The Case Study: How to create tiny house interior design?

Our clients were a young family living in a house in magnetic Dorset. They approached Eliza Lazer with the desire to transform the garage in their yard into a small and compact home for the grandmother in the family. The interior of this tiny house interior had to have everything necessary to meet the needs of the old lady. Reconstruction and construction of three main rooms followed: living room with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Urvission Interiors transformed and furnished this small garage into a beautiful 35 square footage home in Southbourne, Dorset. The minimalist and cosy tiny house interior design idea consists of a functionally distributed floor plan and an elegant colour scheme. The home features a harmonious combination of soft earthy tones, natural materials and modern design with classic elements. This apartment epitomizes the elegant and cosy atmosphere with the forest and ocean feel characteristic of the area.

Have you seen a home that grabbed your attention with a modern tiny floor plan? The tiny home interiors captivate in a magical way and create the feeling of incredible cosiness. Of course, if they are decorated with the right colour scheme and functional floor space. Well, we present to you one of our inspiring projects of a tiny house interior with 370 square feet, in Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset.

This small home, resembling a tiny house on wheels, will captivate you with smart design ideas and an abundance of natural light. Tiny house interior with simple architectural features and the unique interior concept. Simple muted tones woven into playful cheerful colours meet in this small space to create an incredibly impressive interior picture that owners of small living spaces will appreciate.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Reconstruction from garage in a small apartment in Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset
3 month
May, 2022

Small living room in tiny house interior

The living area consists of a relaxation corner with a comfortable sofa, suitable for drinking your afternoon tea or your morning coffee. A non-committal light interior, devoid of obtrusively loud tones and unnecessary accessories. The ottoman sofa provides additional storage space, which creates convenience and comfort for the owner living in a tiny home.

This tiny house interior is designed to provide functional storage solutions in every area. The colour solution for the walls is in light grey, which in turn provides a great combination with the Booger Buster colour of the two-seater sofa. These light, non-committal colours are complemented by the solid parquet floor and door in Oak. The curtains are made of light cotton fabric with a touch of linen in ivy grey.

The only dark element in the living room of this tiny house interior is the coffee table. Again we bet on natural materials, choosing solid wood furniture with broken lines and openings for storing books and decorations. The open space of the living room to the small, cosy kitchen is decorated with precision and meets the client’s requirements.

Small kitchen and dining room

Every housewife dreams of a spacious and large kitchen, but not in this interior. In this project, we managed to create a small space for cooking, but equipped with everything you need. Quite often in our practice we have to deal with difficulties such as small or non-functional architectural features or even both. In such cases, our many years of experience and the knowledge gained from various projects come to the rescue.

And in this tiny house interior project, we focused on the most important elements in a kitchen, namely: refrigerator, stove, hotplates and sink. We chose appliances with smaller, non-standard sizes in order to utilize the space as much as possible. The kitchen counter is designed in black and white marble, which complements the colour palette of the rest of the interior.

The elegant and always fashionable Shaker kitchen is in ivy grey with a light glossy finish. The kitchen sink is made of black synthetic stone, which complements the other elements in the interior. Due to insufficient space for built-in appliances, we opted for a compact, small oven, which we placed on the kitchen counter. The double electric stove and the coffee machine are not far away. at first glance a small space, but with great possibilities.

There is ample space and storage space. An interesting element in the kitchen of this tiny house interior is the feature wall made of solid wood. In this corner we found a place for a TV and a small breakfast bar in black. The elegant dining chair is designed in the same fabric as the sofa. The light blue ceiling lamp gives a light ocean breeze reminiscent of the property’s location.

Functional and stylish bedroom interior

Just because we don’t have enough space and the keto space we have to decorate our tiny bedroom is small, doesn’t mean we didn’t do great. Stylish interior concepts are our trademark. At Urvission Interiors, we love ideas for optimizing small spaces. With each of our projects, we strive to offer interesting and functional design solutions that meet your requirements.

So, this tiny house interior project, apart from having a kitchen, living room and bathroom, also needed a bedroom. Ottoman beds, built-in wardrobes and any well-used space are the perfect choice when decorating small spaces.

So, this bedroom consists of a single bed, a chest of drawers, and a built-in wardrobe. We decided on the walls in ivy grey, as in the rest of the apartment. And here we did not forget to create a focal point in the face of the elegant wall decorated with natural stone. The board behind the bed and chest of drawers are upholstered with blue velvet, which corresponds with the blue lamps. the bed is upholstered in light grey fabric, which creates the feeling of cosiness and harmony.

Big idea for small bathroom

If you are looking to make your small bathroom comfortable enough and equipped with everything you need, in this tiny house interior project we will show you how we coped with this not easy task. Although we could not change the basic architecture, we greatly improved the layout and functionality of the room.

With the help of a suitable colour palette, we achieved an elegant finish and a stylish interior. This bathroom consists of three areas: shower, sink and toilet. The shower is separated by a bespoke screen made of 8mm tempered glass. In addition, we have an aluminium frame that matches the furniture and faucets of the sink and shower.

The tiles on the walls are vintage style and pale blue in colour. The floor is again in holy grey of ceramic beads with an anti-slip coating. The cabinet under the sink, as well as the column on the wall, are made of moisture-resistant MDF, painted black. The large window contributes to a sufficient amount of daylight and gives the feeling of spaciousness in the room.

Room feel toilet and bathroom

In search of the feeling of cosiness in this project of Tiny house interior, we cannot miss the small neat bathroom. As a complement to the rest of the interior, here we wanted to accent with something interesting and stylish.

