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Cosy, bespoke interior of a luxury apartment in the city. There are ideas in white and wood patterns with modern radiance and custom furniture. We gave a little space to the fresh elements, intertwined in soft green and elegant purple. Ethereal fabrics in neutral tones creating a living space elements in a real home design. A contemporary, modern apartment interior design with an exceptional atmosphere. And in this project, we have proven that you do not need a huge investment to enjoy comfort and style. Created with a lot of imagination and passion, we intertwined a stylish colour palette and handmade elements.

We know that home should bring a sense of life and calmness and to be impressive and emphasize the personality of the owner. Today we invite you to peek into the cosy space of this modern apartment interior design created for a family with two children. Our clients have requested from us to create a comfortable interior with aesthetics and functionality. Adhering to these requirements, we have designed an interior in a modern style with elegant art deco elements. Enjoy this home full of artistic comfort.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazarova
project type:
Interior Design, Renovation, Furniture
80 m2
3 months
August, 2017
Sofia, Bulgaria

Requirements and Goal

Our client’s request was to completely transform the home, taking on the creation of a new interior design project, the reconstruction, designing functional and comfortable furniture.

The goal was to refresh the interior with elegant colors and fresh decorations, which would contribute to improving life in the apartment. The desired effect was convenience, coziness and comfort combined with modern design.






living room



Our Proposal for Design and Details

The design concept proposed by us was to refresh the interior with accented, saturated colors in combination with natural oak to be present in every room. Our favorite decorative plasters also found a place in this apartment interior design project, complementing the space with their artistic charm. The overall concept was to revive the outdated interior, through a complete renovation, new bespoke furniture, modern style and decorative art accents.



The big challenge in this project was the short time we had to deal with. We had 3 months in which to do an interior design, renovation and furnishing. Thanks to the strict organization and our experience with a number of similar challenges, we coped with ease.


What Problems We Solved

As mentioned above, this apartment interior design project had an extremely short deadline. In order not to waste valuable time in some of the rooms, we laid the flooring over the already existing one. Another problem for which the client asked us for a solution was the children’s room. It was inhabited by two teenagers in need of personal space for themselves. We solved the problem by separating the two beds with a decorative partition made of wood painted blue. In addition to being a partition, the structure also had the function of a storage place.

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