Modern restaurant interior with exquisite colour accents in the heart of the big city.

Before we started working on the restaurant interior design project, we thought about the influence of colours and furniture on each of us. Our idea was to create an interior that creates emotion. Elegant decorations, refined style, comfort, colours, luxurious furnishings and a relaxed atmosphere have a strong influence on the experience in any restaurant. We were looking for the modern and at the same time cosy.

Each element and decoration give a pronounced character to the interior. Since the restaurant is located in a business building and is designed for employees, we created a modern place resembling a bar. This bar in the heart of London, located in a small commercial area, would cheer everyone up. The latest trends and the beautiful atmosphere in this restaurant interior, made us relax and forget about at least a little hectic daily life and numerous commitments.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Interior Design
5 month
November, 2018

Café and restaurant interior design

We created an interior concept with two zones. One with low armchairs and sofas resembling a dining room. And another with high bar stools and a bar suitable for fast food and fast coffee. The area with comfortable sofas provides enough personal space to enjoy a pleasant lunch with colleagues or to spend your free time in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Dark blue bespoke sofas, made to individual design, are designed specifically for this restaurant interior. Meets all the requirements for furnishing public interiors in the UK. Of interest is the non-standard model without legs. The structure is designed from durable metal chains fixed to the ceiling and floor. The tables are made of grey steel with a glass top. At Urvission Interiors we stick to the author’s restaurant interior. We know that this type of hospitality place needs to impress and create comfort.

Part of the floor and the wall in this area we lined with natural wood. They flow stylishly and contribute to the comfortable atmosphere. We chose saturated colours for the furniture, such as: dark navy blue, light blue, burnt orange, red, ivy grey, white and yellow. The perfect combination with the elegant armchair and bar stool. They contribute to the aesthetics of the stylish restaurant interior.

Materials, colours and bespoke furniture

Creating a restaurant interior requires extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of interior design. The secret of a successful project is in the right combination of materials, colours and excellent layout. Each of us has been to restaurants where there is not enough space to go and sit, right? All this is a combination of knowledge and a sense of space.

If a restaurant interior is beautiful but non-functional, then it is doomed to failure. As with home projects, so with public interiors, space must be thought of as a whole. There are many factors that affect success, and an excellent project is the key to a successful business. As an interior designer, I create not just interiors, but memorable spaces, which I call smart solutions.

The key moment in this restaurant is the length of the room with large panoramic windows. They gave elegance and a sense of space. Each of us knows how difficult it is for a hard-working person to combine a healthy lifestyle and a successful career. Move would be exactly the reason why I created this daylight restaurant interior full of daylight. Natural light, pampering the senses and at the same time emphasizing the luxurious furniture.

Commercial restaurant interior design

One of the rules for creating the right interior is that it suits your location. In this restaurant interior project, the place is a business building with emphasized architecture. The elegant blending of modern, contemporary and industrial styles is proof that everything in interior design is allowed. White marble flooring with light beige and grey threads and solid wood is a great example of this. In the middle is positioned the high yellow table, which is again without legs and is reinforced with metal ropes.

The funny red statue creates a sense of personal attitude in the design of this restaurant interior. The bar is designed in navy blue with an open plan for easier service and a sense of closeness between the customer and the staff. Ceiling lights are in black and industrial design. They perfectly match the colour and design of the shelves coming down from the ceiling just above the bar. The ceiling is painted in white which coincides with the other decorative elements in this restaurant interior.

Unique restaurant interior design

If you are wondering why exactly unique restaurant interior I will try to explain my vision for a stylish space. I have always said that an interior is perceived through our sensations, just like art. For one it is something ordinary, and for another it is amazing. However, the important thing is to be unique, that’s why it’s called design. Every detail in this project of restaurant interior is created for this very place, in accordance with the habits of the client.

Every detail follows the latest trends in interior design. The style is modern with light vintage accents. The colour palette is strict and fun at the same time, just what a hard-working modern person needs. I wanted to create mood and freshness. Coloured furniture is a great way to freshen up the interior, right? The low and high tables are made of MDF and are painted in rich pastel colours. The atmosphere in the interior design of this restaurant fills us with a sense of life and smiles.

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