Modern interior with a sophisticated combination of styles and colours

We are pleased to present a modern interior in a combination of sophisticated style and pastel colours. Navy blue, light grey, white and light beige. Natural materials and open spaces. With breath-taking views of the vast ocean, this great apartment is a dream home for connoisseurs.

Contemporary interior design for reconstruction and furnishing influenced by modern style. We achieved a result of excellent performance and satisfied the customer’s requirements. The main colours in the home are neutral, bathed in natural light entering through the large panoramic windows.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Interior Design
5 month
December, 2020
Residential interior design project Urvission Interior

The comfortable sofa

This corner is the area for solitude and relaxation. Furnished with a bespoke sofa and armchair in a pleasant light grey fabric, which smoothly blend into the stylish grey interior. The design is in an elegant, industrial style. And the legs are made of black steel. The coffee table is made of natural marble with light shades of grey. In the corner between the two sofas we placed a small wooden table. We used the space on both walls to lay our favourite designer decorative upholstery. It is handmade, especially for this interior. The lighting is discreetly consisting of directional light and a lamp hanging from the ceiling. The modern open plan apartment needs well-planned areas and comfortable furniture.

Residential interior design project Urvission Interior

Ivy grey living room interior

Panoramic windows in the living room provide direct access to a private garden. The curtains are airy and light made of natural fabric in a pleasant ivy grey colour. We stare at the extravagant painting embodying the fighting spirit of the modern woman. It has accents of blue and beige. On it, with a gentle light, stands a hand-carved floor lamp, which casts its gentle light on the artistic canvas.

Open plan apartment

The kitchen is an integral part of this author’s project for a modern open plan apartment. It smoothly connects to the living room with an elegant island. There we set aside the place for cooking with hot plates and an oven. Blue cabinets in combination with white open boxes provide easy access from the living room. The advantage of open plan apartments is that its occupants have a constant connection with others, which predisposes to pleasant conversations and a cosy family atmosphere.

3D visualisation of contemporary living room design by Urvission Interiors
Residential interior design project Urvission Interior
Modern, compact dining room

The dining room is small but compact. We divided the space with decorative metal columns painted with decorative plaster resembling rust. The dining table has a rectangular shape suitable for four people. The chairs have an elegant design and upholstery corresponding to the colours of the picture in the living room. We were looking for the feeling of wholeness and privacy, which brought together the sophisticated radiance of the modern ivy grey interior.

The kitchen cabinets are made of painted MDF in navy blue color. Its L-shape provides access from all points of the room. The appliances are built-in. The countertops and part of the lining of the kitchen island are made of white marble with gray threads. The kitchen island is multifunctional and is part of the furniture. Here, lovers of culinary experiences can unleash their imagination while enjoying their loved ones. This element of the kitchen furniture has the function of both a storage cabinet and various items on the side of the living room. The handles have an elegant design with chrome finish.

We take you to the master bedroom. Here we find ourselves in the clutches of the cosy interior in the company of every lady’s dream – built-in wardrobe. And here everything is designed and made to order according to the requirements of the client. Our gaze again stops part of the ceiling, which is decorated with decorative plaster in beige and white. This architectural element is specially designed and smoothly transitions into a stylish dressing table. Of course, what is a dressing table without a comfortable bench? Stylish and comfortable, upholstered in light blue fabric and elegant white legs made of natural wood. The dressing room has no door with direct access for more convenience. Made of black, metal construction in combination with glass. The lighting is in three zones, in the wardrobe, in the main part of the room and at the dressing table.



The bed in this open plan home is large and extremely comfortable. Designed and manufactured according to customer requirements with high back and light blue upholstery. Decorative seams form playful elements and an elegant look. We painted the wall behind the bed light brown. The floor is covered with a cosy, soft carpet in light grey. And the panoramic windows reveal a stunning view. The elegant lamps in a modern design come down from the ceiling, bring for a relaxing setting and time for your favourite book.

In the bathroom we adhered to the same colour line and style. Freestanding vanity unit is made of painted MDF in the current navy blue colour. The top is made of synthetic white stone with a porcelain sink. The walls are with tiles resembling sprayed concrete. The door is in the same color range as the cabinet and gives completeness and colour line. On both sides of the washing area we placed metal strips in the colour of old gold. The lighting is discreetly divided into three zones.

Modern open plan apartment worthy of attention. Ivy grey interior filled with elegance and accentuated style.