The idea for this wine shop interior project was to transform the space by recreating an atmosphere and a sense of lightness that describes the feeling after a sip of quality champagne. The majority of La Montina’s production consists of champagne wines with a refined taste for connoisseurs. In the specifics of our thus set starting points for creating a distinctive store interior, we combined suitable furniture, colors and lighting. The tasting room consists of an oblong room, which we partitioned into two parts – shop and warehouse . It was extremely important to create a spacious tasting room and to welcome customers, as well as enough space to display the bottles and delicacies.

La Montina’s Estates are located in the area of Monticelli Brusati (BS) in the northeast of Franciacorta. This area impresses with its Mugnina forest and paved roads. An area captivating with romance, beautiful landscapes and rich history.

Our task was to recreate the feeling of lightness and playful mood, like after sipping a sip of refreshing champagne, the taste of which you will remember for a long time.

interior designer:
Eliza Lazаrova
project type:
Interior design, renovation, furniture.
100 sqm
3 months
December, 2016
Sofia, Bulgaria

Requirements and Goal

The client’s requirements were to create a project for a wine shop interior and tasting room of the Italian brand La Montina. Our task was to create an elegant and clean design in a neutral and unobtrusive color palette.

The goal was to divide the room into two areas: commercial and storage. As in the commercial part, we should design enough shelves and storage space for the various types of champagne wines and accessories.


tasting room



Our Proposal for Design and Details

The proposal for this wine shop interior was to stick to the neutral color palette, bringing in a varied touch with a second color as an accent. I settled on a champagne color for the cabinet furniture and a soft purple as an accent color for the decorative elements and textile decorations.

Renovation And Furniture


It is a real challenge to match the distribution of the project with the requirements for the number of seats, when it comes to a restaurant, and to the number of items, as it is a commercial outlet.

We had to organize and calculate the space down to the millimeter in order to create enough usable area and a stylish interior with a place for sales and tastings.

The task was not easy, but our many years of experience and professionalism helped us to do it flawlessly.

What Problems We Solved

The client’s biggest concern was whether we would be able to design a functional space and an elegant design. The main problem was the small space for the large assortment of various wines. It’s always a good idea to consult with an interior design professional and share your ideas before renting or buying a space. The professional will give you the right advice and guidance on which room would be most suitable for you and your needs.

In this store interior project, we started in the reverse order, but we did it flawlessly, and the customer’s smile was our reward.

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