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Cosy, bespoke interior of a luxury apartment in the city. There are ideas in white and wood patterns with modern radiance and custom furniture. We gave a little space to the fresh elements, intertwined in soft green and elegant purple. Ethereal fabrics in neutral tones creating a living space elements in a real home design. A contemporary, modern apartment interior design with an exceptional atmosphere. And in this project, we have proven that you do not need a huge investment to enjoy comfort and style. Created with a lot of imagination and passion, we intertwined a stylish colour palette and handmade elements.

We know that home should bring a sense of life and calmness and to be impressive and emphasize the personality of the owner. Today we invite you to peek into the cosy space of this modern apartment interior design created for a family with two children. Our clients have requested from us to create a comfortable interior with aesthetics and functionality. Adhering to these requirements, we have designed an interior in a modern style with elegant art deco elements. Enjoy this home full of artistic comfort.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Interior Design
3 month
November, 2020

Bedroom interior colour combination and design ideas

The bedroom in this modern apartment interior design is in a perfectly balanced colour scheme and bespoke furniture. The ottoman bed, wardrobe, bedside tables, dressing table and chic stools have been designed and manufactured especially for this interior project. The accent in this room is the artistic decorative plastering on the wall behind the bed. It is handmade, and would definitely couth everyone’s eye.

Here are presented art deco elements in soft purple and gold in addition to embossed ornaments. There are two stylish lamps hanging over the shelf in dark purple, which is made of MDF itself. An interesting element in this project of modern apartment interior design are the two bedside tables, which play the role of night lamps. The discreet built-in lighting invites you to snuggle in the warm blankets with your favourite book in hand.

The presented combination of green grass, Very peri, rose gold and Oak are great and fresh. And the solid parquet on the floor seems to complete the overall concept in the bedroom. When we create any modern apartment interior design, we cannot compromise the addition of large mirrors within the bedroom. They are the focal point in the master bedroom. The walls are painted in neutral white latex paint and the ceiling in pale light purple paint.

Small toilet design interior

Compact and with perfect distribution, the toilet in our project for modern apartment interior design is a real jewel. Equipped with everything you need, this space is furnished with a freestanding vanity unit, counter top basin and an elegant chrome faucet. On the opposite wall we placed a high toilet with a built-in bidet.

For the walls and the floor we chose light beige tiles to give more space. A niche is formed, when installing the built-in structure for the toilet bowl and it came up as a great idea to add a large mirror. This turned out to be a very useful solution. The space was transformed from a small dark room, into a beautiful toilet space.

Kitchen in modern apartment interior design

We present you an elegant open-plan kitchen and dining area. And here, the cabinets are made from Oak as in the whole design concept. The kitchen countertop is a white technical stone, and the back is made of glass with daisy print. There are two zones in this space: a kitchen and a dining room. The dining room in this modern apartment interior design project is furnished with a stylish bespoke sofa in lime colour.

The dining table is made of solid wood and the dining chairs are in a modern style. We have selected a special fabric for the corner sofa, which is easy to clean. Decorating the wall in the dining room is a great design solution. We added small pieces of wood that make us feel like part of nature. The floor is light grey granite. The door and the ceiling ornament are in dark grey, which are the perfect addition to this cosy interior.

Cool interior design for teen bedroom

Let’s skate! Shall we? Or may be read our favourite book! Is this a room or a home office? The answer is Yes. Whichever you choose, you will have the pleasure of being alone in your own corner in your common room. We have created a project for modern apartment interior design where each of the occupants of this home will have their own personal space. The interior of this bedroom is designed for two teenagers. We have not changed anything from the previous layout.

We just let our imagination run wild and created an interior concept for two young gentlemen. We have separated the two beds with a partition of blue-painted wooden planks, which can be used as a storage. It aims to separate the two beds and at the same time create privacy and comfort for each of them delicate personals. The desk is positioned in front of the window, where natural light enters directly through the window.

The view from outside adds to the charm of the city. An interesting detail in this project of modern apartment interior design are the two blackboards on which everyone can write their daily tasks and duties. The lamps are a great addition to the interior concept of this stylish apartment. Designed and custom made of yellow braided cable. They are present in both areas, so that each of the boys does not interfere with the other.

The three shelves at each side are a great concept related with their interest. They are made from old skateboards and painted in funky colours.

Modern interior design bathroom

When creating a project for modern apartment interior design, we can not miss the bathroom. This secluded space occupies an important part in every home. And as you have already noticed, we like decorative plastering and implemented it in almost every one of our projects. We did the same in the bathroom of this modern apartment interior design. The space is separated into two areas: as a shower room with sliding glass doors and as an area with a sink, cabinet and a large mirror. We decorated part of the walls with spectacular, embossed plastering in dark grey.

We placed grey granite on the floor and in the shower room. And because we always strive to have an element of a surprise, we designed a panel of decorative small tiles that goes down the wall opposite the sink and continues on the floor. The same panel of tiles is present in the design of the corridor. We believe that with this nice touch we have characterized the individuality of this design. 

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