Мodern bathroom. Amazing black and white interior.

The owners of this great home asked us to create for them some modern bathroom ideas that fit their requirements. Taking into account the location in this sophisticated part of London and the high value of the property, an opportunity opened up for us to unleash our creative potential to the fullest extent. This modern bathroom had to match both the style of the whole apartment and the preferences of the customers.

The room is spacious and has enough space for a contemporary bathroom design with everything you need. The architecture allowed us to separate three separate areas: toilet unit, shower room, a large bathroom cabinet with a double sink and a free-standing bathtub. An interesting element in the interior is the stylish floor and wall tiles in black and white and elegant gray elements.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Modern bathroom design
1 month
June, 2022
Lauderdale, London

Master bathroom with freestanding bath

As one of the desired bathroom trends is the free-standing bathtub, providing exceptional pleasure not only for the eye, but also for the soul. Of course, when it comes to the design of a modern bathroom, we cannot miss this important element of the furniture. In this project, we bet on porcelain tiles from floor to ceiling. With their geometric black and white patterns, they create the feeling of sophistication and luxury.

Two windows are available above the sink in the room, bringing in enough daylight to help each accessory shine in its full glory. So, let’s talk in detail about this great modern bathroom project. The bathtub has optimal dimensions of 190/90 cm with an oval, asymmetrical shape, made of white porcelain. On both sides, we have placed two stands made of natural OAK, which have the purpose of placing shampoos, shower gel, scented candles, and why not a glass of wine and your favourite book, for example. The position of the person who will use the bathtub is facing the window.

That way he could enjoy the view and relax at the same time without the direct sunlight irritating his eyes. Above the two wooden stands, we placed two black hanging ceiling lamps. Their elegant oval design matches the rounded forms of the bathtub and the ice on the wall above the sink. Of course, this lighting is not the main one in the room. On the ceiling, we planned stylish spot lights in black colour. A free-standing faucet on the left side of the bathtub has a brushed warm finish, matching the rest of the faucets and accessories in our modern bathroom project.

Luxurious bathroom with black bathroom furniture

The black and white tiled walls create the feeling of absolute balance and harmony with the black bathroom sets. The strong composition hung on the wall has an elegant design and a glossy surface. The composition consists of: A cabinet with two large drawers, and a column for storing additional items. This elegant piece of furniture provides ample storage space for towels, toiletries, extra roll tops, and all the toiletries needed for a bathroom.

The white porcelain sink is semi-recessed and adds elegance with its stylish edging. The two faucets again have the same gold finish as the bathtub faucet and complement the interior styling of the interior. The only drawback in the room is the position of the window, which we could not avoid. In keeping with this architectural feature, we placed an oval bespoke mirror on the wall above the sinks. We admit that this is not the greatest convenience, but sometimes there are things that must be taken into account.

We installed blinds in a stylish black colour on the windows, giving the owners the convenience of isolating themselves from the outside world when needed. On the wall with the sink and cabinet, we installed large white tiles with a rectangular shape and light grey marble-like details. Every detail in the design of this modern bathroom is in the right place and with the right purpose.

Walk in shower

Introducing the shower and toilet area. This part of our modern bathroom project is separated by a wall. This architectural solution gives the feeling of two separate rooms with the same purpose. The good news here is that the space could be used by two people at the same time without affecting everyone’s comfort and privacy.

The bathroom door is painted with black matte paint. And the geometric ornaments match perfectly with the interior style. The handle is golden in colour and has a contemporary design. The radiator on the wall has a rectangular shape and a black matte finish. The wall separating the two rooms has the same wall covering as the wall by the bathtub, which creates a sense of completion.

The design glass shower door has a black frosted frame and handle in the elegant design and atmosphere of the bathroom. The floor is large porcelain tiles with light grey marble accents. An exceptional harmony and elegance that everyone dreams of.

Luxury bathroom ideas

The area in which we designed the toilet is a real corner for privacy. We built a built-in cistern system with a metal structure for a wall-hung toilet. The structure is covered with plasterboard and painted with black matte, moisture-resistant bathroom paint. Above the structure is a screened window, which, as I mentioned, is already part of the building’s architecture and cannot be avoided.

And here in our modern bathroom project, we found a place for a third hanging lamp in sync with the lamps by the bathtub. The space is small and compact, stylishly decorated with all the comforts in the arms of the stylish designer tiles.

Modern bathroom design

In this part of the project, a shower space is located, which is extremely spacious. For greater convenience and comfort, we opted for a built-in shower in black. Floor siphon and stylish shelves on which to place your favourite cosmetics.

The project for this modern bathroom is a real masterpiece and fully satisfied the expectations of the customers. As in each of our projects, here we fulfilled a dream of a beautiful and cosy home with a stylish atmosphere and elegant details

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