The wooden decorative element in blue is present in the old room, yet this property is in close proximity to the ocean. Above it we mounted a mirror, again with a black aluminium frame that matches the shower screen.

And so our author’s project of tiny house interior was completed successfully, and the clients were extremely impressed.

3 important tips for a great tiny house interior

We all dream of a spacious home with enough comfortable rooms for the whole family, but it doesn’t always turn out the way we dream. Beautiful furniture, stylish accessories and our favourite colours contribute to our better life and mood, right? But how to create a stylish tiny house interior in our small home? Spacious houses and apartments are convenient and comfortable for large families, welcoming guests, Saturday parties, and why not for a home spa or gym, for example.

But it is far different if in reality the size of your home is different from the ideal home described above and you are the owner of a small living space? The right choice of colors, furniture and good zoning will help you create a cozy place to live. The perfect balance between these three interior design elements will help you solve this problem and enjoy your tiny house interior for a long time.

To begin with, you need to think about how to create an interior in your small home house so that it accommodates everything you need for your comfortable life. And here pay special attention to two main principles:

  1.  Remove unnecessary items. Think of your tiny house interior as the place where you spend most of your time. There are certainly things that you don't use or haven't even used for years, get rid of them and you will see for yourself how much more free space you will have. Or furniture that is too big and takes up too much space. For example, if your family consists of two people, and there is a large corner sofa in your living room. You could replace it with a comfortable loveseat that saves space, for example.
  2. Versatility. Think practically and decorate the rooms so that they combine several functions, such as: The same room could be used for different purposes, which for tiny house interior is the only possible option. Think in advance how to combine kitchen, dining room and living room in one common room. Where and how to allocate a dining area instead of a separate dining room with a large table and chairs. Or a bedroom with a small home office that takes up minimal space but has everything you need. Children's room with loft beds are a perfect choice for families with children living in small apartments.

The bedroom in your home is a place where you fall asleep and recharge with energy. It is in this room that we restore strength after a hard day. Surely you dream of a spacious bedroom with a comfortable bed and enough space to arrange all your belongings. But alas, here we are talking about a small bedroom in a tiny house interior. Even a small sleeping space can meet all your requirements if you furnish it properly. If the size of the room allows you to place only a bed, without space for fancy lockers, then a good option is to think about shelves attached to the wall. Ottoman beds are also a great space-saving option. Try to decorate with as few things as possible that will distract you. Use any niche as a place to store clothes by closing these spaces with furniture doors.

Food preparation is a necessity, even if your place is not spacious enough. Try to use every inch of space. Manufacturers of kitchen cabinet mechanisms offer all kinds of storage options in a variety of sizes. Another very important point is to select only the most necessary appliances. Each one is available in both standard and small space sizes. A good example of a kitchen in a tiny house interior is to choose an upper row of cabinets that reach the ceiling.

Countertops made of natural or synthetic stone combined with a built-in sink will give your kitchen a sense of completion. If you don't have enough space for a dining room, you could use a folding dining table or a movable table top. If you choose a bespoke kitchen, it will solve many of your problems with layout and functionality. In this way, you and your designer will select only the things you need and you will save time and unnecessary costs. The colours and style of the kitchen should be neutral or light with as few elements as possible, open spaces and decorations. You could also use tempered coloured glass or a mirror for your kitchen backsplash. The hidden, delicate lighting will give an exclusive style and luxurious look to the kitchen in your tiny house interior, try it!

Small homes are deprived of space for family gatherings and noisy parties. If you have a living room in your tiny house interior, consider yourself lucky. Your home probably isn't that small. Usually, when planning a space, you have to combine the living room with one of the other rooms. In most cases, this is the kitchen. Usually, the dining room and the living room are used with one and the same function - eating and relaxing. This type of layout is extremely popular as it is very convenient and communicative. An interesting space-saving trick is to set up a table that you can use for both coffee and meals.

This is a model with a lifting mechanism and will provide you with extra comfort. Folding chairs that hang on the wall are also a great idea for small spaces. This way you will solve the problem of gathering more people in your home and enjoy family dinners. You can also place a few small tables next to the sofa to help. By combining the kitchen and the living room, you will correctly provide yourself with enough space to provide a relaxing bathroom for all family members. Don't forget another very important point: think about the design of your tiny house interior as a whole. It is good to design and select the same style and color scheme for all open spaces.

The presence of this room is more than mandatory. To deal with the design of this small, but extremely important space, it is necessary to think in detail. First and foremost is to determine which are the most important elements in the furniture. Here we will have to mention that since we are talking about a tiny house interior, we probably have a room that is both a bathroom and a toilet. This should not discourage you. Even small bathrooms could be cosy and with a relaxing atmosphere. So, let's start with the choice of furniture. The presence of a toilet bowl, sink and shower are mandatory. Pay attention to the architectural features and pipes in the room.

This room is a little different from the other rooms in the home. If you can't do it yourself, trust a specialist who will advise you where to place each piece of furniture. So, now that you've got the layout right, it's time to think about colours. It is best to focus on light and neutral tones and not to overdo it with colourful elements and decorations. You could choose tiles with a large or the subway style that has been so desired in recent years. Bathroom furniture manufacturers and suppliers offer all kinds of options for small spaces. Use a sink cabinet that reaches the floor. Large mirrors will add volume to the bathroom of your tiny house interior, don't miss them. You can use this clever trick even on an entire wall, it will add depth to the room. Take advantage of every nook and cranny for decoration and useful space.

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