The most important stage in the process of creating the perfect interior design is the space planning. This is a precise dimensional scheme, which aims to present what the space would look like. Here we define the different zones and their elements. We do an in-depth analysis of your needs in order to find the balance you need.

Space planning is a part of design process in which the perfect balance between negative and positive space must be found. And what does that mean? The purpose of interior design is to achieve the perfect balance between the individual elements in the interior. This means the ideal ratio between the quantities of furniture, accessories, art. etc., so that the space looks harmoniously filled, stylish and inspiring. At this stage we add all the details in the right amount, without creating a feeling of clutter in the room.

We take into account the architectural features and design all areas in the best way. A common mistake in space planning and especially in open plan homes is the desire to fill every corner so that there is no “empty” space. Any empty space, including the distances between the furniture, is considered a negative space. And for the positive, respectively, each filled space.

Negative space planning

When we do space planning we look for the perfect balance in the room. The most stylish way to decorate an interior is to leave empty spaces – empty or with a minimum amount of accessories. Interior design aims to plan every corner in the right way so that it has a specific purpose. For example, if you want to emphasize the shape of a designer sofa, then leave enough space around it.

This way it will become a focal point in the living room and will attract enviable attention. Another interesting way to properly plan space in the dining area, for example, is to emphasize the area around the dining table, leaving enough empty space around it. This way you will focus on this part of the room. The idea of ​​negative spaces is to accentuate and add sophistication.

Space planning design Urvission Interiors
Space planning interior Urvission Interiors

Positive space planning

And we will repeat the word “balance”. The important thing in positive spaces is to find the right style that best suits you and your sense of comfort. If you have not determined which style you like the most – you can get acquainted in detail here. Certain styles in interior design influence proper space planning through their colours and shapes. In the layout of the positive space, it can sometimes become no easy task.

With our professional knowledge and creative ideas we could turn any space into a magnificent living space. Small studios, large apartments, cottages, houses, narrow rooms, penthouses or bungalows, they all need a properly planned interior. Whether you are looking to gather a lot of things in one place or you just want to decorate the room with a minimal budget, you need a good idea and action plan.

Comfortable interior solutions and perfect space planning

If you dream of furnishing your home like a magazine, then you are a fan of stylish and comfortable interior solutions. Often, however, this seemingly easy task could become impossible. Facing all the stages related to space planning, furnishing and decorating can easily deny you even before you start.

Behind the photos of sophisticated homes, elegant restaurants and all the beauty of the covers of luxury interior design magazines, lies the true professionalism of the interior designer. This service would be extremely helpful if you are about to renovation and furnish.

Success in interior design and excellent space planning is created through the right knowledge and professionalism. Whether it is a coffee shop, home, office or holiday home, in Urvission Interiors we will create the right interior according to your requirements.

We will help you with overall planning and save you a lot of headaches, time and money associated with the organization throughout the process.

Space planning interior design by Urvission Interiors

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