urvission Interiors is to provide the best service for your interior, and in this open plan apartment – creative design ideas for a large open floor plan. This interior solution consists of a small kitchen, with a small dining area, but similar studio, living room, bedroom, children’s room, bathroom and toilet. Large floor to ceiling windows add a luxurious atmosphere, and stylish navy blue and ivy gray decorations create a modern layout.

Natural materials, open spaces and breath-taking views make this great apartment a dream for connoisseurs. This modern open-plan apartment design is influenced by modern style. We achieved a result with a well-structured floor plan and satisfied the client’s requirements. The main colours in the home are neutral, bathed in natural light, a sense of space and creative concept.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Interior Design, renovation and bespoke furniture.
5 month
Modern / Industrial
December, 2020

Grey open plan living room

This corner is in the living area for solitude and relaxation. Every lover of the luxury experience in a stylish home atmosphere will appreciate this space. Everyone knows that the focal point in the living room is the sofa. And most of all to make it convenient and comfortable.

In this interior design of an open plan apartment, we chose on one of our industrial models of 3 seater stylish sofas, which was made to size specifically for this space. We furnished the corner with a luxury bespoke sofa and an armchair with a nice light grey fabric and a filling of high quality foam.

The shape of this designer furniture is in industrial style and gives exceptional elegance to the home. The legs of the sofa and an easy chair are made of steel, painted in black matte paint and perfectly match the base of the handmade floor lamp under the big paint in the living room of this open plan apartment.

The coffee table is made of natural white marble with light shades of grey. Its minimalist design completes the space feel. In the corner between the two sofas we placed a small wooden table made of solid Oak, on which to place magazines and books. We designed a really comfortable corner for spending free time with a cup of tea and nice music. And why not a place for relaxation and aromatic coffee, such as an escape from the recently popular home office.

We used the space on both walls to put our favourite handmade decorative plaster from Novacolor, Italy consisting of horizontal coloured stripes of grey, ivy grey and dark red. The ceiling lighting has built-in black spotlights, allowing saturated light. We have to mention the solid wood flooring, which passes smoothly to the open kitchen and dining. Its warm wood shade gives unique cosiness and perfect balance between the different areas of this open plan apartment project.

What is an open plan apartment?

Open spaces are the dream home for many families and this was one of the requirements of our clients. The room was dark and without enough daylight. I pay your special attention to the reconstruction we did in terms of lighting the living room. We installed large French windows that provided direct access to the private garden. The modern architecture of the surrounding buildings and the beautiful greenery contribute to the feeling of a cosy home.

And what could be better than coming home from a hard working day and relaxing in the warm sun in your own home! Following the overall concept of transforming this unfriendly home into a modern open plan apartment, we opted for delicate elements and ethereal fabrics. The curtains, this element of the interior that gives completeness and harmony are in a neutral grey colour of natural linen. I draw your attention to the extravagant painting that embodies the combativeness of the modern woman.

The perfect balance of colours and shapes that decorate this corner of a true work of art. We designed a worthy place under the painting with a handmade floor lamp made of grey concrete, illuminating the living room with soft light and made especially for this interior.

The same element, but with a different function has the role of a structural element separating the dining room from the living room. The white ceiling and the designer lighting contribute to the perfect balance between colours, perfectly selected furniture, decorative elements and accessories, turn this open plan apartment into a real art.

Advantages and disadvantages of an open floor plan apartment

Here comes the extremely interesting part of the project. The whole idea for an open plan living space, which in addition to a separate living room had to include direct access to the small kitchen and dining space. And here we must mention the advantages and disadvantages of this type of housing. The open plan apartment would definitely appeal to people who like to socialize and enjoy social life.

This type of open plan living area would give them the advantage of discussing interesting topics with their partner or children while preparing a family dinner on a kitchen island, for example. We all know that nowadays social contact is a leading force and an integral part of our lives. In this project for open plan living space, the desire of our clients was to create and decorate just such a space.

On the other hand, in our many years of practice we have had clients who categorically deny open living spaces. These are usually people who seek solitude and avoid noisy companies. If this is considered a disadvantage, then we can say that if you do not like the noise or smell of food, then this project is definitely not for you. And that’s exactly why we are interior designers to make your dreams come true and create interiors according to your requirements.

So, let’s talk a little more about this part of our open plan apartment project. As you can see in the photos before and after the place on the kitchen island there was a wall separating the living room from the kitchen and the dining room.

After consulting with civil engineers and a detailed analysis of the architecture of the building, we received permission to make a hole in the wall. In this place we designed a navy blue bespoke cabinet with two sides – one to the living room, the other to the kitchen.

To strengthen the structure on the side of the dining room, we placed metal supports with a concrete base, with the same design and material as the floor lamp in the living room. To further strengthen the opening and decorate the kitchen island, we used the same white marble as the coffee table.

Small space living dining

The dining room is small but compact, furnished with bespoke dining table for 4 people in solid Oak and 4 dining chairs. For both the table and the chairs, we designed a design with clean lines.

The construction of the chairs is made of white metal, painted in white, which beats the metal columns of the supporting structure. This part of the project for open plan apartment a combination of elegance and style.

No unnecessary elements and decorations. The stunning view from the large windows would captivate any connoisseur of home comfort. So, we divided the space with decorative metal columns painted with decorative plaster, resembling rust.

The dining table is rectangular in shape, like the rest of the furniture in the interior. We were looking for the feeling of aesthetics and privacy, to which the warmth of the solid wood parquet contributes. We pay attention to the island in the kitchen.

