Open plan apartment in grey contemporary style.

A home that exudes class with a stylish design and artistic synchronicity between colors and shapes. Stepping on the luxury stone floor you will find yourself in a world of natural wood walls, stylish furniture and exquisite details. Stylish contrasts, played with elements of glass create the balance in this cosy home. We invite you to take a look at our world of artistry and introduce you to our world of beauty and elegance.

The space is maximally balanced. Each area is designed with a perfect design for incomparable comfort. Whether you prefer to sit on the comfortable corner sofa or on the dining table, you will have contact with the others. This is the great advantage of open plan interiors. The invisible line between comfort and fashion intertwines in the incredibly balanced interior, creating the feeling of home.


interior designer:
Eliza Lazer
project type:
Interior Design
6 month
November, 2020

Every contemporary apartment, furnished in sync with the notions of cosiness and style, which some define as universal, needs details to turn it into a personal and special space for those living in it.

The chosen colours for this interior are neutral in combination with several colour accents. We created an open plan living room, kitchen and living room with predominantly monochrome colours. We separated the different areas by combining several bright shades of fuchsia, royal blue and rose gold.

The combination of natural wood and dark grey stone, as well as attention to detail contributed to the charm of this home, and personal attitude created a sense of comfort.

Charming living room interior details.

The functionality of the three zones are combined in a stylish large room, including the entrance hall. We followed a clean line in the interior design and created a discreet dim lighting running from the floor to the walls. His goal was to separate the dining room from the living room with his delicate caressing light. This elegant detail created an incredible effect of an intimate atmosphere, emphasizing the beauty of natural materials.

The cladding on the walls and floor is a natural stone in dark grey colour. The ceiling is treated with white glossy latex. We lined the wall behind the sofa and part of the entrance hall with natural OAK veneer in its natural colour. The large windows reveal a breath-taking view of the vast ocean.

The atmosphere in the living room brings the large corner sofa offering uncompromising comfort. Softness, exceptional comfort and modern design predispose you to relax in peace after the rush. In addition, we have produced two poufs that contribute to additional comfort. So reading your favourite book and movie nights at home becomes an incomparable experience.

The two coffee tables are made of metal and glass. The TV cabinet is also made of solid glass, contributing to the contemporary design of the apartment.

Bespoke white shaker kitchen

Due to the small space, the interior of the kitchen is completely white. The kitchen cabinets are in shaker style. The worktop and back are made of white marble with delicate gray threads, which perfectly combine with the other gray elements in the interior. The kitchen is inextricably linked to the dining room, passing a multifunctional kitchen island dining cabinet. The tremors of the kitchen cabinets, lamps and faucet are elegant rose gold. The large practical cabinet in the upholstery has a mirror rough. This exceptionally stylish element gives the feeling of extra space. The dining table has a glass top and solid wood legs, painted in fuchsia. The dining chairs have synthetic leather upholstery and elegant wooden legs. We have optimized the space so that it is as useful as possible and there is nothing missing.






living room


kitchen area