The guide to: How to choose the perfect bed?

The guide to: How to choose the perfect bed?

WELCOMETO YOUR BED BUYING GUIDE. At Urvission Interiors we understand this choice the right bed can be difficult. There are many different things about think when you make a decision. In this guide, we will explore everything you have you need to know when it comes to picking the right bed, of the obvious advantages to intangible benefits that may not have considered.

Whether you are style conscious or simple look for a bed that will last you a lifetime, read on to find the perfect bed for you and your needs. When you invest in а bespoke beds, you’re investing in a handmade bed that’s been nurtured from the drawing board to the moment it arrives in your bedroom.

Our bedrooms are a refuge where we retire. This is a retreat; an invigorating space and an intimate escape from the outside world. We spend more time in our bed than in any other piece of furniture in our home. You want a soothing room that is both furniture in our home.

At Urvission Interiors we stick to a functional and elegant design. Consider a few basic components when creating this space, such as: Size of the space. 1. Style and  interior, 2. Focus point, 3. Storage requirements. 4. Budget 

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What you have to know when design your bedroom

1.Size of the Space

Consider the architecture of the room before anything else. It may seem trivial but taking note of where outlets, windows and doors sit can make planning your design easier. Auditing the room doesn’t just mean looking at the furniture you can fit in. It’s about ceiling height and making the most of your space.

2.Style, Interior and Focal Point

It’s easy to be influenced by the current. Every room needs to have a focal point ‘in’ style and it’s perfectly okay to – that one thing that enchants the entire be contemporary. For example, the space. Many people opt for a luxury bed in contemporary style or in the centre of the room super king bed that recently swept unique light fixture above to draw even social media. More attention to it. Investing in versatile pieces that can be. Consider what the eye-catching focal point switched up with accessories will mean will be in your bedroom and make sure that fewer purchases in the future. Or, you it’s special. Can go with a classic style that will be forever timeless.

3. Storage Requirements

When decorating bedrooms, everywhere is potential storage space. Bespoke built-in furniture helps organise your space which, in turn, creates a harmonious clutter-free environment. Alternatively, beds with storage underneath are a practical solution to neaten up your space too.

4. Budget and mandatory things

It can be expensive to furnish an entire room at once, but it is not necessary. When buying accessories, just remember that they will soon be obsolete, so spending less on lamps and nightstands is not only cost-effective, but also smart. Spend money on the bed for the bedroom. We know it’s simple, but it’s an easy way to inspire the rest of the interior. The luxury bespoke bed is an investment that is durable and will last you a lifetime. Not to mention that it immediately elevates the look of the room.

What is the best bed to buy right now?

The best bed is the one that covers all your requirements. At Urvission Interiors we have focused all our efforts on providing you with exceptional comfort and high quality. But let’s look at the details. If we start with the most popular beds in the United Kingdom, these are undoubtedly the “DIVAN” type beds.

They are usually upholstered and are taller than standard beds, and their advantage is the storage drawers in the base. The next position is occupied by “METAL BEDS”. If you choose this team bed for your bedroom, I highly recommend that you consider the interior.

This model would be suitable for classic, traditional and vintage styles. SLATTED FRAME: The slatted bases are flexible and allow you to make the bed as hard or soft as you want. In fact, you can adjust the voltage of some slats to meet your sleep requirements. Keep in mind that the bigger the difference between the slats, the more general wear you can expect on your mattress.

SLEIGH BEDS: Handmade wooden sleigh beds are perfect for adding a unique blend of traditional French-inspired design and a chic yet expressive look to any bedroom. The sleigh beds are elegant and radiate class, which is something that any room can benefit from. Simple, luxurious and available in a range of natural wood and hand-painted finishes, these solid wood masterpieces are suitable for a huge range of bedrooms.

NEW ENGLAND BEDS: If you are looking for a calm and harmonizing finish to your bedroom, then look no further than the beds in New England. These stunning and delicate wooden bed frames are especially popular in pastel colours that promote an easy feeling in the room. They complement majestic homes that adopt a country-style interior, especially when combined with calm colour schemes and clean finishes.

LEATHER AND FABRIC BED FRAME: Both materials provide a striking look that will make your bed distinctive. With its unique texture and wide variety of colours, velvet has proven to be a particularly popular choice right now. Leather accents to wooden beds can also be a luxurious addition, elevating your wooden bed to a remarkable piece.


How do I choose my bed size?

The size of the bed is extremely important when it comes to comfort. Comfort is important for a good night’s sleep, and when we are well rested we are ready to welcome the new day full of energy and a smile. As an interior designer, I recommend that you think carefully about the overall atmosphere of your bedroom to make your best choice for a bed. But let’s first look at the basic bed sizes as follows: Small single, Single, Small Double, Double, King Size, Super King Size, Extra King Size.

First and foremost, measure the room and think about the most important furniture you would like to place there. The main elements in the furniture of a standard bedroom are: bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside tables. I often encounter the question in Houzz design dilemma: What should I look for when buying a bed?

The answer I would give is: buy a custom bed. Ottoman beds have captured my attention long ago with their exceptional storage convenience in their lower chat room, which otherwise remains a useless space. And as I mentioned above, the choice between bed sizes is great. But let’s look first at the bedrooms and the furniture options. If your home is big enough and you are wondering which brand is best for bed, then I strongly recommend you to stay with a company that produces bespoke ottoman beds.

We have all seen the cosy interiors of bedrooms with a large, beautiful bed on the seat. If you have the opportunity for such a decision, you are undoubtedly lucky. I say this because the focus in every bedroom is the bed. Think about the style of the room and combine colours and materials to achieve the desired style. Example:

Choose upholstery and curtains in a suitable fabric, and why not a stylish armchair or a neat bench placed in front of the bed. If your bedroom is smaller and you have come to the question: How do you know which bed is right for you, focus on the basic furniture you need.

Which brand is best for bed?

As a designer and creative person, my view of the appropriate and inappropriate is always related to the person. And because beds and bedrooms are so personal, I focus on personal attitude. It would be difficult to define or indicate certain brands of beds. 

I would advise you to determine what exactly would be right for you. I will give a few examples: If the apartment whose bedroom you are going to furnish is intended for rent, it would be appropriate to choose a bed of a lower class or from the familiar furniture stores.

Of course, this depends on the value, the investment you have made or want to make and the idea you have for a long time. If you are furnishing your personal property and you want quality furniture for your bedroom, then carefree furniture would be the best solution.

At Urvission Interiors we pay special attention to this type of beds, furniture and interior concepts. Of course, everything is tailored to you. Our beds are everything that any sophisticated customer would need. The advantages: when ordering a custom bed you have the opportunity to choose a colour, fabric, upholstery. You could also specify the exact size in case you opted for a non-standard mattress size.

Another important point is that we could make or change a model of bed and furnish your bedroom with a real masterpiece. And what about curtains, drapes and upholstery with the same fabric? The possibilities are huge when choosing a bespoke luxury bed. And my role as a designer is to guide you and help you make your best choice.

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