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Your comfort is extremely important!

That’s why at Urvission Interiors we want the costs to be clear from the start. We work transparently and within your budget.

We have described our fees below.

Please note that due to the remoteness of some areas we may charge an additional fee to visit your site.

  • Prices

£ 55 ( per hour ) Consultation fee – This fee is suitable for customers who prefer to manage their own design and just need guidance and advice.

Or in cases where additional consultation is required, beyond what has already been agreed.

Plus £ 45 ( per hour ) – For a weekend or bank holidays consultation.

15% Fees for supplying furnishing, fixtures and equipment ( FF&E )

Online interior design

£ 350

per room

  • Online consultation
  • Personal interior designer
  • Up to 2 weeks of design work
  • Online communication with your designer
  • Space planning
  • Design concept
  • Mood board
  • 2x Visualizations
  • Shopping list
  • 3 weeks post design support
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Basic plan

£ 480

per room

  • Site visit consultation / free of charge for Dorset /
  • 2 hours consultation
  • Space planning
  • Design concept
  • 2x Mood boards
  • 2x Visualizations
  • Shopping list
  • Online project management
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Bespoke Service

£ 1300

per room

  • Site visit consultations / free of charge for Dorset /
  • Space planning
  • Design concept
  • 2D furniture Plan CAD
  • Elevations and sketches
  • Mood boards
  • 3D realistic visualizations
  • Budget Breakdown
  • Management of costs
  • Access to trade only suppliers
  • Product Supply
  • Detailed tender documents
  • Project management
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Please check out our additional interior design prices and services

[ 2D space planning ]

The Perfect Layout For Your Space

The 2D floor plan is a detailed drawing of the entire site. This includes all rooms with the final layout, the required dimensions and descriptions. 2D space planning is a detailed drawing that shows the distribution of each element in the interior. Its purpose is to give you an idea of the functionality in the various rooms.

Our interior design prices

  • £ 30  – For standard residential interiors.  
  • £ 50 – For public interiors and large projects.
[ coloured space planning ]

Colored 2D Floor Plan

The 2D floor plan – coloured will give you a clear idea of the layout and colours and of the interior. Based on the colour concept you will get a preview of the different combinations of flooring, lighting and furniture.

Our interior design prices

  • £ 120 / per room – For standard residential interiors.  
  • £ 220 / per room – For public interiors and specific projects.
[ coloured 3D ]

3D Vizualisation

Coloured 3D vizualisation gives you a visual idea of that your interior would look like. This is a fast and affordable way to prepare interior design projects. Here we use basic colours, materials, furniture and accessories.

Our interior design prices

  • £ 250 / per room – For standard residential interiors.  
  • £ 450 / per room – For public interiors and specific projects.
Interior design prices 3D visualization by Urvission Interiors
[ high quality rendering ]

Realistic 3D Interior Vizualisation

At Urvission Interiors bring your interior to life through a detailed 3d visualization. Whether it is a residential or public space project, we will create a design for the right place with the select furniture and materials. This is a great method that will save you time and money. When we visualise an interior design project, we use your interior style, real materials, paints, furniture, accessories and etc. And the huge advantage is that we can easily and quickly change everything according to your requirements. By taking the advantage, you will get 100% idea of the design of your interior, even before you start building it.

Our interior design prices

  • £ 500 (per room) – For residential interiors. A visualisation of standard room such as a living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. 
  • £ 1000 (per room) – For public interiors. Larger and complex projects such as office, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. 
[ shopping services ]

Personal Shopping

At Urvission Interiors we offer personal shopping services. We will help you turn any space into a cosy interior. If you are not sure how to decorate your space. You hesitate between different items, fabrics and colours. We will be happy to accompany you or do this for you.

Our interior design prices

  • £ 120 – (per hour)
Personal shopping by Urvission Interiors

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