Fabulous home interior makeover

It was a beautiful summer day. The sun shone on the facades, and the ocean playfully reflected the waves in the windows of the buildings. The phone rang and a slightly worried male voice spoke on the other side. Our client had encountered the “New Home Interior” case study. There were many questions, and the most important of them was – I need your help! I do not know  where do I start my home renovation?

The client’s wish was to completely transform the living room, dining room, hallway and home office in the apartment he had inherited from his elderly parents.
His biggest wish was to turn the old-fashioned look of the flat into a modern home interior with shades of grey and white.


interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Flat reconstruction and refurbishment. Boscombe, Chine Gardens, Bournemouth, Dorset.
100 sqm
2 months
August, 2022

Home interior with modern living room design

An interesting fact was that there were 11 seats in the living room, which made it feel crowded. The many paintings, statuettes and decorations took away from the useful space of the flat. The lack of sufficient space was the main reason why the client sought the services of a home designer. The colours were dark, the furniture old, and the carpet threadbare. The task was to turn the tired interior into modern home décor with more space and bright colours.

After learning about the client’s concerns, we made recommendations for a new interior design, colour scheme and modern furnishings. The living room needed a total makeover, as well as the separation of two separate areas: living room and dining room.

The initial desire of the client was to create a minimalist living room interior, but as often happens with a large part of our clients starting renovation and changing the interior décor, this style was not the best solution for the property. As we always advise, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the specifics of interior design styles in advance before you start planning a renovation or seek the services of an interior designer.

From traditional home décor to modern living room design

After discussing the appropriate home décor styles, together with the client we came to the decision that the most suitable style for his comfort, as well as for the location of the property, would be the modern home interior style.

Since traditional and modern styles share a similar purpose, namely comfort and function, the transition would be a real pleasure.

We came to a decision to place a large corner sofa in the centre of the living room. And what would a cosy home interior be without a comfortable sofa? As in every project, here too we bet on high-quality furniture, made to measure, especially for this project. We chose high quality ivy grey upholstery covering all UK requirements for fire and cigarette resistance. The seats are filled with high-quality HR foam, and the backrest cushions are filled with feathers. The comfortable couch was a very good choice, as it took the place of the armchair, which the client insisted on being present in the interior of the living room.

For painting walls and the ceiling, we went back to the neutral grey colour. To create an elegant line in the living room and dining room of this cosy home interior, we chose to paint the skirting and coving in white.

Home_interior_livingroom_before_by_Urvission_Interiors Modern_home_interior_living_room_Urvission_interiors


Living room ideas and home styling

In addition to the comfortable seating area in the middle of the living room, we were looking for more elements to transform the old look into a stylish, modern home interior. Sticking to the grey concept, we chose to decorate the windows with dark grey blackout curtains.

After removing the benches in the window bay area, we decorated the space with an elegant console table with a white, solid MDF top and glass legs. This piece of furniture is part of a designer collection of living room furniture containing a coffee table and a dining table.

We replaced the old radiator cover with a new and elegant model in white wood. We removed the non-working, old fireplace and replaced it with a dark grey TV unit, which highlighted the home’s stylish interior design.

And here comes a rather interesting part of the project, namely the decorative plaster and the wooden decorative element on the wall in the living room and dining room. The decorative plaster is in two colors, with the dark gray part occupying a large area. Behind the TV we built a decorative structure behind which we hid all the cables. The relief structure of the plaster contains light pearl particles giving an elegant chic and atmosphere.

The area with the TV set out as a mirror image of the area with the sofa and the coffee table. With these interior designs, we achieved home interior in a modern style.

Home interior with modern dining room ideas

As with any home, here we had to pay special attention to the dining room. A rectangular table for 6 in natural mahogany wood was present in the sleek interior. The client’s wish was to replace the old one with a new one for 4 people. We found the perfect company for the designer table, namely 4 extremely comfortable dining chairs with armrests, swivel base and green upholstery. The table is from the same series as the console by the bay window and the coffee table in front of the sofa in the living room.

We complied with all requirements for the dimensions of a dining room, creating a home interior in which nothing is missing.

We decorated the large wall in the dining room with the dark grey embossed plaster that is present on the wall in the living room. An interesting match was obtained by combining the decoration of the shade on the grey rhombus with an orange circle and the decorative pillows on the sofa.

The wood panelling is a perfect addition and creates a home filing. And the radiator cover completes this interior concept with its elegant design.

An interesting addition is the chandeliers, both in the living room and above the dining room table. Rounded shapes and elegant lighting complete our home interior décor.

From the old interior, we kept only the large, white cabinet under the window in the dining room. Its beautiful marble top is the same colour palette and blends extremely well with all the furniture in the room.

Home_interior_with_modern_dining_room_ideas_Urvisson_Interiors Modern_home_interior_dining_room_Urvission_interiors



Home office interior

We created a home office interior by combining three colours – blue teal, grey and white.

And since the client was a darts lover, his requirement was that we put the board in his office. Another interesting detail in the office of this home interior is the carpet, which, in addition to the floor, is also comfortably placed on one of the walls. Right in the middle runs an oblong space painted in blue, which is the accent in the room.

We positioned the desk right next to the window to provide more daylight and work convenience. We decorated the space behind the desk with a designer floor lamp with round glass balls and a black base.

The room has a built-in wardrobe, created by the architectural features of the building. We painted its doors in the same blue colour as the other elements of the office.




Home interior - Implementation

The positive results of this great transformation are: the achievement of more space and a modern vision. The fresh colors contributed to the stylish setting and a sense of comfort. Comfortable furniture created lightness and sophistication.

  • New floor plan: Оrganized the spaces in the best and most functional way. To turn this home interior into a comfortable place to live, we separated two areas in the living room: an area with a comfortable corner sofa and a dining room with a large table and chair. In the home office, we placed the desk next to the window for more daylight and decorated a darts corner.
  • Modern and soothing colour palette: We chose grey and white with playful burnt orange details for a fresh look.
  • The perfect lighting: In each area we have placed the appropriate lighting for exceptional comfort and a feeling of home.
  • Transforming a tired interior into a modern home was a great experience. The big challenge was that our client lived in the apartment and all the mess around the renovation disturbed his peace of mind, we had to make a strict organization and finish the renovation of this home interior within 2 months. To achieve these excellent results, we relied on our long-term experience, in-depth knowledge and strict organization at every stage.
My requirements were to completely refurbish and modernise my apartment, I wanted someone who could achieve this goal by means of project management, while providing excellent communication; and, taking my wishes into account throughout the whole process. Eliza and Nick certainly achieved my expectations. I am very happy with the outcome. Even when i wanted something changed, nothing was too much trouble for Eliza and Nick, great professionals; and a pleasure to work with.

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