The main task of the design consultation is to introduce you to the whole design process step by step. This could usually be in the form of a preliminary talk of about 30 minutes or video calls. This service does not require a consultation fee and aims to get to know your requirements and expectations. You could send us floor plan, accurate measurements and finishing touches that you would like to be present in your dream home.

Then we will visit your site to get acquainted with more details related to the dream home design and make a short tour of your property. We will discuss various interior solutions and design options. In order to reach the final result you want as accurately and quickly as possible, you will need to take some time and prepare some details that you like and would like to be present in the project.

These could be different elements, interior styles you like, furniture, paint colours, textures, accessories and more. Of course, this is not mandatory. The aim of the design consultation is through our professional experience to meet your expectations as efficiently as possible. During our consultations we become friends and build mutual trust.

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We know that price matters, and it’s perfectly normal to plan your expenses by starting such a big endeavour. Whether it’s a dream home or a business investment, budget always matters. At Urvission Ineriors we offer a variety of design fees to suit your needs. Let us introduce you to some important elements related to pricing and hour consultations.

The first and most important factor in designing your project is time. It depends on the degree of complexity of the reconstruction, the size and area, style and location of the property. Your deadlines and how much you would like us to commit.

Whether it will be an investment property and you want to create something with a minimum budget in a short time. Or it is the home you have been dreaming of for a long time and you are ready to devote enough time and money to make this dream come true.

Or it is a business site and you want fast deadlines to attract more customers. There are many factors and they all matter! If you are about to overhaul, slightly refresh or redecorate the interior, you definitely need a design consultation. Making the right decisions can be a difficult task unless you have dealt with the process many times.

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We at Urvission Interiors create spaces that reflect your essence, emphasizing aesthetic and functional design solutions. As our potential client, we will fully comply with your ideas, time and budget.

Before proceeding to more in-depth details of the project, we will provide you with a mood board with ideas and elements of the future interior. We strongly believe that behind the professional design consultation is knowledge and extensive experience.

And have you ever thought that many people don’t know what they don’t know? Hence the many problems that can lead to serious mistakes. All this leads to the completion of a design that you will not like.

We have been developing interior projects for years and know in detail each style and its characteristics. We create cosy spaces with innovative ideas that you will love for a long time.

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You are important to us! And that’s exactly why we provide you with a design consultation with personal touch. In addition to experience, we put all our love into what we do. Namely, to create your personal space that reflects you and your essence. Interior design is an art intertwined in a harmonious symbiosis.

At Urvission Interiors we create functional spaces for a beautiful life. We can discuss styles, colours and architectural features. Together we discover the advantages and disadvantages of a distribution, go through the various options and stages of planning to find the most functional solution.

Meetings also help us to solve unforeseen and unforeseen problems in time. Through our expert design consultation we will give you guidance, confidence and professional advice. We will make sure that all plans are moving in the right direction. And most of all for your peace of mind.

Our design opinion would help you with non-standard solutions related to furniture, architectural features and colour combinations. So don’t hesitate to share your boldest ideas! We work to achieve our common goals and provide our customers with a complete list of interior services.

Experienced builders have knowledge in construction, but no experience in space planning. The interior designer draws knowledge and experience from various projects, which is a key moment in building the perfect interior design and is the basis of our professional design consultation.

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