How to combine Navy blue really comfortable dining chair King in your interior?

If you have chosen navy blue chair as a focal point for your dining room, then this article will help you make the best combination of furniture, colours and accessories for your interior.

Nowadays, the modern dining room occupies an important part of the interior of the home. And what a comfortable dining chairs would be most appropriate? This space is often part of a large open plan and it is important to pay due attention to how you would connect the style with the other rooms in the home. And when we talk about interior design, we can’t help but mention design, colours, style and furniture. 

So far so good, but the big question is: How to combine them properly? 

Navy Blue is definitely among the most desired colours for 2021/2022 in London and beyond. And the traditional style occupies the leading positions in interior design in the UK. Combining the modern navy blue colour with the traditional design, we created the hero of this story – Traditional navy blue velvet dining chair.
Undoubtedly, this successful combination made it one of the most coveted dining chairs and deserved the spotlight! Due to the huge interest in this dining chair in the following lines I will share our tips with what and how to combine this model and how to create a beautiful and practical interior. 

As well as the answers to some of your questions, such as: What dining chairs are in style? What dining chairs are most comfortable, and more.

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Which dining chairs are most comfortable?

Let's talk about design and quality

Comfort and design go hand in hand. This topic is long and I can say a lot about it, but now we have focused on the dining chairs. Let’s look at the facts. The market is flooded with all sorts of offers for chairs and this makes our choice extremely difficult. All manufacturers strive to offer a better design to grab the customer’s attention. 

If you are in the process of renovating and decorating your new home, you probably already have an interior concept and know exactly what you are looking for. And this is where it is very important to mention two very important points. If you come to the question: 

Where is the best place to buy dining chairs, the following lines will help you make the right decision. Let’s divide the dining chairs into three groups: The first are dining chairs, produced in millions of pieces, created for the less demanding consumer. The second group includes chairs designed in small quantities for customers with higher requirements. 

The third group includes dining chairs with quite high prices, which are created by major fashion brands or with antique value. This type of furniture is usually present in the homes of collectors or people in high society. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages, and you decide for yourself: What dining room chairs to choose?

The dining chairs from the first group would impress you with design and price. Even in my opinion, the low price is leading in this case. Here comes a psychological moment that many of you ignore. In many cases, the customer is willing to compromise on quality and pay less. You will not have a choice of upholstery, fillings, wood, colour and size. Or it will be severely limited.

In the second you get comfort, quality, design, personal attitude and exactly what you need. Of course, at a slightly higher price. This is the answer to the question: What are the best dining chairs?

In the third group, you’ll pay a hefty sum for truly unique furniture, but you’ll have the pleasure of choosing upholstery, color and size. You will have to match the interior with the furniture, not the other way around.

2 different interior styles - one dining chair

Bring modern classic in your interior with navy blue dining chair

If you are a fan of modern classic design and you are looking for an elegant interior, then you will undoubtedly ask yourself: What dining room chairs are suitable for my dining room? 

The good news is that at Urvission Interiors we will help you choose exactly what you need. The dark blue dining chair with classic lines and modernism would be your best choice when furnishing both classic and modern interiors. Its design will be a great complement to colors like burnt orange, dark red and copper bronze.

But let’s talk about how to match the navy blue chair with your modern classic interior. And why not combine it with a sofa in the same color if your space is open to a living room?


The Houzz – Design Dilemma section is a place for many discussions on the topic. For starters, I would note that this navy blue chair would be a great addition to a massive dark brown dining table, than to a glass table. A suitable addition would be a cosy carpet with colours of dark orange, yellow, red and blue. If you choose this combination, I would recommend the rest of the interior of the dining room to be in calmer tones such as white or very light grey. 

Of course, you must take into account the size of the room. This style and saturated colours require more space. If you do not want to be disappointed, pay special attention to the size and light in your home and then consider each element. With the help of the Houzz platform you will find a great way to measure as well as place selected furniture from the products section, virtually in your dining room. Try it!

The stylish dining chair will always be in fashion

How are dining chairs made? This is a great question. The first thing is style. Then materials, upholstery, colour and size. All these elements, of course, form the final vision. The high-quality dining chair is a combination of high-quality materials, comfort and design. These qualities will make it a great addition both to the interior and to the convenience and comfort of your home. As already mentioned, navy blue is one of the desired colours this year, and I think it will remain relevant in the future. This is one of the few colours I like to call unobtrusive. It does not tire the eye and combines very well with many nuances. 

