Modern house interior in London, UK

We are pleased to present you one of our modern house interior projects that we created for our clients in London, UK. Modern style and luxury design intertwined in a simple colour scheme of grey, white and declared the colour of the year Very Peri. This family semi detached house consists of a master bedroom, living room, open plan kitchen, dining room, children’s room, guest room and bathrooms to each bedroom. The embrace of a small forest resembles a tropical summer home and wooden  zen decorations. The backyard has a cosy small terrace creating the feeling of beach relaxation and pleasant evenings around fireplace. The architecture of this building is in a contemporary style with large doors and glass.

The idea for the design of this modern house interior came after our clients asked us the question: How to modernize the interior of an old house? After looking at various photos in Pinterest, finding an easy way to redesign their own home, in fact, turned out to be a difficult task. So we set out on the great challenge of creating a cosy project for a modern house interior in an urban environment. After discussing different styles, such as Victorian, Mid-century modern, Minimalist, Rustic, Classic, Scandinavian and Contemporary, our unanimous opinion was to transform this house into a modern style. Adhering to this frame of style and colours, we escaped the traditional English style and transformed this home into a modern Italian design with concrete walls and wooden floors.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Interior Design
3 month
January, 2022

Modern house interior design master bedroom

The design of the bedroom is important, as is the rest of the interior of the home. Absolutely the opposite of the country cottage style, the master bedroom in this project of modern house interior is a set of ideas for family comfort in the town. The space is open with every lady’s dream of a large wardrobe. The ceilings are high and the large windows reveal amazing views. The space reserved for a wardrobe is without doors to the area with the bed. Providing easy access and a feeling of space. The entire back wall is decorated with an illuminated panel that provides dimmed lighting while creating a room feeling.

Clothes hangers are arranged in three separate rows, divided into four sections. Two for the man and two for the woman. We designed this bespoke furniture construction with a comfortable closed part in the middle equipped with drawers and cabinets. The wardrobe consists of a black metal structure that is combined with the colour of the windows and a closed part of MDF painted in Burnished Lilac 15-1905. The floor has a modern flooring resembling concrete, which creates a cool effect. Flowing into the space with the large comfortable bed, this light grey Italian style material is present on the walls and ceiling.

Romantic bedroom interior design

This master bedroom in our project for modern house interior is a combination of romantic and high style. The perfect symbiose of wood, concrete and designer decorative elements makes it the dream home for every romantic soul. At Urvission Interiors we stick to individual style in every our project. For us, every interior is an art that reflects your essence.

The bedroom is divided into three zones, connected by a decorative element from the large bed to the TV. Covered with embossed decorative paint of flowers in light purple and gold accents. This panel serves as both an accent in the room and a lighting fixture for discrete lighting. The hidden LED lamps at the back of the structure create a romantic atmosphere and are a great solution for reading a book or watching a favourite movie. Part of the flooring and the shelf at the TV unit are made of natural OAK. The light beige OAK and ivy grey is a great combination in modern interior trends.

The comfortable king size ottoman bed is upholstered in high quality grey fabric. In the area by the French windows we have placed the comfortable green armchair and foot stool in the company of an elegant floor lamp with round shapes, which are combined with the shape of the ceiling lamps. Rose gold and purple glass vases complete the harmonious interior. And to complete the design of the bedroom in a modern house interior, the picture of an exquisite female figure and the linen curtains fit the overall concept. A great end to the day in the embrace of this home interior.

Luxury master bathroom

We can not miss this special part of the home: The bathroom. Functionally home designed, with floor plans in an elegant interior style. This perfectly room designed in a modern design and combination of natural materials is a true masterpiece. But let’s take a closer look at this spacious room. The idea of ​​modern house interior without doors is a not common concept in home interior design solutions. At the same time, it is often found in the design concepts of high-end hotels in the Middle East. Traveling to different parts of the world gives me a new perspective on the sense of functionality and decoration.

So, this luxury master bathroom consists of five zones: a double sink, a bathtub, a shower cabin, a toilet and a zone with a dressing table, a large mirror and a stool. The sink area is equipped with a wall hung vanity unit with two drawers, towel holders on both sides and two built-in sinks made of synthetic stone. The faucets are built into the wall with a rose gold coating. The large mirror has built-in LED lighting. The decorative elements in the bathroom of this modern house interior are the artistic element connecting the two rooms. The owners of this home are lovers of hot tubs and relaxing atmosphere.

We have created a secluded place that provides real pleasure and enjoyment for the senses. The shower cabin is positioned with a niche separated by a glass door of dark grey tempered glass. The same space is positioned on the opposite wall, designated for a toilet. The time has come for the greatest joy ladies – the boudoir. And what would be a project for a modern house interior without something special. Great large mirror covering the entire wall and an elegant cabinet with drawers. And in addition to all this cosy interior, a designer stool with hand-painted upholstery.

Modern living room design

The spacious, light-filled living room is an accurate reflection of those looking for modern living in the big city. Modern house interior in south London or a home designed to impress is a matter of perspective. Let’s take a closer look at this designer interior. The space is open, consisting of three areas: living room, dining room and kitchen with island. The colour palette is in earthy shades, creating peace and a homely atmosphere. We escaped from the standard white walls and relied on the innovative solution from the catalogue of Nova Color – concrete.

The floor, walls and ceiling are lined with this extremely modern finish. Practical and extremely easy to maintain, was the solution to the overall vision of our project for a modern interior of a house. The elegant bespoke sofa is upholstered with the most desired colour of fabric in modern grey. The elements of natural wood are a great addition to the interior. Another interesting detail is the decorative plaster of the columns. Handmade with geometric shapes in dark grey, red and gold. The island of black granite is in the pleasant company of bar stools in soft upholstery of yellow and green velvet.

The kitchen in this modern house interior is a combination of solid wood and MDF painted with black paint. French windows reveal a great view of the large garden and create an elegant corner of the dining room. The dining table has a black countertop made of artificial stone and metal legs. The dining chairs are upholstered in light blue and beige fabric. The curtains are made of linen in a modern grey colour. The open plan of the living room in this project for a modern house interior is divided into two types of flooring: natural parquet for the dining room and concrete for the living room and kitchen.

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