There we designed a built-in oven and hood, which found its rightful place in the shaped hole. A small but extremely compact space, which our customers appreciated and which met all their requirements.

Small island navy blue modern kitchen

Now it’s time to pay attention to the kitchen in this open plan apartment. as you can see in the photos before and after, the transformation is huge. In order to make the new design, the refrigerator was positioned in the kitchen wall and made it difficult to access the sink and the main kitchen cabinets. Our goal was to design a kitchen that would provide everything needed for a household.

There are several important elements in the design of kitchen spaces that everyone should consider. We will mention them quickly: The first thing to do is to find a suitable place for the most important elements, namely refrigerators, ovens, hobs, extractor hood, sink and dishwasher. There are many cases in which space is needed for washing machine and dryer.

Fortunately in this project of open plan apartment, it was not necessary, because we found a place for these gives the home appliance in the interior of the bathroom, which you will see below. With the reconstruction and the open plan we managed to gain enough space for the most important elements in the kitchen.

The kitchen countertop and back are the same white marble as the island and the coffee table. Natural stone is an extremely suitable material for kitchen solutions, for several reasons: it is fireproof, easy to clean and can be impregnated (maintained) easily. Whether you choose natural or artificial stone for your kitchen, this will definitely be the best solution.

Let’s move on to the kitchen cabinets. In order to create a balance and harmony between colours and interior in our project for open plan apartment we decided to make the cabinets in the kitchen from painted MDF in navy blue colour with smooth closing. The L-shape of this room provides convenient access from anywhere in the room.

The appliances are built-in and the handles are rectangular. Here, lovers of culinary experiences can unleash their imagination while enjoying their loved ones. This element of the kitchen furniture from our open plan apartment has the function of a storage cabinet and various items on the side of the living room.

Master bedroom wardrobe interior design

And now it’s time to present you the master bedroom in our open plan apartment project. And here we made quite serious reconstructions of the ceiling and move one of the walls. The room was small, with insufficient natural light and sloping ceilings. The dark colours in the previous furniture created an unfriendly atmosphere.

There was an adjoining room, which the owners of this open plan apartment used as a storage for unnecessary items, which gave us a great opportunity to add it to the bedroom and increase the size and significantly. With this reconstruction we made the dream of an extremely nice lady come true. Here we present a great and cosy interior in the company of every lady’s dream – built-in wardrobe.

The dressing room has no door with direct access for more convenience. Custom glass partitions, reinforced with black metal construction, add a feeling of extra space. We distributed the space in the wardrobe in the most practical way, leaving enough space for clothes, shoes and accessories for both men and women.

To create a transition point between the bed and the dressing room, following the concept of open plan apartment, we used an interesting decorative element for the ceiling and walls. We covered the decorative plasterboard construction with hand-applied decorative plaster with spectacular, embossed elements in beige and white. This architectural element is specially designed and smoothly transitions into a stylish dressing table.

Of course, what is a dressing table without a comfortable bench? The stylish upholstered bench with light blue fabric and elegant white legs made of solid wood turned out to be a great addition to the interior style. The lighting is in three zones, in the wardrobe, in the main part of the room and on the dressing table.

Master bedroom interior design with ocean view

After the key architectural changes of this luxury open plan apartment, it was time to furnish and decorate the master bedroom with a bespoke bed in a suitable style. The space between the two columns opened in a truly natural way, revealing a beautiful view. The space was enough to add two bespoke bedside tables of massive Oak on both sides of the bed.

Let’s pay a little more attention to the lamps in this project for open plan apartment. The modern style that is present in this elegant home with highlighted by beautiful lamps descending from the ceiling, both in the living room and here. They provide enough light for reading a book or relaxing in the comfort of home.

We painted the wall in this area with dark brown, matte latex creating an intimate atmosphere. We chose the king size ottoman bed as one of the key furniture in the bedroom of this open plan apartment. Designed and manufactured according to customer requirements with high upholstered back in light blue fabric.

The combination of brown and blue creates a feeling of closeness to nature and at the same time gives a feeling of calm. Decorative seams form playful elements and elegant look. We placed a fluffy, high-quality ivory carpet on the floor to enhance the cosiness of the room. And the panoramic windows in main rooms in this open plan apartment reveal a stunning view that everyone would appreciate.

Bespoke bathroom interior design

As we mentioned in the description of the kitchen in this open plan apartment, we found the perfect place for the washing machine and dryer. We built an additional partition wall separating the shower space and set up a small closet. There we placed the two appliances positioned one above the other.

And next to them enough space for a laundry basket, space for laundry detergents and towels. As you can see from the photos before and after in the main bathroom of this open plan apartment there was a door leading to the garage, strange isn’t it? As already mentioned, this property has undergone many architectural changes that have affected the interior in a positive direction.

In the bathroom we adhered to the same modern style and colour range of navy blue and grey. On the floor and part of the walls we mounted granite tiles measuring 60/60 cm, and one of the walls was painted in baby pink. We furnished it with everything you need: a freestanding vanity unit, a wall toilet, and a glass door that separates the shower area. All furniture is made of MDF in the current dark blue colour.

The countertop is made of white Corian with a porcelain sink.
On both sides of the washing area we placed metal strips in the colour of old gold. The lighting is discreetly divided into three zones. Modern open plan apartment, worthy of attention. Interior full of elegance and accentuated style.