If you ask yourself the question: What are the different styles of dining chairs? The answer lies in the question – The style. Lately, we have seen a shift in strict focus on styles. More and more often we see interiors with a mixture of styles that until a year ago would have been unthinkable. Today’s topic of Navy Blue Dining Chair is just that. 

So… If you’re a fan of calmer colors and rounded shapes, the following lines will intrigue you. If you have chosen a classic navy blue dining chair model for your dining room, its inseparable partner is undoubtedly the dining table. Choose an oval or round table with a white or light gray marble top. This will be the accent in the room. The legs can be copper bronze or chrome, black steel with a matt finish would also be a good solution, but leave it as a last choice.

Do not forget that you should also combine other metal accessories, such as lamps and cutlery, for example. For flooring, choose oak parquet or other flooring, but in a light tone, without reddish shades. Stick to matte neutrals. A cozy rug in ivy gray would look great. And to complete the overall picture, refresh your dining room with fresh yellow accents. You can paint the sides of the walls in pale yellow and combine with curtains with discreet elements in a slightly darker tone. The combination of blue and yellow is a really great choice, but as I like to say: Be careful! Choose light gray for the main color of the room, and blue and yellow for accent colors. Try it, you’ll love it!


What size should be a dining chair?

Speaking of dimensions, you definitely need to be accurate here. To feel comfortable, you must first consider the size of the dining room. Then choose a dining table, and according to the size and shape of the table choose the number and design of chairs. As I mentioned in the above lines, a classic dining chair with armrests would fit better on an oval or round table. However, these shapes have a smaller usable area due to their shape.

And here comes the moment to think about exactly what you need. For example: How big is your family? Do you often invite guests? If your space is small and you want more seating then you can choose a rectangular dining table and run away from the rules. 

If we assume that a standard dining chair measures 50/46/82 cm, this model provides more convenience and comfort. What is a dining chair with armrests? These are exactly those larger comfortable chairs ( armchair type ), with larger sizes, comfortable high backs that you don’t want to get up from. 

Let’s look at the basic dimensions of tables and the correct placement of dining chairs around. To feel comfortable at the dining table, you need about 70 cm wide and about 40 cm deep. And more precisely, if you want 4 dining chairs, you will need a table measuring 140/80 cm. The dimensions of the classic dining chair are 56/60/80 cm, which will provide you with the necessary comfort. If you are in doubt where to buy dining chairs online, you can contact us and share your requirements. We will be happy to help you furnish the dining room of your dreams.

What fabric for dining chairs to choose?

Dining chairs creating a WOW effect are the ones you will fall in love with at first sight. To create a cosy atmosphere and a memorable experience for you and your guests you should pay due attention to the upholstery for your chairs. Regardless of the style of the interior, emphasize the room with a memorable design. So, whether your chairs have metal or wooden elements and legs, in a modern, industrial or vintage style in the following lines I will direct you to the most suitable upholstery for each dining chair.

Choose upholstery that is easy to clean, resistant to stains and dirt. The damasks I select for my clients’ furniture and projects are resistant to Cigarette and Match Resistant. Choose rich colors and match with the rest of the interior, such as curtains and carpet. The most suitable materials for a durable dining chair are: 100% polyester, cotton blend, natural and synthetic leather, artificial suede, velvet, vinyl. Add comfort, style and functionality by choosing from Hydrocar, Anti-stain combined with the amazing colors and styles of our long-time partners – Elastrongroup.



Don’t compromise on quality and think long term. In my practice, I always recommend choosing the upholstery for the dining chairs according to the needs, for example: If you have small children and pets, then be sure to choose polyester upholstery. This type is extremely stain resistant and easy to clean. Take a look at the Abrasion Test, which should be around 100,000. Natural materials, such as cotton, are great to the touch, but absorb easily and require more attention. 

Natural and synthetic leathers are resistant to abrasion, but only those with high performance and Thickness above 0.9. Of course, there are other features for upholstery on dining chairs, but now we pay attention to the main ones. The artificial suede is soft to the touch and not so resistant to tearing. I would recommend it for an office or home without small children and pets. Velvet, when read, remains the most preferred upholstery for dining chairs for all time. 

For me, the classic navy blue chair wins over the rest of its competitors. It combines all the positive qualities to turn your dining room into a royal place to enjoy for a long time. My advice is: Don’t compromise on quality. Live quality and stylish with a smile!

Suitable colour combinations with Navy blue

Navy Blue became popular after officers from the British Navy wore uniforms in this colour in 1748. 

The colour became so popular and liked that it became the official colour of the Navy worldwide. 

If you like this universal colour, you could combine it perfectly with lighter shades of blue, royal blue, green, orange, red, yellow, and purple.

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