Interior design of a modern grey and white living room in Sandbanks, Poole

We present you a modern seaside home that exudes class with stylish design and artistic synchronicity between colours and shapes. Stepping on the luxurious stone floor, you will find yourself in a world of natural wood walls, stylish furniture and exquisite details. Stylish contrasts played with elements of glass create balance in this cosy home. We invite you to take a look at our world of art called interior design. Enjoy the perfect balance between colours, style and accent furniture.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Interior Design
3 month
November, 2021

Why modern grey and white living room?

When creating our interior projects we always start from a very important point. Namely, the desire of the client. His sense of style and colours are leading in our work and in creating our next author’s project. So, the owners of this modern apartment are a young family. They are ambitious, hard-working young people who like to have fun and spend weekends with friends or relax in a cosy atmosphere. Modern living room furniture, open spaces and modern grey and white living room were their exact description of the best room they dreamed of..

A little about colours, spaces and more. When designing a family home, we always take into account the wishes of both men and women. Of course, we pay special attention to children, but in this case they are missing. The man was ambitious and had a strong charisma. The lady was gentle and elegant with refined taste. The colour scheme they chose was the ever-modern grey, navy blue on the men’s side and elegant white, gold and pink for the lady.

And from us we added elements of wood. That what is a cosy home without wooden furniture décor? The open space of this salon was a front room with open access to a small kitchen and enough space for a dining room with a dining table and chairs. And the view of the ocean and the french windows give a great finish to this stylish interior. So let me introduce you in detail to this exciting project.

Ocean view living room home decor

After discussing the key details, it was time to divide the individual areas in this modern grey and white living room interior. If we start with the colours, then the grey remained the leading one and we had to create a design concept with a suitable colour scheme. We chose the floor and part of the walls to be lined with natural stone in dark grey. One would say that the stone creates a cold feeling, but it looks elegant and super stylish, right? However, we fulfil the wishes of the client. Then came the question: What colour furniture goes with dark grey flooring?

And when it comes to furniture, let’s go back to the different areas that this open space provides us. We all know that the sofa is the soul of every living room. And so he became our focal point. To emphasize the strong male presence in this house, we placed a large corner sofa in navy blue colour. Do navy and grey go together? The answer is yes. This colour was first used as a uniform by officers of the British Royal Navy before 1748. And since then it has been used by navies around the world. A great way to emphasize the strength and elegance of a man.

And since the sofa is a favourite piece of furniture for the ladies, we satisfied another wish by choosing two poufs and decorative pillows in blue and white plaid. And here I would want to say a few words about bespoke furniture. They are a great way to create a unique interior the way you want. You could choose according to your requirements for size, upholstery, colours and filling.

This is exactly what we did in the design of this modern grey and white living room interior. The sofa has become the most desired furniture for relaxation and entertainment. We chose a suitable upholstery fabric choosing the dark blue and beige colour. for stools and decorative pillows for this stylish modern grey and white living room project.

Modern living room with grey and gold together

We can’t miss the lighting in this modern grey and white living room project. Here comes a very interesting part in which we will pay special attention to interior lighting and more precisely how we used it in the particular interior. Since we are lucky to have the apartment with large windows that let in a lot of daylight, we allowed ourselves to decorate the three areas with individual lighting fixtures.

As I mentioned above, the lady’s wish was to have golden elements to be combined with this grey and white living room decor. And because gold is a symbol of elegance and high style, but it should not be overdone, of course, we chose the lamps and kitchen handles to be in gold. The combination of grey and gold is gaining popularity in interior concepts in recent years.

We positioned two of the lamps in the corner of the sitting room with the large corner sofa, just above the two glass coffee tables. Elegant and stylish, they perfectly match the TV stand, which is also made to order from tempered glass. The same series of lamps offers a variety of models in the same design with a gold finish. We used them in the area with the dining table and the kitchen breakfast bar. Here I come to tell a little more about the stylish recessed lighting that separates the living room from the dining room.

A great interior detail that deserves your attention. This is a built-in LED lighting with medium intensity. His role in the design of this modern grey and white living room interior is to create an intimate home atmosphere. At the same time it provides additional lighting while watching your favourite movie nestled in a comfortable sofa. Favourite family moments!

Open plan kitchen and living room with delicate pink accents

And here we fulfilled another of the lady’s wishes. So, somehow by default it is known that the master in the kitchen is almost always the woman in the family, somehow the details in this interior design of a modern grey and white living room came into place. Whether intentionally or not, the colour pink found its place in the dining room.

Again, the table is custom made, designed and manufactured specifically for this interior. The top is made of tempered glass, elegantly combined with the stylish legs of the table. The buttoned  dining chairs with oak legs and white real leather upholstery are combined with the round handles of the kitchen cabinets.

The whole furniture set is complemented by the elegant presence of two golden lamps in the centre of the dining room. Here I would like to draw your attention to the dining cabinet. And it is designed and manufactured specifically for this interior. Designed with many drawers, this furniture is ready to store both kitchen accessories and to impress.

The mirror panel on the back between the lower cabinets and the upper decorative panel gives the feeling of space in the room. This designer furniture is definitely the focal point in the dining room of this interior design of a modern grey and white living room.

Its upper part is decorated with handmade decorative elements resembling tree branches, painted in black matte paint. This open interior concept is a reflection of the modern young person, looking for constant contact with the world around. And so we slightly switch to white wool, introducing you to the small modern kitchen.

Open living room with small white kitchen

And now it’s time to talk about food and everything falls into place. This small white kitchen is a really great idea for both small and large homes. It depends on what you need. In this particular project for Interior design of a modern grey and white living room this part of the apartment impresses with compactness and style.

We chose white marble countertops and back panels that are easy to clean and give exceptional elegance. The dark grey stripes of the glossy natural stone are complemented by the grey floor and walls. Shaker kitchen doors and round golden handles give a complete finish to the overall interior concept.

The fridge, oven and  extractor hood are built-in, providing extra space. So who wouldn’t want to cook a delicious meal in this elegant kitchen? Open spaces are a great advantage for people who love life. The advantage of cooking and at the same time having sweet conversations with the guests on Saturday night, for example, is an incomparable pleasure.

This interior design of a modern grey and white living room, dining room and kitchen will definitely attract the attention of lovers of modern style and elegant lines. It was a pleasure for us to create a incredible interior and see the smiles of our customers!

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